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Oregon State University

Transcript: GPA: 3.0 SAT: 1450 ACT: 20 Saturday Farmer's Market Many types of exotic restaurants like a Hawaiian cafe, Thai cuisine and mexican Fast Food: Panda Express, Subway, Carl's Jr., Chipotle, and many pizza parlors TA possibilities: sports medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic CEC: Center for Civic Engagement: helping out in the community **There are over 40 intramural sport teams that include: volleyball, swim, and lacrosse. Men: Baseball Basketball Football Golf Rowing Soccer Wrestling Majors Offered: (Over 200) College of Forestry Business Pre-Physical Therapy Engineering FINANCE $$$$$ Nicolette Jimenez The first president was William A. Finley from 1865-1872 There are 20 Sororities and 25 Fraternities Colors: Orange and Resident Total Tuition: 24,594 Regional food Beaches are 1 hour away Endless opprotunities for year-round outdoor recreation including: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, rafting, kayaking, surfing and fishing Area Sports: Campus Life You get your gas pumped for you in Oregon Mascot: Benny Beaver Entertainment Women: Swimming Basketball Cross Country Golf Gymnastics Rowing Soccer Softball Track and Field Volleyball The school opened in 1868 as the area's first community school for primary and preparatory education (See chart on paper) Non-Resident Total Tuition: 41,776 black There are students that study abroad available at OSU Chad Ochocinco, a wide receiver for Montreal Alouettes in the canadian football league. Did you know? The university has its own shuttle "Beaver Careers"- job listings, tutorials and information on job search History Located in Corvallis, Oregon The culture is "A True American University Town" Small, quiet community Weather: Annual high is 63 degrees Annual Low is 42 degrees RAIN!!!! Education Oregon has no sales tax Oregon is home to clothing outlets like Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, Banana Republic and many more There are galleries and shops in downtown Corvallis Financial aid is available FASFA is available Private Loans are available Federal work study: you can work on campus and make money to pay your financial aid 17 Varsity Sports Internship

Oregon state University

Transcript: Teacher education- Helps impact a students life and education.. Strongest departments: Women basketball Men basketball Football cheer leading Marching band Wrestling Boxing optional Theater Swimming competition Mascot Benny Beaver Academic Achievements: Awards amount varies up to 3500/year renewable for up to 4 years. SAT/26 for high school or 3.75 GPA and 36 more college credits This university activities like government sports, Greek life, theater, music and more... Oregon college makes a positive impact in your life First year students required living on campus Optional housing Residence halls family housing Cooperative housing Any roommate of your choice friendly community Living on campus is more helpful and less time waste of driving Campus area 5 interesting Facts: Health &wellness- Help you involve with others and overcome illness. Average GPA: Business-If your interested in running your own business theirs variety of programs. By: Berenice Mendez Athletic programs Popular Majors : My favorite Ncaa Scholarships come from several sources, incoming and transfer students can be eligible for universities scholarships or awards based on combination and financial needs. Scholarships - Applicants are evaluated on GPA, SAT, or ACT scores like extracurricular and leadership activities. Based on your resume strength in high school or college courses completed, and potential contributions. Financial Aid - Consists of grants, scholarships, federal work study subsidized loans, unsubsidized loans and parents loans. Strongest departments/student ratio By:Berenice Mendez -Women basketball -Men basketball -Wrestling -Football -cheer leading -marching band OSU boxing optional kick boxing Arts - will help you develop and improve you skills, weather your talents lie in design, drawing writing or performances. Scholarships and Financial aid Popular Athletic activities Location: Corvallis Oregon Life on campus Average GPA 3.0 and a 4.0 scale, average of "B" level Completed all four years of high school SAT Reading: Minimum score of 500; Act English AP English minimum score of 211b Must had 2 English courses with c- or higher level All official scores from all exams: *Advanced Placement (AP) *International baccalaureate (IB) * General certificate of education (GCE) Oregon State University Oregon state has more research funding annually than all other region state universities combined. *public college *OsU has 250 feet between each class *400 acres *90-minute walking tours *300 clubs and activities *Two buses for trips through out campus *arts, culture, wine tours nature walks ec. * Wild life watching while hiking * few shop places *20 food stores Social science- will help you prepare to work with people and families. - Marine sciences -sustainable food systems -creating your own busniess -3.1 student ratio -25,000 students attending Tuition a year 24,977 200 undergraduate 100 graduate degree programs Science & natural sources- Pursues scientific future generations. -Agriculture sciences -Agriculture sciences

Oregon State University

Transcript: Ken Austin graduated with a bachelor's degree in industrial administration from OSU in 1954. He started Austin Dental Equipment Company (A-dec) in 1964 in downtown Newberg. A-dec is one of the world's largest dental equipment manufacturers. He now has more than 900 employees and markets in more than 100 countries. Contributions to Oregon State University • He and his wife, Joan, donated $10 million to help with the creation of Austin Hall. • They also gave $4 to help update Weatherford Hall and founded the undergraduate program focused on entrepreneurship. • He is a supportive OSU alumni member and strives to continue to make OSU an even better place. • Benny started out as being made out of a shag rug carpet, a sponge tail, and Kenny Austin. • He was the first one to be Benny the Beaver, before OSU had an official mascot. • He loved being Benny, and is thankful for the opportunity to gain self-confidence. • He said that being Benny were the best years of his life. • Now when he and the new Benny interact with each other, you can tell he will always love Benny! 2015 Fun Facts About Kenny and Benny This School has done wonderful things for me and I have no idea what my life would be like if I hadn't been Benny the Beaver. The History of Benny and Kenny Wednesday, April 19 Worked closely with her husband in supporting OSU. She was awarded the Lifetime Trustee Award in 2006. A symbol her twelve years of supporting OSU. Ken Austin Biography Ken Austin had a major role in helping with the creation of Benny the Beaver Joan Austin Tour Ambassadors Oregon State University

Oregon State University Presentation

Transcript: Oregon state University Justin Reason OSU Oregon state is a university in Corvallis, Or. They have an acceptance rate of 82.3% and a GPA requirement of 3.5. I chose this school because it is close to home and has a good Marine Biology program. Costs AT OSU Finance At Oregon State the cost of one year of schooling is $35,000 There is also many options for finical aid and scholarships, you just need to apply. Scholarships at OSU There are lots of scholarships available at Oregon State. They can cover anything from living costs, tuition, or research. They are relatively easy to apply for and have different deadlines for each one. Scholarships Why is this a good fit? More Info This is a good fit for me because it is cheaper than other colleges I would go to. For example, Stanford has one year of tuition that is around $50,000. Another reason its good is because of the financial aid opportunities. Social Activities at OSU Social Oregon State has hundreds of clubs that you can join. They also have non-competitive and competitive intermerial sports programs that you can be involved in. Where is osu located? Location As previously stated, Oregon State is located in Corvallis, OR. From Redmond its about a three hour drive. I like this because I am somewhat far from family but close at the same time. I also have two sisters that live close to Corvallis. Marine Biology I want to go to OSU for Marine Biology, so it is important that know everything they offer. There are lots of fields in Marine Biology. You can be a Shark Biologist or somebody that studies shellfish. Oregon State requires that you spend at least four years or complete 31-34 credits. You also have to spend a term at Hatfield Science Center in Newport, OR. ACADEMICS Hatfield Science Center In Newport, there is a small place called Hatfield Science Center. They have a bunch of things involving the ocean there. They have tide pools with sea urchins, sea anemones, and sea cucumbers. They even have an octopus at the entrance. It is ran by Oregon State and is a helpful tool to get used to being around Marine life and researching them. Hatfield

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