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AN Onboarding Template

Transcript: Onboarding Elements Administrative Introduce you to technology, systems, processes Social Connect with Access Now teams, culture Technical Align with strategy and your job functions Raleigh CAMP SCHREIBER FOUNDATION Darrell Bailey - VP Denice Brandon - CFO Zoey Zhao Becki Smith Stephen Donley Bill Langston Braydan Blankenship Jim Knisely Policy Handbook Fishing Boating Hiking Swimming John Breshears Sr. We help build college-educated leaders that have a positive impact on their community Eric Franklin Joey Lawton John Baker Chuck Kemmerling Alden Smith Jack McDaniel Steven Poteat David Cates Wilmington Archery Competitions Canoeing Camping Sam Pierce CT Scan Room your on-boarding starts here Accounting Jeff Crocker 1) G-Suite Google Docs Gmail/Google Calendar 2) Thunderbird Secure Email 3) 2-Factor Authentication 4) KeePass 5) Microsoft Office Professional Elizabeth DeRossett Grey Interiors Jim Leopard Meagan Hutchings ACDC AN Community Docs Center Charles Hamilton Cape Fear Community College Internal Janelle Brewer Maddi Godwin Beatties Ford Library John Hawthorne - VP Superintendents Lower Cape Fear Hospice Amanda Foss ECU Dental School John Monteith - CEO and President Jeremy Pate Davis Arena Nev 'Monty' Monteith Community Welcome to Access Now! We are glad you chose us. Project Management Bryan Thomas - COO David Buckner Mike Travaglia Clint Howell John Breshears Jr. Matt Farmer Graham Smith Paul Jeffreys Pete Wonderland Our Projects Gaston College When asked what defines Monteith culture, employees most commonly used these 3 words: RELATIONSHIPS HARDWORKING FUN Curt Mulhollen x x x x Mitchell Community College Gray Cook Jay Bossert Danielle Conway Our People CFCC Community College Schreiber Island Project Management Jeremiah Sloop Estimating Brian Stamp - VP Estimating Dean Denning Emmanuel Evans ('E') Phillip Verdi - VP Our campers Brittini Young HARDWORKING Who we are and what we do Our mission APMs APMs Lisa Tedder Systems and Technology Chris Black Brent Mooring The camp

Onboarding Presentation

Transcript: Contribute Back and Create Value Helping out in lab vs. Working on Projects Lead project/launch Understand process and member's roles Projects currently working on: Setting Spray La Pallette New bottle and overcap tool from Axium Existing pump Working closely with Alexandra Tooling development being led by MNY Introduction Questions? Fruits of Labor: Projects Background: Spectrum Brands Reflex Packaging To be Improved: Mock QCP Training (QCP Process) MINDS Training Compatibility of Materials Training Functional Analysis Packaging Design Training Kiehl's Office Shadowing Franklin Plant Line Trial *Investigation NYX Pumps Likes: After: Introduction Packaging Engineer Roles Lessons Learned Likes/Dislikes/To be Improved Projects What I Hope to Learn Questions Cups Technical Packaging Engineer Key Learning & What I hope to get out of this whole experience La Pallete Cross functional operations Building Relations Working with supplier & manufacturing plant Understanding the Timeline Responsibilities Within AC Specs Supplier/Plant Constraints Stating characteristics of CdC, colors, artwork PF Specs Stating characteristics of CdC, colors, artwork Positioning of the AC relative to each other Palletization Plan Dislikes: Company Culture Working on issues involved to find solution i.e: LP Unlimited Mascara Unit Carton Box Glue Flap Trainings Issue: Product falling out during transportation More training inclusion i.e. DISC Education: Undergrad: Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo Graduate: Rutgers University Interests: Hiking Camping Dogs Before: Infallible Setting Spray Growth in L'Oréal Agenda: Likes/Dislikes/To be Improved

Onboarding Presentation

Transcript: TRAUMA INFORMED LA Art by Jose Ramirez: PC Tom Bricker: COMMUNITY BUILDING COMMUNITY BUILDING "Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they can give and receive without the judgement; when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship." Dr. Brene Brown GROUNDING & COLLECTIVE INTENTIONS GROUNDING & COLLECTIVE INTENTIONS INTRODUCTIONS INTRODUCTIONS Name Gender Pronouns Favorite Food Fun Fact About You Length of Time with TILA HEALING & COLLECTIVE CARE BINGO HEALING & COLLECTIVE CARE BINGO EMPATHY EXCHANGE DYAD EMPATHY EXCHANGE DYAD EMPATHY VS. SYMPATHY EMPATHY VS. SYMPATHY Sympathy is when you feel badly or sad for someone. Empathy on the other hand, is being able to actually understand their perspective or situation to the degree that you can identify with what they are feeling and why. EMPATHY EXCHANGE DYAD EMPATHY EXCHANGE DYAD Mirroring is active listening, where we are giving our absolute attention to the person who is speaking, without giving advice or offering our own story of the same experience. When mirroring, we are listening so as to truly get what the other person must be feeling and can relay back to them in our own words, their experience so that they feel understood. Mirroring Exercise Pair up with someone you don’t know too well and spread out throughout the room. Person A will speak for 5 minutes about any topic of their choice. Person B will mirror back what they said in 2 minutes. Then switch. TILA HISTORICAL TIMELINE A Rainy Day in LA November 2014 The Purple House Retreat Hillsides Retreat December 2014 October 2015 HISTORY 1st Community Round Table July 2015 A RAINY DAY IN LA A RAINY DAY IN LA November 2014 THE PURPLE HOUSE RETREAT THE PURPLE HOUSE RETREAT December 2014 1ST COMMUNITY ROUND TABLE THE FIRST COMMUNITY ROUND TABLE July 2015 HILLSIDES RETREAT THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE STEERING COMMITTEE October 2015 TILA HISTORICAL TIMELINE CONT'D 2nd Community Round Table November 2015 Development of the Speakers Bureau Pipeline of Participation 2016 March-June 2017 HISTORY CONT'D Strategic Planning Retreats October 2016-January 2017 2ND COMMUNITY ROUND TABLE November 2015 THE SECOND COMMUNITY ROUND TABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SPEAKERS BUREAU THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SPEAKERS BUREAU 2016 STRATEGIC PLANNING RETREATS STRATEGIC PLANNING RETREATS Developed our strategic plan Determined 3 Key Priorities October 2016 - January 2017 PIPELINE OF PARTICIPATION Focused on crating an inclusive and collaborative participation for people to meaningfully participate in leadership and other engagement opportunities March 2017 - June 2017 PIPELINE OF PARTICIPATION 2016-2018 COLLABORATIONS WITH USC SUZANNE DWORAK-PECK SCHOOL OF SW USC SUZANNE DWORAK-PECK SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK COLLABORATIONS Paper Tigers screening and panel Resilience screening and panel Portraits of Professional Caregivers screening and panel IPV Intersectional Perspective panel 2016-2018 MISSION, VISION, & VALUES MISSION, VISION, & VALUES MISSION MISSION To foster resilient communities that promote healing and well-being through collaboration, education, and community engagement. VISION VISION A trauma-informed Los Angeles. VALUES VALUES Social Justice & Equity Intersectionality Well-Being Compassion Cultural Humility Collaboration Integrity Connection LOGISTICS LOGISTICS WORKFLOW WORKFLOW Basecamp project managment housing documents sharing ideas sign-up via email Google Suite housing documents email & calendar domain purchase Zoom virtual meeting platform paid account run via link Group Me communi-cations app Alternative to text that works better for people with Androids ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTING Membership Fees $5 per month Cash or Venmo: @TraumaInformedLA Income Membership fees Expenses Google Suite Domain & Website Zoom Virtual Platform Event expenses Current Organizational Status All volunteer grassroots collective No official nonprofit status Not yet able to accept grant funding, etc. Fiscal Sponsor for in-kind donations: Compassion LA - SC AGREEMENT COMMITTEE AGREEMENT Outlines TILA structure & commitments in effect for one year Addendum A: Values Addendum B: Collective Intentions Addendum C: Participation Accountability Process STEERING SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: @traumainformedla Twitter: @traumainformdla Instagram: @traumainformedla SC POSITIONS, ADVISORS, & SUBCOMMITTEES SC ROLES, ADVISORS, & SUBCOMMITTEES STEERING COMMITTEE POSITIONS STEERING COMMITTEE POSITIONS Maria Ruelas Development Coordinator Laura Coholan Co-Chair Marisol Tamez Outreach & Networking Coord. Leora Wolf-Prusan Lizeth Toscano Operations Coordinator Richard Lamanna Devika Shankar Harmony Frederick Core SC Member David Guizar Arthur Argomaniz Core SC Member Ashura Hughley Core SC Member Brenda Ingram Co-Chair Core SC Member Communications Coord. Training & Resource Liaison Susie Hess

Onboarding 2019 Template

Transcript: ----------- Our Story --------- ------------ ------ ---------------- Our Team ---------------- Thank You! ------ ------ ------------ Request IT Help Services Welcome This slide is here to remind you to: 1) Add logo to first and last slide 2) In What is Covered section: Delete 2 slides depending on if client is Total/Pro 3) In NOT Covered section: Delete 1 slide depending on if client is Total/Pro 4) For SLA times - delete either Total or Pro 5) Check/Update Avg Response time on Ticket SLA page 6) Check/Update Smile Feedback Nice To Meet You! Welcome to the I.T. Solutions of South Florida family! We Manage Your Technology... You Manage Your Business! & *************Client Logo Here Additional Distinguished Clients! Mission Statement We at I.T. Solutions of South Florida are dedicated to delivering reliable technology solutions and services. Our mission is to help businesses develop cost effective solutions, by implementing the proper technology to improve their bottom line. We motivate and encourage our dedicated staff, and strive to make a positive contribution to our community. Our goal is simple: to provide superior service, utilizing cutting edge technology, implemented by a professional staff. Above all, we serve wholeheartedly. Company Founded in Deana & Jason's Home 2004 MSPmentor 250 Top Computer & System Integrators by SFB Journal 2014 2017 Women of the Channel Small Business of the Year by Central PBC Chamber Fastest Growing Technology Company by SFB Journal 2016 2019 2008 Company Becomes A MSP: Managed Service Provider Focus On Proactive Care 2015 CRN Awards & Ranking: TOP 100: Managed Security TOP 501 MSPs Worldwide Ranked 75th Globally on CRN MSP 501 Small Business 2018 2017 MSPmentor 501 Stiletto Entrepreneur Award by Women of Worth Certified Women Owned 2017 Women of the Channel Fastest Growing Technology Company by SFB Journal Our Story CRN TOP 100: Managed Security Best Places to Work, Fast 50, and Largest Cloud Computing by SFB Journal Humble Beginning From Living Room To Globally-Ranked Managed Service Provider! Award Winning! Locally Awarded and Globally Ranked By Trade Publications Meet The Leadership Team Deana Pizzo CEO Mike Gavaghen VP Management Solutions Michael Lidke VP Operations VP Technical Services Jason Pizzo CIO Wes Boggs Meet Client Relationship Team Kelly Kozuba Client Account Manager Kelly is responsible for managing client accounts and relationships, preparing quotes, and facilitating client education. Brittany Alamar Technical Service Coordinator Brittany is your initial contact, triaging all the help desk tickets and scheduling engineers. Meet Your Technical Team Chris Perry Daniel Downard Network Engineer James Roche Senior Network Engineer Megan Knipper Network Engineer Dustin Allard Network Engineer Senior Network Engineer Total Care Coverage Server Management Router & Firewall Management Workstation Management Develop and implement an information security program. This includes procedures and policies designed to protect enterprise communications, systems and assets. Protection is from both internal and external threats. Effective administration, maintenance and support of desktop hardware, software, and associated peripherals. Offer support in a timely and professional manner. Meet or exceed service level agreements (SLA). Maintain and manage infrastructure, operating system, storage, backups, security, and patching. Meet response and resolution times associated with service-related incidents. Notify client about scheduled maintenance. Page 1 of 2: Items Covered With Total Care From I.T. Solutions of South Florida! Backup & Disaster Recovery Automatic Hourly Backups Same Day Virtualization Data Secure In Three Places Automatic Offsite Transfer Backup Verification & Reporting 24x7 Monitoring: Backup Failures Office 365 Backup Total Care Coverage Page 2 of 2: Items Covered With Total Care From I.T. Solutions of South Florida! End User Support Services VCIO & Project Consulting Remote Support/Help Desk Email Management Password Management Vendor Management On-Site Support Technology Training Anything Classified As "New" NEW Hardware NEW Project Implementation NEW Office Location/Move Software Implementation Not Covered By Total Care These Items Are NOT Covered With Total Care From I.T. Solutions of South Florida New Software New Accounting Software New CAD Software Line of Business Applications Dark Web Monitoring Total Care Ticket SLAs Service Level Agreement Times With Total Care from I.T. Solutions of South Florida Priority Level One 2 Hour Response Time Example: Entire office is down because server or main application is down Average Response Time In The Last 30 Days Priority Level Three Priority Level Two Priority Level Four RED ORANGE YELLOW WHITE 4 Hour Response Time Example: Impacts multiple users, but not critical for business operation 12 Hour Response Time Example: Impacts single user email or login issue 16-32 Hour Response Time Example: Scheduled projects,

Onboarding Presentation

Transcript: SEIU HEALTHCARE LOCAL 1 Presented by the HR Department Mission, Vision, and Values Who We Are SEIU Healthcare is a healthcare union in Canada with more than 60,000 front-line works. Our number one priority is to ensure that their work is recognized and valued by their employers. Vision Vision Thriving worker, healthy community Mission Mission Statement We are a healthcare union that advocates for the rights of our members through Bold & Innovative Actions Setting Precedents Seeking to Develop Growing and Retaining Developing Leaders Values Credibility Accountability Collaboration Inclusiveness Sustainable Development We honour our commitment We are accountable to achieve our mission and live our values We believe in uniting and working together to reach our goals. of our employees, members, experiences, structure, and strategies. Values We believe in diversity and strive to create a community where all are welcomed, respected, and given equal opportunity.g and working together to reach our goals. Culture, Events, Dress Code At SEIU, we see each other as brothers and sisters. We're a huge family that fight for our 60,000+ workers in solidarity Culture Resources Who to go to for what? Unionized Teamsters and USW Field Staffs out in the field! Clerical Staffs Present in offices Organization Culture Events Events at SEIU Enjoy and Socialize! Birthday Celebration Weekly Wellness Classes New Hires Meet and Greet All staff meetings Other upcoming events! Dress Code Business Casual! Casual Fridays! Other Events! Org Chart! 3 Different Sectors Communication Nursing Division Finance Education Research Department Clerical Staffs Member Resource Centre (MRC) Organizing Org Charts and the Different Departments Hospitals Home and Community Care Long-Term Care Human Resources Everything you want to know! Everything you want to know starting in a new environment! Benefits Benefits at SEIU Check your Collective Agreement for more details and benefit booklet on ADP Plenty of benefits that covers 100% of cost such as Dental Vision Prescription drugs Shepell - Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Great West Life - Travel Assistance Days off Days off! Sick Days Up to 40 sick days (prorated) Personal Days Up to 9 days (prorated) Vacation Days Accumulate from June to July. Use from Jan to Dec Earned Credit Days Up to 12 days (prorated) - 6 days for Jan to June; 6 days for July - Dec 1 2 3 4 HR Payroll Change For any other unpaid time off request, please fill form Teamsters 5 USW Booklet R 2) Agenda 3) President Letter 5) Inter office memorandum 1) Constitution Book 4) Calendar 6) Upcoming events 7) Staff Directory 8) Org Chart 9) Job Description 10) Guide to set up desk phone 11) Voicemail L L • Great west life (with travel assistance card) • Morneau Shepell Booklet • Last year Annual Report • To Complete Check List • Guide to your SEIU Online ADP Portal • Welcome Onboard - Learning Guide • New Hire Policy Acknowledgment • SEIU Dues Opt-In Form • Finance Policy • Process for Internal Meeting Rooms • Fire Safety Plan Agenda Your Schedule today! Picture with us! Picture for Badge IT Set Up Office Tour - by your manager

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