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Paintbrush Powerpoint Template

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Indian Paintbrush

Transcript: What part of the plant is used? -North and Central America References: Indian Paintbrush Scientific Name: Castilleja Many tribes have used the actual flower of the Indian Paintbrush as a brush to paint with. The Indian Paintbrush This book is a story about how a young native boy wanted to paint an exact painting of the sunset, but his colors didn't match. He asked the Great Spirit to give him the colors he needed, and so they did. When he was finished with his painting, his brushes were left laying across the plains and eventually sprouted as flowers. The spikes on the flowers look like they have been dipped in paint. Origin Family Name: Scrophulariaceae (Figwort) -Most of these flowers are a very bright crimson color, others are yellow and orange. The flowers are edible but have to be eaten in small quantities. Indian Paintbrush Fruit Salad Recipe! Where is it grown? -The plant absorbs a mineral compound in the soil called Selenium. -This particular plant needs to be grown with seeds of other plants because of its root parasite. -Indian Paintbrush has a spike like flower. - Chippewa people used it to treat rheumatism. -They would also take baths in it to make their hair glossy! -Asia -Navajos used thses plants as a contraceptive and to decrease the menstrual cycle. Characteristics - Wherever you can find soil with no high levels of this compound, you can enjoy it in a salad mix! How its grown END :) - It can feed itself but if it becomes undernourished then it will kill off the roots of the other plants. - grasslands -open forest clearings -moist areas -dry areas -sandy praries -Andes Cultural/Folklore Nutrition

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