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Transcript: ABOUT US Problem/Solution Report A Case of the Primary Health Care Clinic Joran Straub Professor Durkin Brandman University October 16th, 2017 Problem/Solution Report A Case of the Primary Health Care Clinic Joran Straub Professor Durkin Brandman University October 16th, 2017 Problem/Solution Report A Case of t... PROBLEM SOLUTIONS Joran Straub Professor Durkin Brandman University October 16th, 2017 Problem/Solution Report A Case of the Primary Health Care Clinic The primary objective of any healthcare facility is to enhance patient safety as well as improve the quality of healthcare service delivery to patients. Healthcare organizations, including the Primary Health Care Clinic, has a legal, ethical, and social responsibility of ensuring that patients receive the suitable and appropriate healthcare services that they require. For the clinic to achieve its set goals and objectives, it has to design and implement appropriate measures that align with the goals and expectations of patients, healthcare providers, and the public in general. Even though walk-in clinics are a gradually common aspect of today’s health care framework, the quality of service they offer to patients is the subject of frequent debate. This paper will address the problems facing the Primary Health Care Clinic and suggest recommendations that can be taken to address the problem. Introduction The following are the current problems experienced and witnessed at the Primary Health Care Clinic; Disorganization One of the major challenges facing the clinic is the overall disorganization inside and outside the premise. Typically, the healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, and doctors as well as the clinic’s subordinates engage in disorderly activities that result in disorganization in the healthcare facility. Amid the whirl of activities in the Primary Health Care Clinic, patients wait for test results, appointments, and direct communication from healthcare providers that sometimes never come. Furthermore, doctors and nurses cannot effectively communicate to each other and therefore do not provide coherent and consistent information to patients. Current Problems Lack of structure and professionalism In addition to disorganization, the Primary Health Care Clinic also faces the challenge of lack of structure and professionalism. This challenge has resulted in negative reviews from patients and decrease in employee morale and productivity. In the current healthcare framework, service delivery entails various edges and patient handoffs among numerous healthcare professionals with differing degrees of occupational and educational training. Lack of structure and professionalism led to ineffective communication amongst healthcare providers. As a result, ineffective communication establishes instances where medical errors can arise. These errors have the latent of causing detrimental damage or unforeseen patient death. Current Problems Cont.. Walk-in and first-come, first-serve approach The walk-in and first-come, the first-serve approach also poses a challenge to both the patients and the healthcare providers. One unpremeditated effect of this approach is that rather than all patients equally accessing the health care services, only those who can wait in the queues will access the service. Another effect is that the whole framework becomes compromised when patients start to bribe healthcare providers to be seen early. Rather than serving patients on a first-come, first serve basis, the healthcare framework is abused, and those patients who need immediate attention may not be served in time. Current Problems Cont.. Appointment-based structure Utilizing the appointment-based structure is critical because it will prevent the unorganized and chaotic mess that is experienced currently at the healthcare facility. With scheduling appointments, challenges caused by the first-come, first serve strategy will be prevented. The appointment-based structure will mean that patients will have to book appointments with the physician, nurse, or doctor in advance. When the appointment date is due, the patient can access full and uninterrupted session with the physician. Suggested Solutions Patients to be seen by doctors that have seen them before In addition to adopting the appointment-based structure, the Primary Health Care Clinic should also ensure that patients are seen by doctors that have seen them before. When the patient is seen by a physician who he/she had previously consulted, it means that the physician knows the patient’s medical history and thus a significant amount of time will be saved. In this case, the patient and the doctor can interact freely, and the healthcare issue of the patient can be easily addressed. Furthermore, due to the familiarity of the patient’s health condition and medical history, the physician can serve a lot of patients in a day. Suggested Solutions Cont... Imposing set working hours To maximize the number of patients served

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Transcript: -Spread the word and help people make educated purchases Counterfeit Bags -America enacting the same intellectual property laws to protect style and shape (international trademark association, 2013) -Illegal to sell AND purchase/own counterfeits -we learned about counterfeits and their negative impacts -the current flawed solution in America -the improved alternative solution that I am in favor of Current American Solution Why is it a Problem? What did we Learn? -federal Trademark Law -counterfeits costs the global economy approximately $250 billion per year (OECD, 2014) -Contributed to a loss of 750 000 jobs in America (Museum at FIT,2014) -Production often involves child labor and funding from terrorists organizations (New York Times,2014) How YOU can help! Works Cited Why is it a problem? Not here! Counterfeit Bags -People can still buy and own counterfeits -no copyright protection for the intellectual property of design and shape -No serious repercussions -Lots of loopholes around the law. Brooks, Diane."Law Against Selling Fake Bags." Love To Know. Web. 24 April. 2015 "Faking it: Originals, Copies, and Counterfeits." Museum at FIT. Dacebook, 2 December 2012. Web. 25 April. 2015. "What Makes an Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag so Special?" Louis Vuitton. Web. 24 April. 2015. "9 Most Counterfeited Products in USA." USA Today. 29 March 2014. Web. 24 April. 2015. Problem-Solution Presentation Problems with the Current Solution Buy here! Alternative Solution

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Transcript: Researcher Sylvia DeRuvo (2009) suggests that proactive discipline plans involving clear and concise rules and expectations, short and clear lesson presentation, preparing students for transitions, and the use of signals to get students attention work effectively to manage disruptive behavior. These strategies rely on positive reinforcement designed to change student behavior instead of just stopping the negative behavior temporarily. There is no problem! - Provide physical activity in and between lessons to release built up energy! -Make fidgets -Provide tasks to refocus students -Praise positive behavior to provide examples of the expectations The teacher in the problem above is constantly reminding Isaac to sit down. This becomes a disruption to the act of teaching and is a problem created by the teacher, for interrupting the lesson to discipline Isaac. Instead of pointing out Isaacs’ negative behavior, give praise and reward when desirable behavior is being displayed. This is important because it teaches students to not expect criticism all the time and provides Isaac with a clear example of the expectations. Useful Suggestions Stop being critical Solution 3: Sylvia DeRuvo Solution 2: Levin & Nolan Solution 1: National Institute of Mental Health Molly Waldron References: DeRuvo, S. (2009). Strategies for teaching adolescents with adhd: Effective classroom techniques across the content areas, grades 6-12. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass. Levin, J., & Nolan, J. (2010). Principles of classroom management: A professional decision making model. (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health. (2008). Attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (08-3572). Retrieved from NIH Publication website: Proactive planning Problem: Isaac, a bright happy child, can't sit still. His teacher is constantly reminding him to sit down. He will comply happily then two minutes later he's dancing in place at his desk doing his work. Levin and Nolan (2010) indicate that a discipline problem is a behavior that interferes with teaching, the rights of others to learn, destroys property and is psychologically or physically unsafe. If Isaacs’s behavior is not interfering with his classmates’ right to learn and he is completing his work it is a waste of valuable instructional time for the teacher to correct his behavior. If Isaacs’ dancing is distracting other students the teacher can move Isaac to a place in the classroom to do his work where his dancing will not interfere with his other classmates learning.

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Transcript: Presentation by Alexis Grady 5/21/2018 Working together to defeat bullying! What is bullying? Bullying Bullying is known to be an intense action when school aged children become aware of a power imbalance or real life events and use it against one another Types of Bullying Types of bullying Physical Physical This type of bullying may cause long or short term damage to victim Hitting Kicking Pushing Tripping Pinching Verbal Verbal Starts off harmless, eventually grows to affect the individual whom was targeted. Name Calling Insults Teasing Homophobic/Racial Remarks Social Social This type of bulling is one of the hardest to recognise. Some children use it in a joking matter, hard to tell a difference between bullying or joking side of it. The children's purpose is to try and harm someone's social reputation or cause them humiliation Spreading Rumors Lying Negative Facial Features Nasty Jokes to Himiliate or Embarrass To take part in bullying day or night with some type of technology. The most popular today are the smartphones. Cyber Cyber Abusive/Hurtful Texts or Emails Posting Images or Videos on Social Media Why do Teens Bully? Why do teens bully? Home Life Home Life Problems at home can cause teens to believe that's the way to treat peers. Neglect Conflict between parents Physical, emotional or sexual abuse Peer Pressure Peer Pressure Teens may act out and do things they wouldn't necessarily do just to fit in or recieve attention from others. They may encourage eachother to cyber bully, putting hate online or posting mean social media posts. Bullies who are insecure usually bully to impress friends or to make themselves more popular or get a laugh from others. Insecurity or Over Confidence? Self Confidence Bullies who have over confidence are cruel to others because it makes them feel self impowerment or gives them a place to direct anger. Effects on the Victims being Bullied Effects on Victims Depression Depression 31% of children have high rates of depression who have been bullied. According to Dr. Sourander children which are bullied in early childhood have increased risk of depressive disorders as they age. Anxiety Anxiety May get flashbacks, nightmares, startle easily, try to withdraw self from others Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Persistant that something bad will happen even throughout daily activities Generalized Anxiety Disorder GAD Scared to be humiliated or seen negative by others Anti-Social Anti-Social Fear of being judged Avoids social gatherings According to CDC girls from ages 10 - 14 are at a higher risk for suicide Suicide Suicide Suicide is the third most leading cause of death among teenagers Over 14% consider suicide and 7% of teens have attempted it Why is it Important to end Bullying? Why is it important to end bullying? To avoid these children from developing adult problems such as serious illness, inability to focus, poor social relationships, or having trouble holding down a job. May occur to the bully, victim or even just the witnesses Who Can Help End Bullying? Who can help end bullying? It's important to make adults understand that bullying doesn't need to be a normal part of childhood! Adults Adults We need parents to recognize the warning signs. Talk to children about bullying and open up their communication before it may occur so they feel comfortable about seeking help from you. Parents Parents Make sure everyone in school is educated about bullying so they can recognize warning signs. Talk about bullying with children so they know when to speak up and seek help. Teachers Teachers When suspicious about an individual being bullied, find them, reach out and talk to them before it's too late. Get them to feel comfortable and feel that they can trust you. Councilors Councilors Talk to them, teach them self value. Show them how to treat their peers and what to expect in return. Also let them be aware when to reach out if they are being harrassed or hurt in any way. Children/Peers Children/ Peers (what is bullying) (what you can do) May 12 2016 (why teens bully) (home life/self confidence) September 21 2013 (effects on victim whose bullied) August 16 2016 (peer pressure) May 1 2017 (types of bullying) (bullying statistics) July 9 2015 (why must we stop bullying) Feburary 11 2009 Work Cited Cites

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Transcript: In the extreme, racist attitudes may further spread and bring about an unhealthy sense of nationalism and religious bigotry that further down the line may even cause war. Children will not be exposed to other cultures Dawn of Man Evidence and Symptoms Cont'd Simply put, we are not a commodity Malaysia Everyone Connecting with other cultures via pen pals and video-chatting The problem has always existed Interaction with a multi-cultural environment is key to creating and maintaining relationships throughout life Works Cited Evidence and Symptoms Students generally stick with their own race Limitations Matt Sipos and Mike Stretton If schools do not meet the needs of a multicultural society America will remain a mosaic of separate cultures instead of a melting pot. This will make our society less able to adapt to the big picture. cultural differences will occupy our agendas instead of focusing on our society as a whole. -Money for food, decorations, newsletters to be sent home to parents about the planned days, and any other supplies to make the planned day happen -Faculty planning, communication with parents, and possible interruption of class time to celebrate a holiday/holidays would consume time -Parents hesitant about holidays foreign to their children would be of concern, also parents who have their children on a specific diet would be an issue, only if the food day doesn’t supply the student/parent with the ability to opt-out -Issues with the celebration of holidays, either stemming from the specificity of a particular holiday being celebrated or a holiday being left out, would arise. -Lack of volunteers or employees, such as workers to prepare, cook, and serve a cultural food on food day, would be an issue +Allows students opportunity to investigate different cultures +Encourages communication between different cultures in the community +Increases awareness of the bases of traditions -Celebration of holidays/traditions would have to be all encompassing to avoid political and parental conflict, therefore non-optional. +Food day would have to be optional due to allergies and students who are particular eaters +Does encourage tolerance, if not acceptance Who is affected? Students, in 2006 48,504,876 White 27,394,435 56% Black 8,288,264 17% Hispanic 9,950,245 21% Asian 2,282,149 5% Native American 589,783 1% -The New York Times They communicate, as a result of this, more openly with each other than with others outside their race/ethnicity/cultural background More isolated than others who can communicate with people of differing cultures People are constantly traveling for work and pleasure Limitations Companies outsource Solution: Use housing as socially engineering people together. + This allows students to directly investigate other cultures through pen pals and video chatting + will increase communication with other cultures through letters, and face to face conversations +/- Students can investigate bases of traditions but the topics are optional + This is an extracurricular activity and would be optional + allows students to better understand a culture through interaction and would promote tolerance and acceptance More group projects Ignorance is a catalyst for violence between cultures, especially within religious factions. Statistics of Diversity in Schools Limitations People segregate themselves. Parental issues Children and young adults will become bitter out of misunderstandings and may have issues working towards common goals with other cultures. They seek comfort within their own race Teaching a Foreign Language Using a Program Such as Rosetta Stone Without a basic understanding of the backgrounds and identities of the people you're working with, it is impossible to establish a common ground in even the most basic relationship Limitations Many are not prepared or educated in other cultures and languages to help further their careers. More group projects Cultural Field Trip We've all gone somewhere and been involved with a group of people where we feel uncomfortable Why does this matter to us? Criteria Future career opportunities -This system takes time to set up, coordinate, and would occupy students free time -This would cost money to set up, coordinate, supervise, and evaluate. + Since these types of activities are optional if a parent dislikes it they can remove their child from it + Again because it is optional there would be little political resistance -Finding willing volunteers to organize this could be difficult 1) Malaysia: Malays were typically middle class, Chinese and Indians were typically lower class. 2) Great Britian: Whites were typically middle class, people of color were typically lower class. 3) Singapore: Whites were typically middle class, people of color were typically lower class. Instead of bonding over a mutual understanding, we have continued to fight or simply ignore our differences "Through opening these relationships, the School District of Janesville will be able

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