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Paintbrush Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: paintbrush small pillow magnifying glass elements: hard, smooth, silver, has shine, one jagged edge, one smooth edge, raised edges, geometric edges Principles; emphasis: shine contrast: jagged versus smooth edge, one end is triangular, other is small point informal balance: created by jagged edge, smooth edge, big end and small end random rhythm: edged are all different proportion: one side is bigger than the other unity: no consistency economy: raised edges and jagged edges, no unnecessary details by Naomi Pomrenke elements: small, beige, square, squishy, curved faces, slightly curved points, organic faces principles; emphasis: points of shape contrast: consistent formal balance: square shape, same color regular rhythm: no details proportion: all sides equal unity: no changes in design economy: no design flash drive key elements: small, black, smooth, silver retractable part, rectangular piece, curved lines Principles; emphasis: black body contrast: body is black, retractable part is smaller and silver balance: vertically informal, horizontally formal rhythm: no details unity: consistent use of elements economy: no details, simple design Visual design elements: circular, gold, shines, smooth, no points, raised edge creates shadow, clear part, organic Principles; emphasis: clear lens contrast: lens is clear, body gold, lens smaller balance: horizontally symmetrical, vertically asymmetrical rhythm: no pattern unity: consistent use of elements economy: simple, no details elements: long, brown and black, rough bristles, solid, organic shapes principles; emphasis: shiny silver mid-section contrast:smooth handle with rough bristles formal balance: created by consistent shape and lines regular rhythm: completely symmetrical Proportional: wider at middle, narrower at ends unity: solid, same colors economy: no details, bare minimum of design

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