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Transcript: UC in numbers #HOTTESTCOLLEGEINAMERICA 43,691 students 31,983 are undergrad established in 1819 its the second biggest school in ohio school offers over 100 bachelor degrees and over 300 degree granting programs UC programs like DAAP, CCM and ERC are nationally ranked as some of the top programs in the country minimum required GPA for frats are 2.5 for sororities are 2.5 costs vary but are an additional cost if you live in your frat or sorority. popular fraternities include sigma Phi epsilon, pi kappa phi, and alpha tau omega popular sororities include delta delta delta, phi beta phi, kappa delta admission requirements also home to Student Life From warrior to bearcat UC has 8 residential halls Calhoun hall Morgens hall Dabney hall Daniels hall Schneiders hall Siddall hall Stratford Heights Turner hall UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI for upcoming freshman average ACT score of 24 SAT 1700 GPA of 3.00 application done via common app with a 68.04% acceptance rate 4160 enrolled after acceptance financial aid is soon considered ether through scholarships or the FASFA located in Clifton OH my major I will go to McMicken school of arts and sciences I will take on Journalism and minor in communications McMicken is the oldest building on campus What is greek life? The cost of college an urban city environment Dorm life There is so much to do at UC intramural sports club sports work out a the awesome rec center be a part of greek life!! student union meal plans many more organizations in state tuition (full year) is $9,124 out of state is $24,156 typical room charge is $6,150 a year typical board charge is $4,140 books cost around $1,566 70% of students receive aid meal plans average $2,111 a semester for an unlimited plan or $2,091 for a restricted plan. ether in a fraternity or sorority, you can find yourself surrounded by awesome people you admire santa J Ono the best president ever

Ohio University

Transcript: 30 sororities and fraternities 42 residence halls OhioUniversity.web. <>. "Ohio University." Students on Athens campus: 21,848 ~Off campus: 15,904 Student/Faculty: 20:1 Class size: 30 students <>. OU is a public college located in Athens Ohio. Study Abroad programs available ~6 continents NCAA division 1 sports (Bobcats) ~Won Idaho Potato Bowl (2011) <>. 20 May 2013. OhioUniversity.web. University Profile. 21 May 2013. 22 May 2013. Room and Board By: Anisa Warr Ohio residents: ~fees: $10,216 (1 year) (with room & board: $21,264) <>. 2012 Ohio University. "Ohio University's Twitter." Fee: $45 Essay: optional (depends on major) Letter of recommendation: optional App. deadline: February 1st ~early deadline: December 1st ACT Writing: recommended scholarships deadline: March 1st Financial Aid <>. Programs Out of State: ~fees: $19,180 (1year) (with room & board: $30,228) Education at Ohio U Discover the Promise of Ohio University. <>. Application Ohio and out of state residents: ~room: $5,648 ~board: $5,400 Total: $11,048 Graduate programs ranked among the nation’s best in their specialties by World Report (in order): ~biological sciences ~ceramics ~business: part-time M.B.A. ~clinical psychology ~engineering ~education Ohio University Tuition Works Cited <>. Twitter.web. Athens, Ohio 1804 Ohio University "Ohio University." ACT score for freshman: 21-26 GPA: 3.4 Types of Degrees ~Associative ~Bachelors ~Masters ~PhD ~M.D ~The Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A) University Communications and Marketing. Size

Ohio University

Transcript: Athletics Ohio University has a lot of different athletics like intercollegiate Athletics, campus recreation, club sports & intramural sports. They have OU basketball, football, volleyball & wrestling. At Ohio University they believe diversity is dictated by demographic & cultural shifts at home & abroad, & reflected in the combination of the offices & initiatives within DI. Diversity or Campus Life More than 400 organizations are registered annually with the campus involvement center, Athletics (varsity sports), Club sports, Intramural sports, Fraternity & Sorority life, Marching Band, Religious Interests, Recreation Center, Fitness Programs, & Outdoor Pursuits. GPA, ACT & SAT scores & Application Fee. OU is a residential campus meaning that almost all students live in one of the university's 42 residence halls. 90% of all students stay on campus over the weekend. Residential housing is committed to implementing its 7 values: health & safety , scholarship, student development, citizenship, diversity, responsible business, practices and staff development. Semester cost- Single: $3,588 Double: $2,923 Triple & Quad: $2,727 Scholarships may recognize the exceptional academic or creative abilities of students. Students who accept or who are awarded scholarships must abide by any applicable University, Federal, and/or state regulations. Two example of scholarships are the Ohio Achievement Scholarship and the Ohio Distinction Scholarship. Meal Plans Cost Of Attendance The graduation division of the office of the University registrar works closely with the college offices to coordinate the conferral & denial degrees. In addition the division prepares the students information used when printing the commencement program & orders & sends new &replacement diplomas. Graduation isn't automatic. To graduate all students must apply no late than the deadline. Steps in graduation process 1. Graduation Application 2. App Review 3. Graduation Requirement Verification 4. Final Graduation Approval/Denial Ohio University Tuition /fees - $5,190 Book/supplies - $1,451 Resident Halls - $2,923 Dining Plan - $2,714 Transportation - $884 Personal - $525 In-State Total - $12,687 Dorm Life History March 1st, 1803 Ohio Became that nations 17th state. Less than a year later on Feb 18!*04 the Ohio University awarded first two bachelors degrees. By the end of the civil war, the University had graduated a total of 145 students. By 1920 student population 1,072. It wasn't intil after WW2 it began to approach present size. Cost Of Attendance - Per Semester Scholarship Info The cost of attendance is a comprehensive budget composed of both direct & indirect costs. Direct costs include intuition standard fees/ charges, resident hall costs, & meal plan costs. Indirect costs include estimates of books & necessary supplies, transportation around campus & trips home, & miscellaneous personal expenses. The following amounts are the estimated 2013-14 costs for two semesters of full time attendance as an under graduate students at the specified campus. Greek Life Word 1, Period 1 10-Meal Plan* $1,773 14-Meal Plan $2,052 Flex 14-Meal Plan $2,714 20-Meal Plan $2,192 Flex 20-Meal Plan $3,027 * The 10-Meal Plan is not available to first year students. Majors Ohio University's nine undergraduate colleges offer more than 250 programs of study. Students select from a wide variety of majors, minors & certificates. While most undergraduate programs @ the Athens campus are designed to be completed in 4 years, a limited number of 2 years degree programs are available as well. 3 Majors that OU offers is Business, Nursing & microbiology. Student Activities Ohio University is home to 30 social fraternities & sororities. The office of Greek life, a part of the campus involvement center, assists the intrefraternity council (IFC) multicultural greek council (MGC) national Pan Hellenic council (NPHC), Womens Pan Hellenic Association (WPA) as well as the order of omega and Rho lambda societies. Two greeks from OU are Deta Tau Deta & Acacia. A student is considered a financial aid recipient if any of the following credit is applied to their student account. Direct Loans Federal, State, University grants Undergraduate Scholarships Graduate Scholarships Outside Agency Scholarships Federal Perkins Loans Federal Stafford Loans Got to to apply for financial aid. GPA- The majority of the people that got in had a B+ or higher averages. Almost all students with A grades were accepted. The average high school grade oh people who got accepted was a 3.4 ACT Composite- 21/26 ACT English- 21/26 ACT Math- 20/26 SAT Critical Reading- 480/590 SAT Math- 490/610 SAT writing- 470/580 Testing- 25th/75th percentile Application Fees are non refundable including applications submitted in error. US citizens/ Perminant Residents- $50 USD International- $55 USD Graduation Financial Aid

Ohio University

Transcript: Jim Dine - major American artist of the second half of the 20th century born in Cincinnati in 1935. Attended Walnut Hills High School, the Cincinnati Art Academy and the University of Cincinnati College of Applied Arts. The Isley Brothers - R & B group from Cincinnati who had a major hit with "Twist & Shout", later re-recorded by the Beatles. In 2009-10, 806 UC students participated in credit-bearing education abroad programs. The University of Cincinnati offers students a balance of educational excellence and real-world experience. UC is a public research university with an enrollment of more than 42,000 students. The first antihistamine, Benadryl, was invented by George Rieveschl, a UC graduate and researcher. UC scientists developed the first safe anti-knock gasoline. The first oral polio vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin, a UC researcher. UC and its affiliates* generated $405 million in research funding in 2012 87% of UC's 2012 research dollars came from federal funding sources Founded in 1819 as Cincinnati College, it is the oldest institution of higher education in Cincinnati and has an annual enrollment of over 40,000 students The university garners nearly $500 million per annum in research funding, ranking 22nd among public universities in the US The school offers over 100 bachelor degrees, over 300 degree granting programs, and over 600 total programs of study the University of Cincinnati was ranked as a Tier One university In 2011-2012 academic year the Leiden University ranking put the University of Cincinnati at the 93rd place globally and at the 63rd place in North America by the proportion of top-cited publications Numerous programs across the university are nationally ranked With an economic impact of over $3.5 billion per year, it is the largest single employer in Greater Cincinnati In 1819, Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio were founded in Cincinnati In autumn of 2010 the University of Cincinnati maintained its position in green and sustainability initiatives by being named one of only 286 "Green Colleges" In 2010 UC opened up a new $14 million privately funded athletic practice facility and Women's Lacrosse stadium named the Sheakley Athletic Complex In 2010, the Division launched the Academic Internship Program, which provides access to opportunities for part-time internships to students. Univeristy of Cincinatti

Ohio University

Transcript: TUITION cost per year on Athens campus - 17,000+ undergraduate students on the Athens campus - 19:1 student to faculty ratio - 34 student average class size - More than 1,700 students from other countries OU's best PROGRAMS DIVERSITY average for accepted freshmen $0.99 Friday, May 16, 2014 OTHER COSTS ATTRACTIONS African American= 4.5% Asian American= 1.0% Caucasian= 81.6% Hispanic= 2.4% Two or more races= 1.8% Ranked top 10 universities in Ohio 69% of undergraduates applied 55% of applicants received financial aid Avg. awarded= $8,458 room and board "CM's Top 10 Journalism Schools." CM's Top 10 Journalism Schools. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 May 2014. <>. "College Search - Ohio University." College Search - Ohio University. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 May 2014. <>. "Ohio University." Welcome to. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 May 2014. <>. "Top Universities in Ohio | 2014 Reviews & Rankings." Top Universities in Ohio | 2014 Reviews & Rankings. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 May 2014. <>. Ohio Residents $10,380 Out-of-state $19,344 Vol I, No. 1 Drama: Ranked #2 theatre school in Ohio Journalism: Ranked top 10 journalism schools in the U.S. Nursing: Ranked #3 nursing school in Ohio FINANCIAL AID of Ohio University ACT APPLY Out-of-state Room (double)= $5,846 Meal Plan= $5,428 Total= $11,274 Ohio Residents Room (double)= $5,846 Meal Plan= $5,428 Total= $11,274 percent of students awarded Students admitted to the Fall 2012 freshmen class: average composite ACT score = 24 Ohio University OHIO UNIVERSITY It's the university that fits what you want to do and who you want to be. It's the place where you can be yourself and become your best self. characteristics of OU Division I sports in NCAA - Varsity Sports - Club Sports WORKS CITED Founded in 1804 SIZE $45 nonrefundable fee Essay required if applicant has been out of school for more than one year Seperate application for honors tutorial applicant

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