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Onboarding Presentation Template

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AN Onboarding Template

Transcript: Onboarding Elements Administrative Introduce you to technology, systems, processes Social Connect with Access Now teams, culture Technical Align with strategy and your job functions Raleigh CAMP SCHREIBER FOUNDATION Darrell Bailey - VP Denice Brandon - CFO Zoey Zhao Becki Smith Stephen Donley Bill Langston Braydan Blankenship Jim Knisely Policy Handbook Fishing Boating Hiking Swimming John Breshears Sr. We help build college-educated leaders that have a positive impact on their community Eric Franklin Joey Lawton John Baker Chuck Kemmerling Alden Smith Jack McDaniel Steven Poteat David Cates Wilmington Archery Competitions Canoeing Camping Sam Pierce CT Scan Room your on-boarding starts here Accounting Jeff Crocker 1) G-Suite Google Docs Gmail/Google Calendar 2) Thunderbird Secure Email 3) 2-Factor Authentication 4) KeePass 5) Microsoft Office Professional Elizabeth DeRossett Grey Interiors Jim Leopard Meagan Hutchings ACDC AN Community Docs Center Charles Hamilton Cape Fear Community College Internal Janelle Brewer Maddi Godwin Beatties Ford Library John Hawthorne - VP Superintendents Lower Cape Fear Hospice Amanda Foss ECU Dental School John Monteith - CEO and President Jeremy Pate Davis Arena Nev 'Monty' Monteith Community Welcome to Access Now! We are glad you chose us. Project Management Bryan Thomas - COO David Buckner Mike Travaglia Clint Howell John Breshears Jr. Matt Farmer Graham Smith Paul Jeffreys Pete Wonderland Our Projects Gaston College When asked what defines Monteith culture, employees most commonly used these 3 words: RELATIONSHIPS HARDWORKING FUN Curt Mulhollen x x x x Mitchell Community College Gray Cook Jay Bossert Danielle Conway Our People CFCC Community College Schreiber Island Project Management Jeremiah Sloop Estimating Brian Stamp - VP Estimating Dean Denning Emmanuel Evans ('E') Phillip Verdi - VP Our campers Brittini Young HARDWORKING Who we are and what we do Our mission APMs APMs Lisa Tedder Systems and Technology Chris Black Brent Mooring The camp

Onboarding Presentation

Transcript: Sales Process Stage 2 Solution Overview 75% - Decision Account committed to buy verbally Budget approved/pricing under final review Contract reviewers/approves identified 90% - Contract Purchase Order/Contract negotiation is in-process and redline timeline defined Close date agreed to 100% - Closed Won/Closed Loss Closed Won Order Admin has the Purchase Order and confirming the booking requirements are met Master MSA, MLA, SLA, and SOW contracts completed and countersigned. Closed Loss Properly Document in CRM all closed.lost opportunities in a way that a reviewer can clearly identify why the opportunity was closed.lost, list competitor it was lost to (if applicable), pricing considerations, requirements not met, etc. Market Overview Marketing Mix Lead Gen Research Today’s Presenters Sales Process Stages 3-5 Sales Process Stages A Few Of Our Partners Sales Process Stage 3 25% - Opportunity Lead moves to an opportunity in CRM Compelling business need confirmed Value proposition understood Fit for WTS Paradigm confirmed Sponsors (business & technical) are identified and supportive Demo(s) completed (if required) Initial/budgetary Bill of Materials created Activity must be set for follow-up Budget identified Timeline understood Sales strategy defined Buyer agrees to a “Sequence of Events” for buying process/steps Customer Partnership Outstanding customer service Meeting our commitments Knowledge/industry experts Balance of win/win with customers Mindful of WTS Paradigm financial sustainability Sales Process Stage 1 0% - Lead Inbound leads for review and distribution First call conducted Sponsor (business & technical) identified and added to CRM Need and application identified General scope and timing identified and updated in CRM Next steps understood by both parties and agreed to within defined timelines Meeting scheduled NDA delivered (if moving to opportunity) Lead status tracked in CRM Qualified/Not Qualified WTS Paradigm Solutions Jess Williamson, Product Manager Day 2 David LaFaire, Director of Sales Jess Williamson, Product Manager Kari Tamminga, Marketing Manager WTS Paradigm Overview Technology Overview CenterPoint TouchQuote Web Channel Second Measure Mobile MasterPoint Safeguard Price Compare Labs Visualization Engage Marketing Platform Manufacturers Resellers Catalog Agenda: 50% - Solution Track progress to 50% probability in CRM Competitive alternatives understood Understand selection criteria Full support of internal champion confirmed Value prop and/or ROI agreed upon Technical approval and buy-in confirmed Pricing scoped/proposal submitted Customer references given (if required) Budget confirmed Sales strategy refined Procurement and credit discussions underway Onboarding Presentation Company Value - Customer Partnership Committed to the Future & Customer Partnership

onboarding presentation

Transcript: Manganaro MidAtlantic building best, together ABOUT US SUBTITLE Manganaro has over 60 years of experience in drywall, masonry, and concrete and building restoration. In our years of being in business, we have consistently measured our success by the satisfaction of our clients, peers, and industry, striving to exceed expectations to provide the highest level of service in the industry. ABOUT US MEET THE TEAM MEET THE TEAM Field Operations: Beltsville Operations: Beltsville Operations: Beltsville Admin & Recruiting Admin & Recruiting National Healthcare National Healthcare Preconstruction and Sales Preconstruction and Sales Finance Finance Richmond Richmond OUR CORE VALUES Press Publication 3 WHAT WE DO PRICING $ $455 PER USER PRODUCT 1 $480 PER USER PRODUCT 2 $520 PER USER PRODUCT 3 $570 PER USER PRODUCT 4 The details of your cheapest price and what the clients gets for it go here. SUBTITLE The details of your second cheapest price and what the clients gets for it go here. The details of your second most expensive price and what the clients gets for it go here. The details of your most expensive price and what the clients gets for it go here. WHAT TO EXPECT TIMELINE SUBTITLE JAN FEB MAR APR MAY Details of what you will do in January go here. TITLE Details of what you will do in February go here. TITLE Details of what you will do in March go here. TITLE Details of what you will do in April go here. TITLE Details of what you will do in May go here. TITLE COMPETITORS SUBTITLE YOUR FIRST DAY BIGGEST RIVAL BIGGEST RIVAL SMALL RIVAL 1 SMALL RIVAL 1 SMALL RIVAL 2 SMALL RIVAL 2 SMALL RIVAL 3 SMALL RIVAL 3

Onboarding Presentation

Transcript: School Support and Technology Programs (SSTP) What is SSTP? Territories & Freely Associatd State Grant Program (T&FASEG) Is a competive grant awarded to grantees to supports projects to raise student achievement through direct educational services, which include including teacher training, curriculum development, the development or acquisition of instructional materials, and general school improvement and reform. Consolidated Grants for Outlying Areas The program is designed to simplfiy the application and reporting procedures that would otherwise apply for each of the programs included in the Consolidated Grant and to provide the Insular Areas with flexibility in allocating the funds under the Consolidated Grant to achieve any of the purposes to be served by the programs that are consolidated. Comprehensive Assistance Center Program This program supports 21 comprehensive centers (five content centers and 16 regional centers) intended to help states increase their capacity to assist districts and schools in meeting their student achievement goals. By statute, the Department is required to establish at least one center in each of the 10 geographic regions served by the Department’s regional education laboratories Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) The primary goal of this program is to improve student achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. Additional goals include helping all students to become technologically literate by the end of the grade 8 and, through the integration of technology with both teacher training and curriculum development, establishing research-based instructional methods that can be widely implemented. Equity Assistant Center Programs (EACS) Equity Assistance Centers are funded by the U.S.Department of Education to provide technical assistanceand training, upon request, in the areas of race, sex,and national origin to public school districts and other responsible government agencies to promote equitable education opportunities. The centers work in the areas of civil rights, equity, and school reform. This assistance helps schools and communities ensure that equitable education opportunities are available and accessible for all children. SSTP Program Activities Grant By-Pass (Missouri) Consolidated State Application Consolidated State Performance Reports (CSPR) Consolidated State Grant Awards (CGA) Audit Resolution Program Evaluation-Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) Technical Assistance for Student Assignment Plans (TASAP) The TASAP program allows grantees to procure technical assistance in preparing, adopting, modifying, and implementing student assignment plans in order to avoid racial isolation and to facilitate student diversity within the parameters of current law. Questions? Rural and Low Income School Program The purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance to rural districts to assist them in meeting their state’s definition of adequate yearly progress (AYP). Applicants do not compete but rather are entitled to funds if they meet basic eligibility requirements. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Consolidated Grants for Outlying Areas

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