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Ohio State Presentation

Transcript: Ohio State Jewish Life Ohio State Location: Since Ohio State is located in Downtown Columbus, students have access to countless museums, theaters, stores, and a wide variety of cultural outlets. Student life at Ohio State is very vibrant. Students are in the best of both worlds as they can take advantage of their cultural city and their large campus. With a plethora of recognized Greek life, student clubs, and off-campus opportunities, students can really thrive in the non-academic atmosphere. While Ohio State prides itself on its academic environment, grades and scores are not the only factors it considers. Ohio State likes to enroll students that are engaged in extra-curricular activities and sports, reflecting the diversity of its current students. The Ohio State University The Ohio State University Not only does Ohio State have several majors to offer its students, but it also has various honors and scholars tracks. Nationally recognized, these tracks offer students some of the finest education in the country in an array of topics. More School Spirit By: Joseph Mitrani School Spirit Ohio State Athletics When one enrolls at Ohio State, he or she enter various levels of classes. Class ranks apply to all students, as one progresses through each. Ohio State ensures that an appropriate amount of course work is completed for a student's corresponding nature. Course Work Needed to Graduate Student Life Contrary to popular belief, Ohio State has an active Hillel and Jewish Life on Campus. Kosher Food and Religious services are readily available. Admission Requirements Academic Majors/Degree Programs Ohio State has one of the best athletic programs in the country. Ohio State consistently contends for greatness in Division 1 sports, as athletics are a vital part of the school 's identity. As for the Student Life... Known as Ohio State or OSU, The Ohio State University is a public research school. Founded in 1870, the school is located in downtown Columbus. Recognized as one of America's public Ivy League colleges, Ohio State proudly boasts a terrific Division 1 sports program along with an excellent academic curriculum.

Ohio State Presentation

Transcript: The Ohio State University ACT scores, grades, class rank and essays are all considered when looking at admission criteria There is no cut-off score for the ACT You must have the required credits Campus OSU offers over 175 majors, hundreds of specializations and the opportunity to double major Ohio State is split into multiple schools and each school breaks down into multiple majors Five different types of degrees are offered First year students are guaranteed on-campus housing Coed Housing Women's Housing Apartments for married students Apartments for single students Cooperative Housing Fraternity/SororityHousing Housing for disabled students Housing for international students Wellness Housing Housing Options How do I get in? In-state tuition: $9,735 Out-of-state tuition: $24,630 Room and board: $9,180 Books and supplies: $1,554 Cost per credit hour (in-state): $259 Out-of-state: $672 Financial Aid: Average % of need met: 60% Average financial aid package: $10,445 Average indebtness at graduation: $22,830 There are over 1,000 clubs and organizations on campus including; dance, radio, television, opera, etc. Athletics Majors Data and info Some unique facilities include; a biological research center, a polar research center, a mapping center, and more Ohio State has more women's varsity sports than men's There are many small, unusual, club sports that are not offered at most schools along with all of the average college sports Intramural sports offer students a way to get involved in sport activities through playing and being an official The Cost The student to faculty ratio is 19:1 Motto: Disciplina in Civitatem The library is the 18th largest University library in North America One of the fundraiser campaigns successfully raised $1.23 billion The library contains the world's largest collection of Medieval Slavic Manuscripts 2 miles from downtown Columbus

Ohio State

Transcript: Our History Going back to 1870, the Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College to make this happen the Land Grant Act was signed by President Lincoln on July 2, 1862. The act revolutionized the nations approach to higher education; and gave oppurtunities for all high school graduates. A dispute came about among politicians, the public, and educators. They thought the college should devote itself to the teaching of agriculture and mechanical arts; when the "narrow gauge" group wanted a wider program that had English and ancient and foreign languages as well. A member from the first Board of Trustees by the name of Joseph Sullivent presented the idea to them , and margarity ruled to have the school as a liberal arts education and a diverse range of study. Majors We have over 175 majors, hundreds of specializations and minors, and the oppurtunity to double major. SAT Scores/Averages We request all applicants to submitt at least one of their ACT or SAT scores Over all GPA is a 2.5 ACT composite 26-31 with the national average ACT score being 21 SAT score average; middle 50% 1180-1340 National average is a 1017 Students Attend 56,000 students including undergraduate and graduate schools. About 50% of students admitted for Autumn 2011. Average class size ratio student faculty 19:1 School Requirements 4 units of English 3(4) units of Math 3 units of natural science with signifant lab experience 2-3 units of social science 2-3 units of a foreign language 1 unit of a visual or performing arts Cost/Tuition and Fees Tuition may vary by college, major,and area of study Every year students should plan a 5-10 percent annual increase Expenses Tuition and Fees: $24,759 Room and Board: $10,215 Books and Supplies: $1,602 Health Insurance: $1,710 Living Expenses: $ 4,122 Total Expenses: $42,408 Meal Plan We serve as access food for dining meal plans. Tht the meal plan expires at the end of each academic season. Most popular between $9,810 and $11,790 Security We at Ohio state take safety very seriuosly. If you feel unsafe we have our campus police escort you to your campus or your destination.All you have to do is tell them your name and where you are located. You can also receive a text or voice message sent to your phone during an emergency. Athletics Most of our sports are D-1 Football won 5 National Championships 67 total team national titles. Activities we have: Ping Pong Yoga Art club Music Bord Games Democracy etc. Mascot The Buckeye is represented for Ohio's athletics.The universitis' athletics official adopted the name in 1950. We hope you enjoyed our presentation and consider applying to Ohio State University. If you would like to see our website at The End By: Dante' Hardwick and Mikael Coleman $6,594 $21,642 Tuition and Fees $34,974 scholarships We at Ohio state offer numerous institutional scholarships for incoming freshman and enrolled students. Also receive a wide genre of scholarships from external donors and outside resources. Simply apply for one on our website ; but of course you have to be eligible by meeting certain requirements. $14,183 Room andBoard Ohio Resident Ohio Resident Columbus Campus $7,589 Non Ohio Resident ColumbusCampus Room and Board $29,231 Billed Expenses $7,589 $10,215 $24,759 $19,926 Non Resident $9,711 $10,215 Total Billed Expenses Tuition andFees Buckeye The Buckeye is a tree. Native to the state and prevalant to the Ohio River Valley , it has a shinny dark brown nuts with light brown patches. Crossing AAlleghenies, pioneers saw that it was a familiar tree and used it for supplies. Unfortunately they could not eat the nut because it was toxic. Total

Ohio State Presentation

Transcript: Ohio State University By Jezreel Otchere Pictures of Ohio State William Oxlen Library Ohio State Gene Smith Gym Biological Science building Student Union Ohio state stadium Wilice Health Center Campus Life Campus life *Safety precautions: keep ground windows closed with a lock and always right down the serial number of valuable things. *Religious clubs: student christian fellowship *Sororites and fraterneties: Ther are so many. Some include Alpha Sigma Phi and Theta XI *sports: Ohio state has 30 sports and over 1,000 atheletes *Clubs: There are many clubs and activities at ohio states. Some include the Elite Academy. Ohio state has 1400 clubs *Academic clubs: Depending on your major, thre are many things for your major! I am intersted in Emergency Medicine Interest Group. Parking and Permits * parking permits are allowed on campus. * They cost 300-500 dollars per semesters * There are are couple of options to park such as gararge and parking on the street. * frshamans can have cars on campus but its kind of frowned upon. Parking Campus/Town Lofe there are plenty of volenteering oppurtunities. Like Buck-I-SERV an organization commited to vollenterring Campus and Town The popular Tom and Chee recently made thier franchise closer to OSU campus. Every year, around August thre is an Ohio State fair. More Pictures ! more pictures! background info Located: Columbus Ohio Founded: 1870 Founders: Rutherford B Hayes (He eventually became our 19th president) history and demographics Other Information student population: 66,444 staff population: 2,400 male v female ratio: equally balanced here lies the racial population of Ohio state Demographics Admissions Information * Application fee: $65 * Application Due date: February 1st * Recommendation Letters: at least 2 * Essay Requirements: you don't need one for the college itself, but you probably will if you are majoring into something. *ACT: 27 *SAT: 1290 Admissions and Costs Why Ohio State? I was born in Whitehall Columbus, and that isn't too far from the univesity. I love the campus, it is really pretty and I am intrigued to see all of the things that happen there. Why Ohio State ? Dorm Life Dorm Life * Freshmans are arequired to live on campus *Ohio State offers single ed and co-ed *The laundry at Ohio State is free. Topic Topic

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