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OSU Writing Center

Transcript: Oregon State University What to Expect During the Appointment: -Be ACTIVELY ENGAGED! What to Bring: Writing Center -Two copies of your paper -A copy of the assignment sheet -A computer lab is available -For immediate revisions after your appointment Make an Appointment: Talks and Workshops: -Brown bag talks -Check Calendar of events on website Overview: -Work with Writing Assistants -Fellow Students -General Writing Help -Revising -Brainstorming -Writer's Block -Specific Writing Help -Grammar -Citations -Formatting Support for Graduate Students: The Writing Center: Inside the Valley Library Collaborative Learning Center Sunday: 2pm - 9pm Monday - Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm Thursday: 6pm - 9pm What They Do 1/2 hour, 1 hour long appointments available: -Call (541) 737-5640 -Stop by Waldo 123 during open hours -Drop-in between 12 (noon) - 4p daily at Waldo Hall -Help available for all phases of Graduate Programs -Schedule an appointment: -Call -Use appointment-request form 123 Waldo Hall (541) 737-5640 Monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm The Writing Desk: Contact Information: Writing Assistance in: Online: -Brainstorming -Analytical and Critical Essays -Research Reports -Lab Reports -Application Essays -Business Letters -Creative Writing -Resumes and Cover Letters -Case Studies -Speeches or Presentations -Theses or Dissertations General: Online Writing Lab: Appointments: Schedule: Lexii Watts, Olivia Cantwell, Christine Kang

OSU Presentation

Transcript: Goals of Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty Tight Extension Proximal HA Coated Component Design Loose Extension Loose Flexion Corail Stable Flexion Cemented Distal Femoral Jig: 9mm High Offset Trochanteric Advancement Joint Reconstruction Chalk Talk Stable Extension Total Knee Arthroplasty Great Success! Acetabular Cup Tight Flexion Osteophytes Downsize femur (anterior reference) and upsize insert Increase tibial slope and upsize insert Recess PCL off of femur or tibia and upsize insert Std. Collared Tight Extension Recut distal femur Posterior capsule release Directly Laterilze Stable Extension Summit Lengthen Neck Soft-Tissue Function Component Position Soft-Tissue Tension 40-45 Degrees Loose Flexion +/- 2 Size Tibia-Femur Mismatch Decrease Angle Recut distal femur and upsize insert Posterior capsule release and upsize insert Technical Goals of a Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty Maintain Q Angle Liner Offset Tight Flexion Gription Proximal Porocoat + Fully HA Coated Gap Balancing Matrix Femoral Sizer: 3 degrees of external rotation Prox. Tibia Jig: 3 degrees of posterior slope (PS) 5 degrees of posterior slope (CR) Femoral Stem 15-20 Degrees Downsize femur (anterior reference) and upsize insert Anteriorize femur and upsize insert Increase tibial slope and upsize insert Restore Joint Line Loose Flexion Thinner tibial insert Resect additional tibia THA Stability Variables Porocoat Distal Femoral Jig: 5 degrees of valgus Prox. Tibia Jig: 8-10mm off unaffected/2-4mm off affected Fully HA Coated Decrease tibial slope + thicker insert Recut distal femur + thicker insert Larger femoral component (anterior reference Posteriorize femoral component Tri-Lock 1. Patella resection 2. Distal femur resection 3. Proximal tibia resection 4. Femur preparation (Size and 4 in 1) 5. Tibia Preparation 6. Box preparation (If necessary) 7. Trial components Tight Flexion High Offset Stable Flexion Total Hip Arthroplasty Patella Jig: 7.5/9.5mm Dr. Li Attune TKA Surgical Process Thicker Insert OSU here I come! Implant Fixation Head Length Loose Extension Proximal Porocoat Tight Extension Loose Extension Stable Flexion Osteophytes Downsize femur (Anterior Reference) Anteriorize femoral component Increase tibial slope Recess PCL off of femur or tibia (CR) Std. Collarless Coxa Vara Actis Balance Ligaments Press Fit Proximal Gription Coated Std. Collared Restore Mechanical Alignment Stable Extension

OSU Medical Center

Transcript: Mission: To improve people’s lives through innovation in research, education, and patient care. Vision: Working as a team, the staff wants to shape the future of medicine by creating, disseminating and applying new knowledge, and by personalizing health care to meet the needs of each individual. Value: Excellence, collaborating as one university, integrity and personal accountability, openness and trust, diversity in people and ideas, change and innovation, simplicity in their work, empathy and compassion, and leadership. Strategic Goals: Become a top-20 academic medical center and a top-10 National Cancer Institute-funded cancer program through advancement in research, education, and patient care. Generate an investment fund for mission development. Create a high-performance organization and workplace of choice. Priorities: To innovate and enhance strategic growth: Promote innovative clinical, educational and research programs, and grow the enterprise to meet their strategic goals. To enhance financial performance: Promote sustainable increases in revenue and philanthropic support and the prudent distribution and use of all financial resources in order to reinvest in their mission. To enhance service and reputation: Provide the ideal patient and student experience and seek national distinction in research, education, and patient care. To be a workplace of choice: Create an environment that promotes student, faculty, and staff satisfaction and engagement. To promote quality care: Promote quality and safety in clinical care and excellence in education and research. To increase productivity and efficiency: Steward their resources effectively and enhance productivity in clinical care, research, and education. Only academic medical center in Ohio Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center is a top-30 College of Medicine. It was formerly called The Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC). It is a part of the Ohio State University Health System. It includes: six hospitals network of primary and specialty care practices more than a dozen research centers and institutes 20 core laboratories The Ohio State University College of Medicine James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute OSU Physicians, Inc. OSU Health System Wexner Medical Center is a non-profit organization. It is state owned. This medical center is prided on being a teaching hospital. Overall satisfaction at OSU-Medical Center is 72% of patients compared to the state's 69% average and the national 68% average. The Medical Center's nurse communication received a 77% and the national average was close behind with a 76%. Pain management was graded with a 69% while both state and national averages hit 70%. Discharge information and teaching is the highest ranking at OSUMC with a grade of 85%. Of those who had an acute myocardial infaction, 97% receive the recommended care at OSU. The national average for hospitals is 99%. Of those who had Chronic Heart Failure, 98% received the recommended amount of care at Wexner Medical Center while other hospitals in the nation only averaged to provided 95% of the correct care. For those who had pneumonia, both OSU and the national average of other hospitals equalled out to be 90% of the recommended care given. Nationally ranked in 11 specialties Best Hospital Rankings in: 20th in cancer 24th in cardiology and heart surgery 20th in diabetes and endocrinology 17th in ear, nose, and throat 25th in gynecology 39th in nephrology 45th in neurology and neurosurgery 36th in orthopedics 25th in pulmonology 11th in rehabilitation 46 in urology Inpatient: Birthing room Burn care Heart catherterization – diagnostic End-of-life services (Hospice) Hospitalists Infection isolation room Heart Cathertization – treatment Neonatal intensive care Neonatal intermediate care Cancer services Psychiatric care Community Outreach: Health fairs Health screenings Imaging services: CT scanner MRI Multislice spiral CT Single photon emission ct Ultrasound Number of beds: 981 Awards: Modern Healthcare/National Committee for Quality Health Care Award The Ohio State University Medical Center was one of three healthcare systems in the U.S. recognized for this award for its demonstrated success in delivering quality care, demonstrating leadership, ability to measure outcomes, financial management and a commitment to community health needs. America's Best Hospitals The Ohio State University Medical Center is the only central Ohio hospital listed in "America's Best Hospitals" rankings by U.S. News & World Report. Eleven Ohio State medical specialties are recognized for excellence in the magazine, deemed one of the country’s leading consumer guides to top-performing hospitals. CAHO Accreditation University Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). JCAHO accreditation is based upon meeting specific national standards for patient care, staffing, equipment and facility safety requirements. Teams of

OSU Supercomputer Center

Transcript: Supercomputing -HPC Tech Talks -Xsede (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) HPC Monthly Workshop - November 5-6, 2014 - Ohio Supercomputer Center, Bale Conference Room -Tour Information -Must submit a tour application online 1) Blue Collar Computing -Makes supercomputing accessible to all companies 2) E-Weld Predictor -Improves productivity 3)Remote Instrumentation and Collaboration Environment (RICE) -Helps train students and conduct research Focus -Young Women’s Summer Institute -One week for high school girls -Summer Institute -Two weeks long -Ralph Regula School of Computational Science Minor Program -Statewide online school to receive minor or associates degree -Computational Science Associates Degree for Ohio Community and Technical Colleges Contact -Phone Number: 614-292-9248 -Email: -Hours: 9-5 on weekdays Oakley Cluster Biomedical Science and Visualization Ohio Supercomputer Center Established in 1987 Research Cyberinfrastructure Summer Institute Education -2 Major Computing Systems 1)Oakley Cluster -8,300+ core HP Intel Xeon machine 2)Glenn Cluster -5,300+ core IBM AMD Opteron machine -In total 4 Terabytes of storage -Play Room 1) Contains graphics equipment for computer graphics and animation 1224 Kinnear Road Columbus, Ohio 43212 Get Involved E-Weld Predictor 1) Supercomputing 2) Cyberinfrastructure 3) Research 4)Education -Analytics -Bioinformatics -Biomedical Science and Visualization -Computational Science Engineering Research Applications -Systems Research

OSU Presentation

Transcript: Operational Set-up Intro Why? Why? To achieve and maintain a sustainable vertical start-up Without OSU Brewery is finished. Now what? €1.4 mln loss per line Only realising the value of OSU once in "firefighting mode" Without OSU With OSU Training, Safety plan, maintenance plan, .....etc. in order Reduced pressure in later stages With OSU Start OSU Sustainable performance Efficiency Without OSU OSU Gains Gains Estimated loss 1.4* MEur per line Who? Who? Heineken GSC GP&E PMOS OSU YOU OSU Team is divided in dedicated streams that work together to achieve vertical start-up OpCo OpCo OSU Operational Set-up POD People Set-up & Training SHE Safety, Environment & Waste Management QA Quality & Food Safety Maintenance Maintenance Production Production and Utilities Processes WHSE Logistics & Warehouse S & OP Planning Sales & Operations Planning Infrastructure Infrastructure PM ENGINEER Global OSU GP&E GP&E Supplier Supplier What is available for OSU to achieve the goal? What? Capability What? Capability Parallel to Project Roadmap OSU Roadmap OSU Roadmap Conceptual design Basic Design Procurement Realisation Operation Initial Assesment Initial Assesment Leadership and Strategy Leadership and Strategy Planning and Risk Assesment Planning and Risk Assesment Basic Foundations Basic Foundations Start-up Start-up Performance Confirmation Performance Confirmation Sustainable Performance Sustainable Performance OSU Dashboard Deliverables list Job Descriptions Tools Tools Must Win Battles How? To a faster and cheaper start-up followed by sustainable performance Across all battles: Team working and Green behaviors Continuous improvement and Learning from past experience Leadership - Resources Select the right OSU Manager on time. Establish capable OSU team with enough time/OSU as priority. Define project succes as brewery/OpCo priority. OpCo Commitment OpCo Commitment OSU Manager Job Profile OSU Manager Job Profile OSU Team Structure OSU Team Structure Scope - Budget Select/Define Macro-deliverables Exhaustive OSU Budget: This is an investment one off Investment for Succes Investment for Succes Navigator - Best OSU Strategy Navigator - Best OSU Strategy OSU Fund Application Checklist OSU Fund Application Checklist Team - Sustained OSU Know starting points: Current operations / Country assesment Define target for the whole project (5M) based on business need First year results follow up Target Setting & Results Target Setting & Results Current Operations Assesment Current Operations Assesment Target Setting Workbook & Governance Target Setting Workbook & Governance First Year Workbook & Governance First Year Workbook & Governance LOI Resolution Speed Up LOI Resolution Speed Up Start up - Risk Assesment Issue a clear planning in line with equipment planning Detailed start up (5M) planning Highlight and manage risks OSU progress reporting Planning to Readiness Planning to Readiness OSU Deliverables Roadmap & Checklist OSU Deliverables Roadmap & Checklist Detailed Start up (5M) Planning Detailed Start up (5M) Planning Streams Planning & Risk Assesment Workbook Streams Planning & Risk Assesment Workbook OSU Progress Report OSU Progress Report Change Management Training Strong recruitment process Operators will determine final results --> Involvement in project Succesfull PRACTICAL training and development process Early People Engagement Early People Engagement People Set Up & SCALE Training Process People Set Up & SCALE Training Process Operators Questionnaire Operators Questionnaire 3 Pillars 3 Pillars Training Training Achieved Achieved Available docs Available docs Next steps Next steps Brewery Support Brewery Support Achieved Achieved Available Docs Available Docs Next steps Next steps PM/CAPEX Roadmap PM/CAPEX Roadmap Achieved Achieved Available Docs Available Docs Next Steps Next Steps

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