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Paintbrush Powerpoint Template

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The Paintbrush

Transcript: Vincent VanGogh Born March 30, 1853 in Zundert, Netherlands VanGogh would put all of his passion into his work, even though the people in his town HATED his artwork and disliked him as a person Out of his 1800 works, he only ever sold one Origins Continued Impact on the world The art of painting dates back to the prehistoric times. Oldest known painting was discovered in Puente Viesgo, Spain. The painting is 40, 800 years old The painting is simply just a red dot or "disc" Sean claims that the painting is haunted, after experiencing chilling moments right after moving the painting into his home. Such as the sounds of crying coming from inside the rooms and a shadowy figure appearing at the edge of his bed at night. Impact on the world The Anguished Man Artisan Though cavemen used to paint using their hands, there is evidence that shows that some form of brushes were used to make some paintings. It is not clear what they used to make them but some speculate that they used sticks or bones and the fur of animals to make them, and possibly their own hair. Origin of the paintbrush Before its loss of popularity, paintings were used to document important events Unknown artist The painting was handed down to a man named Sean Robinson from his grandmother who received it from a friend 25 years before. The friend who passed it down to his grandmother told her that the artist who painted it mixed his own blood in with the painting and committed suicide shortly after completing it. How they are made (Then) I've always been seen as an artistic person even though I don't really see myself that way. I've always love to draw and create things and I've just recently taken up painting and it has been challenging so far Pablo Picasso: Born October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain “His portraits of both himself and others proclaimed his affections, conflictions, and complexities.” Picasso would paint based off his sexual relationships that ended in turmoil, and the suffering of the world around him Nowadays, paint brushes are made using synthetic fibers, and are mass produced in factories This new method of making brushes made them more affordable but they lessened the quality How they are made (now) The Paintbrush New technologies, such as the camera, made painting obsolete Made it less necessary to sit back, paint and capture the moment Much convenient for people to just snap a picture and move on HISTORY Painting also allowed people to express themselves and show others how they viewed the world. VanGogh The earlier paint brushes were handmade using long hog bristle. The hair of squirrel, goat, ox, badger, horse-hair, and sable were also used. Artisans The caves of Monte Castillo I started it all. The Chinese culture is said to have created the first modernized brush It was used for script (writing) The Paintbrush and Me What happened to painting? He struggled financially, as well as suffered crippling depression, loneliness and rejection. VanGogh was never satisfied with any of his paintings He committed suicide at the age of 37 from a self inflicted gun wound He died believing his life's work was a complete waste

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