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Transcript: Conclusions Transylvanian Political Science Conference 22.02.2014 The sketch of a case study on recent Romanian social movements 2 conflicting notions of civil society References epistemological and ontological assumptions researcher as an out-of-the-world observer of the world vs. researcher engaged in a specific form of practice that affects the forms of life looked upon the problem of concept reification e.g. left-right distinction: running a regression that tests if people self-represent on the left-right scale according to the traditional understanding of the scale shows that the same concept can refer to contradictory contextual meanings. meanings do matter. Presentation Outline On Two Conflicting Understandings of Civil Society A brief methodological outline: qualitative research (semi-structured interviews & etnography) + discourse analysis (on both movement manifestos and ) A look at the genesis of the new Romanian social movements: from the 2012 anti-government protests to the 2013 ecologically centralled protests: the anti Rosia Montana gold mining & anti shale gas exploitiation protests. General evolution of discourse The pre-articulation of an alternative discourse Its reappropiation inside neoliberal discourse. Possible points of resistance and creation of an alternative narrative Differences between the 2012 and 2013 protests. The rise of a national-neo-liberal and nationalist-anticapitalist discourse Introduction for the positivist skeptic The theoretical starting point 2 notion of: civil society intellectuals A sketch for a case study on Romanian new social movements Alexandru Dumitrascu for the positivist skeptic two conflicting notions of civil society: traditional liberal view: civil society as a space of neutrality and freedom in direct opposition to the state, i.e. the government gramscian understanding of civil society: civil society somehow integrated part of the state; location of the deployment of hegemonic discourse, not only a space of freedom but also a space of hegemony, of manufactured consent. corresponding understandings of the role of intellectuals: traditional vs. organic intellectual Buttigieg, Joseph A. 1995. “Gramsci on Civil Society.” Boundary 2 22 (3): 1–32. doi:10.2307/303721. Foucault, Michel. 1982. “The Subject and Power.” Critical Inquiry 8 (4): 777–95. Gramsci, Antonio. 1971. Prison Notebooks. New York: International Publishers. Vrasti, Wanda. 2013. “Universal but Not Truly ‘global’: Governmentality, Economic Liberalism, and the International.” Review of International Studies 39 (01): 49–69. doi:10.1017/S0260210511000568.

Presentation Outline

Transcript: Acquire more franchisees Expand Range of rewards for customers by partnering with me companies- Double Dipping Focus on Building Stronger Relationships = $ 69,438,000 Presentation Outline Expand Growing Demand in the lodging industry Growth in travel and tourism industry Getting potential clients from new partners (25 airlines, 3 car rental firms and other firms) Maintaining business without spending money will make more margin, it costs less Nights in 1998 What Will That Look Like? 712,000 Strengthen position in business market Targeting 1/3 of Hiltons Market Changing the hotel norms with no blackout dates, no capacity control while offering hotel reimbursement and paperless rewards Announced launch of new program with 50M budget for Advertising Increasing competitive pressure Damage Hiltons momentum Damaging market pattern Huge costs Reduced consumer spending Customers wont stay loyal to one company Economy Natural Disasters Weakness Match Starwoods Hilton doesnt have the option to do nothing because they are too small. If they do nothing they will loose part of our current market to Starwoods. Nights mem. got for free = + Hilton needs to decide if they are going to match Starwoods Loyalty program, Expand Current Market or Remain the same = $ 69,837,000 Implementation Remain the same _________________ Starwood has unvieled an aggressive frequent guest program Hilton is debating if they compete point for point or take a different position and hold on to our loyal members by differentiating hhonors from Starwood and other competitors Do they or do they not change their Hhonors memberships Open up a new brand under the Hilton chain Personally call all of their present clientele and host a banquet for all of their loyalty members. Upgrade benefits Supporting/investing in other companies They can administer an additional bonus to the current amount of points to each member of the HHonors program. Re-invest in the casino segment + Net Income Increase Spending in Advertising to upwards of 50 million Implement: No Blackout Dates No capacity Control Paperless Rewards Hotel Reimbursement Hilton cannot afford to match Starwoods Identifying the Problem What is Starwood Offering? Calculating Current Profit SWOT Analysis Options for Hilton Analyzing Options Justifying our Solution Implementation Plan Video Does Hilton Hhonors Pay Out? 7,907,000 + Options Revenue from honors Starwood is a much larger company This creates a new issue for Hilton Smaller market: One hotels decision determines the future for all Starwood deficit spending reduces cost effectiveness It is going to cost too much to compete Less standardization with competitors 7,015,000 = $ 339,000 Extra Rooms Used by airline mem. What is Starwood Attempting To Do? Opportunities S.W.O.T Problem Identification Threats Strengths: Brand equity (Reputation) Double dipping feature Large corporate clients World renowned properties New technology system Fewer rooms, less expenses (costs) Exchangeable points Gain Publicity Cost of Hhonors Nights They paid Hilton HHonors Worldwide:Loyalty Wars 180,000

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Transcript: Body Body Argument Essay Introduction A) Persuasive intro B) Discuss the issue - give a history of the issue with the traditional positions involved - the side you’re not arguing for first. C) A very clear point of your thesis. (localized issue has a more known about knowledge from your a - It will be something you will care about. Doesn’t mean you have to care about the topic at first hand. Use Amusing Anecdote At The End of the Argument Doesn’t have to go through all of it for each issue Just know where you stand Be mindful of it being coherent and sequenced with its evidence. Win your audience by persuasion, start at the bottom up If your aim is to be righteous then start w/strong arguments then add in stories You’re Arguing That It Is Superior To Do It That Way Superior to a yes or no. Has to Have Other People's Issues Notes Audience: Those that will agree with me. Why Being a Buddhist in a Westernized Country in the new world isn’t all that cracked up to be? Why Buddhist Feel like a Minority in a Western Country? An anticipatory refutation is to anticipate the best argument - Make them come to the microphone without legs Rationalize your weakest point in your argument. where you feel most vulnerable. There will be a point in your argument where you will be counter attacked and the worst you can let happen is being unaware of it. For most, end the paper with some kind of call to action Other Argument Topics Evidence Comes in a Hierarchy of Evidence (some evidence is better than others) Present it in a way that it is coherent and persuasive 1. Scientific evidence 2. Accepted fact 3. Expert testimonial 4. “I Witness” traditions, cultural mores 5. Gossip “heard…” Presentation of Evidence - not a simple matter Evidence changes in its valuation over time. Its not the same throughout all time Back it up with current evidence. Apprehend and demonstrate ie. 1800 “i witness” testimony ie. 2014 “i witness” won’t get you a conviction but DNA Arguing Template Conclusion

Presentation outline

Transcript: Young people are gardening too! Reach them Interest them Engage them We are partners in their gardening success! Once we attract them, we have to keep their interest with fresh ideas & relevant content, inspire them with a catalog they want to live in, and impress them with a website they view as a trusted source of knowledge. Greater brand awareness: gardeners of all ages know who we are! Expanded customer base: our current core demographic is still loyal but comprises a smaller percentage of the whole. Increased demand: since we have added a new group of customers to our file, total demand has increased and the employee-owners are happy! Partnerships with brands our target customers love and trust Advertising where it counts As much as we know we need new customers, we also do not want to alienate our current customers. Some concepts are riskier than others so we will provide ideas of different options. Throughout our presentation, there will be a theme of three options for each major idea. They are all independent of each other, so GSC can pick and choose what we want to pursue and test. The dream: these will be the most radical ideas that carry the most risk Middle of the road: less risk than the dream, but probably not as snazzy Fail fast, fail cheap: there are ideas we are confident GSC can test without compromising the performance of our core demographic Now that we have them, we need to retain them and remain relevant as they evolve as gardeners. Our concept Fresh creative approach Relevancy emails More stories about good works and real people on our website Let's celebrate our awesome guarantee by shouting it from the rooftops! Great service should be synonymous with the GSC brand so both our experienced and new-to-gardening customers aren't afraid to fail in the garden. Results Acquisition and brand awareness Customers are the roots of a successful business. We have to do a better job of attracting and retaining the younger demographic so they can grow into the gardeners we can support for a lifetime. Foundation Our guarantee Innovative, foolproof products at various price points Increased social media presence Faster, cheaper shipping Loyalty programs

SchoolWorkGo product outline

Transcript: SchoolWorkGo The app lets the teacher set out goals for the semester. For example, weekly homework or a special project. (e.g. history of an important figure.) The app allows parents to monitor their child's progress in that subject, and to set cutomized rewards for their child. What the app is designed to do What the app is designed to do It allows parents to monitor their child's progress in that subject. The child can see their progress toward the goal. The parents can set goals and rewards specific to their child (e.g. all homework handed in on time for the month equals a book from Chapters) Parent inclusion Parent Inclusion The app encourages responsibility through motivation and rewards. Parents and students work together to set goals and rewards. Rewards are customized to the particular child and his or her interests Motivation Motivation Goals and rewards can be adjusted at any time. If the student is finding the goals too easy or too hard (and the parent agrees) then the goals and rewards can be adjusted. For example changing one big reward to a series of smaller, more frequent ones. Goal and reward adjustment Goal and reward adjustment The app will send reminders to the student and parents about due dates. It will also send a notification to the parent if a deadline has been missed or a task has not been completed. This will help parents be aware of any issues earlier, and not have to wait for report cards to find out there is a problem. Reminders/Notifications Reminders/Notifications The app will increase student success by allowing teachers, parents and students to work together Customized goals and rewards keep students motivated The reminder/notification system Student success Student success

Product Outline

Transcript: Internet Aspect What Is Joust? The market we will be targeting are 16- 21 year olds, both male and female, with an interest in trying new things. This app is a social media app and teenagers are both social and media savvy so we feel they would be the most interested in Joust. Teenagers are competitive so this app provides a perfect platform to have fun while also challenging yourself and your friends to some friendly competition. The app features challenges that would intrigue people of many different interests so once the teens are on the app they are sure to find activities and people who spark their attention. Million These companies both have very different target markets than the rest of our advertisers because they are so generalized and unspecific, unlike our other ads. This is a great opportunity for them because teenagers generally care about brand names or which soda to get next time they’re at the store. The more you dig into their subconscious mind, the more the product you put there will sell. So, if they see Coca Cola advertising on our app, they connect happiness and fun alongside the product which is key in such a competitive market like beverages (coca cola) and attire (Adidas). Joust is a unique, recently developed social media app that encourages people to try new things, meet people, and make room for spontaneity in their lives. Joust allows you to challenge yourself and your friends to complete creative and fun tasks. As you post photos and videos of your completed challenges, the app rewards you with points. Now let's explore the world of Joust! Commercial Advertisers Followers Target Market Above are three print ads we have created. The idea is that these ads would be placed in magazines we feel our target audience would buy, and the ad would be tailored to fit the reader of that magazine. Not only are these ads playing off the interests of the magazine buyer but they also feature an element of repetition. The ads are simplistic which allows for them to appear more than once throughout a magazine without seeming overwhelming. The simplistic style of the ads is used purposefully based on our target market (teenagers). As teenagers flip through magazines they won't pause to read a lengthy or complex print ad but will instead focus on the parts of the magazine that are straightforward and eye catching. These are the qualities we based our ads around. Bold, simple, visually appealing, with a catchy slogan to top it off. Money Making You should invest in us! We are one big money making oppurtunity from our surplus of advertising oppurtunities, plenty of teens willing to use our product and it's only a matter of time till this app sweeps the world. So, the only non-challenging thing about our product whether to invest with us What these companies and our product have in common is our target audience. In terms of psychographics we are looking for bold, adventure seeking teenagers who love to challenge themselves constantly and the experience of meeting new people. Veld offers a new community of roaring teens, Camp Muskoka proposes daring activities and social activities, iFly will get your heart racing and adrenaline through the roof and WCC 360° continually impresses our teenagers with life changing experiences, like traveling across the globe. As for demographics, Teenagers close to the GTA will be shown these ads because due to geographical location, they will be the most prone to these companies. There's no better way to target avid social media users than by targeting them through social media itself. By creating a twitter account we are not only promoting our app but we're showing people that we are a tech forward company who knows the field of social media already. The account contains links to download our app, interesting challenges people have completed, and other general information. This twitter account will get people excited and talking about Joust. An interesting trick of the trade that was used for this account was the bandwagon trick. We've fashioned the account so it appears to have 4 million followers! By doing this people will feel that Joust is a popular trend that they should become involved with.This tactic works especially well with our target audience (teenagers) who try extremely hard to fit in. TV Commercial

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