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Transcript: Pbqr jbeq:- hfr n fvzcye plcure The learning objective pyramid Questions I have Things I already know Try and prepare a objective introduction for a lesson next week success crteria @jim_the_juggler Please share your learning @HTleadteacher needs sign up but free muddle up the words. Pupils have to work out objectives as a starter Give your objective as a tweet eg mr kirby would like 8a to explain the difference between equalateral and scalene triangles. Pupils tweet back their feeling. Can be revisited as a plenary. One use animation Crazy talk Your turn to have a go. KWL post a normal objective then K- what do I Know about the subject? W-What do I Want to know about the subject? L-What have I Learnt review Display objectives. Ask pupils what they need to do to reach the objective. Year 11 lesson on themes in Of Mice and Men the link to this presentaion is stored at use twitter/ fake twitter Objectives alternative Q:\Whole College Resources\Learning and Teaching\objectives Code word :- use a simple cypher to encode the objectives can be used as bell activity when the pupils enter Novel Ways To Introduce Objectives Three based on Two Anagrams Use to create a puzzle can be used as a bell activity this does cost money Anology This is like .... because phrasr

TA Objectives and Powerpoint Review

Transcript: Traits always have two letters. -One from mom and one from dad. Types of Different Genotypes If the trait is recessive, the same letter is used but is lowercase. -Acts How to Remember the Difference Between Genotypes and Phenotypes Purebred or Homozygous Dominant Review Basic Vocabulary Characteristics: A group of categorized traits that describe someone or something. Phenotype -Phenotype is like looking in a mirror or photo. -Short eyelashes (e), Widows Peak (w), etc. Hybrid or Heterozygous -A trait's outward appearance If a trait is dominant, a capital letter is used to represent it. -Looks -Feels Genotype and Phenotype Lab; What Genotypes and Phenotypes do you have? Vocabulary You Should Know The gene coding for a specific trait. Purebred or Homozygous Recessive Alleles: All of the possible different combinations for one characteristic -Dominant traits are the only traits in the genetic code Recessive Traits: Traits that only a minority of a specific organism shows -Long eyelashes (E), Straight Hairline (W), etc. -Deals specifically on looks - A genetic makeup of both dominant and recessive traits -Genotypes deals specifically with your GENETIC Code. Objectives -Hair color, Eye Color, Straight hair, Curly Hair, etc. - Recessive traits are the only traits in the genetic code Traits: The physical, social, and emotional qualities of someone or something Dominant Traits: Traits that a majority of one specific organism shows Genotypes Go Over Genotype and Phenotype Notes Genotypes Cont.

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