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Olive Drab Presentation Template

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Olive Grove Presentation

Transcript: Academic recognition for our students is emphasized to encourage hard work and to help build self-esteem in our students. Our sites provide an increased use of technology, Our sites are free of the distractions that disrupt many traditional schools. This allows our students to better focus on their academics. and an A-G approved curriculum enabling our UC/CSU bound students the ability to complete a rigorous and competitive course of study so they can attend the colleges or universities of their dreams. Olive Grove Charter School’s elementary students enjoy project based assignments and hands-on learning techniques. an exceptional Visual/Performing Arts Program, Our families are integral and imperative participants in their students’ personal and academic endeavors. The result are happy, well-adjusted students. Olive Grove Charter School Produces IDEAL Students: Informed critical thinkers Dedicated and responsible citizens Effective communicators Able technology users self-directed Learners - motivated and self-directed Olive Grove Charter School Taylor Carty Olive Grove Graduate AND Current UC Berkeley Student Individual meetings allow the students complete access to their teachers where they can receive immediate feedback and undivided attention. Many of our students find academic success working individually with their teachers and each other in smaller learning environments. Our highly qualified teachers engage in active teaching and are constantly checking for student learning.

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