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Orange Presentation Template

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"Orange" Presentation

Transcript: Help Me!! #otp After, they made it to the local drugstore they walked in to buy the snacks they wanted On the way the boy gets barked at by a dog This presentation was made to make you guys feel like your there seeing the Poem "oranges" in real life. I wanted to find the right picture to fit each slide, so that you guys could have the best experience. This Presentation was a fun thing to do and i'm looking forward to more presentation throughout the year. Overall I thought "oranges" was a great poem and i can't wait to see what the next topic is for our upcoming presentation. The boy only had 5 cents but the girl wanted a 10 cent chocolate so he didn't say anything to make her happy and made a risky move but prayed that the clerk would have a heart and let him pay the rest w/ one of the oranges he had packed Conclusion ANd FInal thoughts BArk Bark!! The boy and the clerk both look each other in the eye and they both know why!! AHHHH! As the boy prepares himself to go pickup his girlfriend he packs two oranges and 5 cents PLSss!!! When the girl answers the door they talk and decide to go to a local drugstore to gets some snacks The boy and the girl walking to the drugstore holding hands #YOLO As the boy and girl walk into the distance they hold hands while the girl eats her chocolate and the boy eats his "OrangeS" As he walks he makes it to his girlfriends house and rings the doorbell "Oranges" Presentation That orange really saved me this is The boy as he waits for someone to answer the door But tHe clerk lets it slide knowing that the poor boy didn't have enough "Oranges" By: Gary Soto Presentation By: Derek Guillen

Orange Presentation

Transcript: How to use active learning in a kindergarten classroom Interactive Technology And we also must..... rhymes and stories PBL is both a curriculum and process. Soon enough teachers have to leave learning in their student's hands. Uses facilitators to guide the students To inspire new ideas Harmin, M., & Toth, M. (1994). Inspiring active learning: a handbook for teachers. Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Say "this is for extra credit" or "for a homework pass" How to use Problem based learning in a Special Education Classroom Setting? group work asking the class about their favorites Work in groups Separate into groups and let them come up with ways that would be applicable. Provides meaningful activities for the learner Apply problems to real-life situations Create models out of concepts excited to be at school are learning all the basics hands on activities WORD PROBLEMS ARE NOT THE ANSWER Why do we need it? Background of Problem-Based Learning. (n.d.). CTLS. Retrieved December 2, 2013, from Help students remember References Based on problem solving Kindergarteners.. Himelo - Silver, C. E. ( 2013) . Creating a learning space in problem- based learning. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem - Based Learning , 7 (1) doi: 10.771 / 1541 - 5015. 1334 All about engaging the student Active Learning How can we incorporate this in Older students? Grabinger. Rich environments for active learning in action: problem-based learning. 1997. Web. drawing and writing To keep students attention Presentation by Ryan Adkins, Raeanna Langford, and Katryn Roberts. Use manipulatives Knowledge is gained through self- directed learning Bonwell, C. C., & Eison, J. A. (1991). Active learning: creating excitement in the classroom. Washington, D.C.: School of Education and Human Development, George Washington University. Use what you've already taught Armbruster, Patel, Johnson, and Weiss. Active learning and student-centered Pedagogy Improve student Attitudes and Performance in Introductory Biology. 2009. Web An approach to structuring the curriculum while confronting students with problems from practice that provides a stimulus for learning. Problem-Based learning Activities involving movement

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