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Transcript: Tend to their patients and provide them with care Educate others about different illnesses Serve as a support system The Nursing Shortage AFSCME. (2010). Listening to nurses: Dissatisfaction and burnout on the job. Retrieved from American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2012). Nursing faculty shortage. Retrieved from Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2003). Nursing shortage fact sheet. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2012, March 29). Registered nurses. Retrieved from Carayon. (n.d.). Nursing workload and patient safety—a human factors engineering perspective. (Master's thesis), Available from Google Scholar. Retrieved from Catus. (2007, July 28). What's your average nurse to patient ratio? [Online forum comment]. Retrieved from Jada, G. (2012, February 27). The best jobs of 2012. Retrieved from Minority Nurse. (2009). Nursing statistics. Retrieved from Pear, R. (2008, March 29). Study finds many patients dissatisfied with hospitals. Retrieved from SIROTA. (2007). Nurse/physician relationships: Improving or not?. 37(1), 52-55. Retrieved from World Wide Learn. (2007). Nursing: Facts & figures. Retrieved from What is causing the shortage? What is a Nurse? What do they do? References Harsh Working Environments Dealing with displeased/cranky patients Unstable, sometimes harsh relationships with their physicians Why is this topic important to research? Heavy work loads Underpaid High patient-to-nurse ratio Nursing school are turning away qualified applicants & hospitals can't add more nurses to their payrolls Solutions Dissatisfaction & Burnout WHO DOES THIS AFFECT? ANY QUESTIONS By: Heather Wolverton Insufficient Funding

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Transcript: Flipping Your Classroom Using technology to change the way your classroom looks How videos can change your outlook on teaching one fifth Paper Slides -Students take ownership and have fun doing it (uses the "flipped" ideas but includes students video taping themselves -Great UDL activity Dr. Lodge McCammon Examples? -Have students create their own songs and illustrate them as a paper slide -Have students draw and read a scene from one of their reading books -As an assessment have students illustrate what they have learned throughout the unit or lesson -Students can illustrate a passage from DE Mrs. Nelson gives it a shot. Most Important things to remember What is a "flipped" Classroom? Quotes about flipped classrooms: It's not about the videos, it's about learning. -Dan Spencer The Flipped Classroom is a mindset, not a method. -Brian Bennett Flipping the classroom is not the answer to solving all of the flaws in our education system. However, neither is doing nothing and continuing on like nothing is wrong. -Brett Clark Works best as a group of three: Video Recorder Narrator Paper Slider If you are using a song already recorded you can have them work in pairs as they would not need a narrator -Started as a way for high school students to have access to their teacher at home (similar to the live scribe pen idea) -Developed into the idea that a teacher can video tape themselves and use it while they are in their own classroom, thus freeing up time for other things -Show a video of yourself at a center AND be able to work with a small group at the same time Thanks for your attention! Paper Slides Research has shown that "flipped" classrooms are able to teach the same content in one-fifth of the time. The idea is that when lessons are delivered via videos, there are less distractions and classroom management issues to tend to. What is one way to flip your classroom? One Take ONLY Non Stop Video No Editing Quick Publishing How this idea started vs. what it looks like now Can you think of three ways you can incorporate this into your classroom or grade level?

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Transcript: My Jackie Robinson Research Paper Slides Cooper Hinds 8-1 Two Major Facts I learned Facts Jackie Robinson did not just help African Americans through baseball he lead many protest and was part of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ( NAACP ) Jackie Robinson Worked hand in hand with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Pictures My power source was because it was a first hand interview of Jackie Robinson. It shows how he is going to be ridiculed and not be able to do anything about it. It gave me a better understanding of the position Robinson was in when he played in the Major League Baseball. Power source Source Pictures “In 2004 Major League Baseball announced that it would annually honour Robinson each April 15, which would thenceforth be recognized as Jackie Robinson Day. Three years later, star slugger Ken Griffey, Jr., received permission from the commissioner of baseball to wear the number 42 on Jackie Robinson Day, and the yearly “unretiring” of Robinson’s number gained more adherents until, in 2009, Major League Baseball decided that all players, coaches, and umpires would wear number 42 on April 15.” I got this from World Book Online and its the most powerful because it wraps the whole paper up. It shows that he has done so much for the league and the society that the MLB is giving back to him. When the MLB a highly respected orgonazation gives back to you that means you really did somethign good and it sums up my essay. Most powerful citation Citation Pictuers One skill that I learned while writing my essay was not to use the word being in some cases. A lot of times I would say, " Being black at the time..." but Mrs. Lanciotti corrected me to not say that. So I changed it to things like, " As a black man during this time..." - Proof I said, "Being black at this time meant they had little rights in society because of the Jim Crow laws..." I changed that to, " During this time black people had little rights in society because of the Jim Crow laws..." Skill Learned Skill The theme of my paper was to be passionate and stay strong through the worst. Doing this is going to bring better in the long run. Jackie Robinson was passionate in everything he did which evidently led to his sucess. He was passionate in minor league baseball and segregatio. So he got brought up to the MLB and he was helping black people already. Jackie robinson was passionate as the NAACP spokesperson and he ended up working with Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. So stay passionate and strong through the worst brings the best. Theme Theme & Song Song

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