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Packaging Design Concept Presentation Template

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Packaging Design

Transcript: The Bee Raw package design wants to communicate a healthy, "raw", natural brand of tea. The simplicity of the typography and alignment used is organized and relaxed. The white label on the tea relates to a clean and pure product. Colour of Moroc Bee Raw Tea & Honey Onion jam meets smoky bacon. This package is mainly used on burgers. The design is interesting. The pig's silhouette is overwhelmed by the pink label which is what someone first notices and makes the consumer think of something sweet, not salty and greasy like bacon. Roundsquare Roastery uses a blend of arabica beans. The typography for this packing is very odd because its vertical and then bends into a horizontal angle. The name Roundsquare is represented in the image at the bottom right. Packaging Design Roundsquare Roastery Bacon Jam The outside appearance of the Frank package shows just how natural and simple their product is. They really focus on the saying "less is more" especially when it came to their deign. On many modern package designs I have noticed that the typewriter font is very popular. This fonts has been closely related to romance, education, and an overall vintage style. The proximity of the label is apparent because the label is placed at the top of the package rather then in the middle like you'd normally see. The alignment of the brand name as well as the type of scrub (original) is centered which creates a sense of balance in the design. The settle pink color that you see on the label also helps the consumer distinguish which type of scrub their ordering, for instance, peppermint scrub has a green accent on the label. Frank Coffee Body Scrub This is a brand of Argan Oil. It is known to be 100% pure and organic. Argan oil is a golden silky liquid that is rich in vitamins which is what the flowing, golden 'a' on the bottle represents. Alyssa Fowler

Packaging Design Presentation

Transcript: Getting things in on time, for we sometimes didn't use our time wisely in class. And one big challenge was having to use programs like Adobe Illustrator, for we were not accustomed to using them. But we over came this because one of our group members was highly skilled in graphic design. Package Design Biggest Challenges Reflection/Revisions Logos: Vector them on Adobe Illustrator and make the logo easier to read/distinct. Think of different ideas besides the repetitive designs we have done. Tagline/Flavors: Steer away from common phrases, be more iconic and unique. Really inform the consumers of what is inside the bar. We combined all of our past ideas, keeping the feedback we received in mind. Feedback: Some packaging looked crammed, things were blurry, and on other packaging, there was too many blank spaces. Reflection: We need to be more original with the design and we need to acquire our own images for the packaging . Make the whole thing flow naturally. Logo Designs Tropical Mouthful "A nutritious, vacation in your mouth! Just a bite away!" Target: People who don't usually eat very healthy. Packaging Design Presentation Final Package Design Tagline/Audiences We learned what the food we eat is really made out of and how big companies try to deceive the consumers. The FDA allows them to withhold certain ingredients or rename chemicals so that the reputation of all major companies making food with real ingredients will stand. Feedback: Tagline: Avoid from making an overused words in our tagline, "Delicious" Flavor: Represent what our bar will actually taste like and have inside of it. COBA Bar: Annika Constantino, Kazuha Okamoto, Claire Bridges Packaging Critique/Reflection/Revision We first brainstormed logos, drawing them out, then bringing them to life digitally. What We Learned

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