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Transcript: MKTG-UB 22 Movie Marketing NYU Basic Info CINE-GT 2202 Kubrick MKTG-UB 20 Business of Film ITAL-UA 20 Intensive Intermediate Italian First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar: The Social Construction of Reality NYU "Bobcats" NYU Plagiarism's Policy FMTV-UT 4 The Language of Film MKTG-UB 51 Craft & Commerce of Cinema: Tribeca Film Fest ISABELLA ASTOR School color is Mayfair Violet Sophomore Year Courses Research Seminar: Myths and Fables in Popular Culture ITAL-UA 10 Intensive Elementary Italian Internship - 4 credits First-Year Writing Seminar: Walking and Writing in New York City The academic community takes plagiarism very seriously. Teachers in our writing courses must report to the Director of the Expository Writing Program any instance of academic dishonesty in student writing, whether it occurs in an exercise, draft, or final essay. Students will be asked to explain the circumstances of work called into question. When plagiarism is confirmed, whether accidental or deliberate, students must be reported to the Dean of their School, and penalties will follow. This can result in failure of the essay, failure in the course, a hearing with the Dean, and/or expulsion from the university. This has happened to students at New York University First-Year Program at Gallatin: the first-year interdisciplinary seminar, first-year writing seminar and first-year research seminar FMTV-UT 1095 Producing for Film FMTV-UT 1093 Marketing & Distribution for Film Founded in 1831 Template by Missing Link Images from FRESHMEN YEAR COURSES FMTV-UT 1096 Prod Ind Study Internship - 4 credits

NYU presentation

Transcript: NYU by- Jon, Armen, Stella, Mari NYU was founded in 1831 NYU is 2809 miles away from Taft High school. TOPIC 1 When was NYU founded The NYU mascot It stands for NYU's academic and athletic traditions. It originated from the Bobst Catalog TOPIC 2 PICTURES PICTURES Topic 3 Criteria- Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing as demonstrated in their academic transcript and application Requirements- SAT scores, ACT scores, IB diploma, 3 SAT subject test scores, 3 AP exam scores, other international examinations. TOPIC 3 Percentage- the percentage is 21% Tution Cost The average cost after aid is $39,772 But the average cost before aid is $77,632 TOPIC 4 Social clubs and groups NYU has over 400 clubs and organizations. They have 21 varsity sports and 21 club sports. Topic 5 Available Varsity Sports - Soccer - Volleyball - Basketball Topic 6 Interesting facts about NYU Topic 7 NYU has a computer that takes up 30 square feet of space. every year NYU host’s the Strawberry Festival. 19% of students in 2018 were out of country students In 2000, NYU’s college of dentistry started “Smiling faces, going places,” Before NYU had the Bobst cat, the NYU mascot was a purple flower. Fianacial aid and scholarship opportunities Topic 8 They have Institutional, Federal, and New York state financial aids. They can not guarantee to meet the full demonstrated need of every admitted student Mari´s Degree POlITICAL SCIENCE Political science is the study of politics and power from domestic, international, and comparative perspectives I want to do political science so I can learn the wrongs and rights about politics. Topic 9 Jon's career/degree The criminal justice program in NYU “covers general principles of criminal responsibility.” According to NYU's criminal justice program. topic 10 Stella's Degree Examines the making of criminal laws and their enforcement by police, criminal behavior systems, theories of crime, victimization, governmental crime, and crime in the mass media Topic 11 Armens Degree The average gpa is a 3.35 Average LSAT Score: 152.59 Psychology courses teach students how to prepare for negotiations. Topic 12 Psychology sources Sources Thank you For youre time The end

NYU Presentation

Transcript: Location of NYU In and out of state; credit per hours are both 1,204 NYU is one of the largest nonprofit private institutions of american higher education Slide 1: Name and Seal NYU counts 36 nobel prize winners Slide 4: Type of school 39% Caucasian 73% out of state Number of graduates at New York University Room and board *$15,182.00 Academic Departments Slide 12 More Information nyu mascot the bobcat "43% of 2012 College-Bound Seniors Are College Ready." College Admissions. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2012. <>. Mascot new york university was founded in 1831 by Albert Gallatin Costs Fall: 64-53 3% 2 or more races 65% of students that recieved financial aid Administration,leadership and technology 4% black 50 West 4th Street New York,NY 10012 1 Slide 3: School location Music and performing arts professions in order to apply you must have taken the SAT or ACT Spring: 50-60 nyu school fight song Total number of undergraduates at New York University ethnic makeup Slide 9: School History 12% non resident alien New York University "Everything You Need to Know about Getting into the School You Want." College Information. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2012. <>. Slide 7: Costs Physical therapy O grim, grey Palisades, thy shadows Upon the rippling Hudon falls, And mellow mingled tints of sunset Illumine now our classic halls; While student gather 'round thy altars With tributes of devotion true, And mingle meery hearts and voices In praise of NYU But college friendship all must sever, And fade as does the dying day, And closest kinships all be broken As out in life we wend our way; And yet, whatever be life's fortune, Through mem'ry fails and friends be few We'll love thee still, our Alma Mater Our dear old NYU. Slide 8: Financial Aid Four year university 11% hispanic/latino Was elected to the association of american universities in 1950 They have a student run newspaper, radio station , and TV station Media, Culture and Communication 12% other 22,280 students population:8,244,910 19% asian Art and Art professions Applied psychology Slide 5: Student body 35% of students did recieve financial They offer Bachelor's and Associate's degrees During the early 19th century, the University janitor used a gong and mallet to summon students to Chapel and to other events. Additionally, it was customary in the early years of the University for the janitor to lead the commencement procession in recognition of the important role he played in the University’s affairs. Slide 2: Table of Contents New York University "NYU Guide." NYU Guide. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Sept. 2012. <>. % of in-state vs. out-of-state students 17,000 students Private Communicative sciences and disorders In 1833 nyu celebrated the graduation of only three students, the Class of 2005 numbered over 11,000 students. Table of contents Winter: 23-36 Interesting facts Type of school Slide 11: Fun Facts Summer: 80-90 Slide 10: Misc. 27% in state Humanities and social sciences Nutrition, Food studies and Public health Teaching and learning Coed Slide 6: Academic Departments New york city nyu's school colors are mayfair violet and white school web address: Occupational therapy

NYU Presentation

Transcript: HOUSING: student housing, faculty housing, apartments, and many different types of living within the different campuses. NYU offers financial aid such as government and private loans. Gender Tuition & Fees - around 5,068 Mandatory Univ. Services Fee- $286 Total Due - $5,354 Out of state students: 65% New York, New York A tradition for over 20 years, Strawberry Festival gathers students, staff and faculty in celebration of wellness, community, and of course, strawberries. This street fair includes carnival games, give-a-ways, interactive booths, live music, and NYC's longest strawberry shortcake. In State students: 35% ENROLLMENT SIZE 22,280- Undergraduates 21,631- Graduates More than 12,000- Faculty I chose medicine for my major. NYU contributes to my major ,because it also has a school of medicine. Also, NYU School of Medicine is also listed as one of the top 10 medical research schools for cancer. TRADITIONS!!!! Class sizes: 20 NYU Mascot: BOBCAT!! Freshman aren't required to live on campus. NYU has around 210 majors. Financial Aid: FOUNDED IN: 1831 VIOLET AND WHITE!! MAJORS AND MINORS: The main campus is in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. NYU has over 450 clubs and organizations including sports teams, fraternities, sororities, and study clubs, entertainment, arts, and culture TO PERSEVERE AND EXCEL Sarah McCracken Period: 3 Race/Ethnicity Off-Campus Lodging- $4,974 - $8,932** On-Campus Lodging- $7,207 - $9,912** intramural, intercollegiate, and club sports GPA above a 3.4, an ACT composite score above 24, and a combined SAT score above 1700. The chances for admission look best for students with GPAs of 3.6 or better, ACT scores of 27 or better, and an SAT score of about 1900 or higher. CAMPUS LIFE: Students can join fraternities, sororities, play sports and even join clubs. sports teams: NYU athletics range from intramural soccer to varsity fencing. They also include sports such as swimming, basketball, and football. COLORS Student to faculty ratio- 11:1 CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT: Metropolitian LOCATION NYU has around New York University: Private FOUNDED BY: Albert Gallatin

NYU presentation

Transcript: NYU presentation Rhythm Osan Location Greenwich village, New York Surrounding Areas: Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Brooklyn Bridge Location Private university Global Religous • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates • Accra, Ghana • Berlin, Germany • Buenos Aires, Argentina • Florence, Italy • London, United Kingdom • Madrid, Spain Across The world NYU offers study away outside New York for a semester or a year at its global academic centers • Paris, France • Prague, the Czech Republic • Shanghai, China • Sydney, Australia • Tel Aviv, Israel • Washington, DC, USA Buddhist Chaplains Catholic Chaplains Hindu Chaplains Humanist Chaplains Interfaith Chaplains Jewish Chaplains Muslim Chaplains Protestant Chaplains Sikh Chaplains Religous centers The Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life The Catholic Center at NYU The Islamic Center at NYU Size of university and number of students attending Size and Enrollment Students 51,848 (Fall 2018) Undergraduates 26,733 (Fall 2018) Postgraduates 25,115 (Fall 2018 Size: 230-acre (0.93 km2) School Activities Activities Extra curricular Social Events and trips Social Events NYC Scavenger Hunt Broadway Shows Yankee and Mets Games Trips to NYC Sights: Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square at Night, Bronx Zoo, Governors Island, World Trade Center Memorial, Coney Island Museum Trips: Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, American Museum of Natural History, the Natural History Museum Clubs and Activities Varsity athletics, intramural sports, and fitness classes Theater Music: Choir, Orchestra, Band Art classes Dance Dorm Life Dorm Life Privileges: Free Internet Free local and domestic long-distance calling Cable Available Sending and receiving mail available Upperclassmen have the opportunity to dorm regardless of gender Washers and Dryers on campus Twin beds Majors/ Attendance Majors/ Attendance The most popular majors include: Visual and Performing Arts; Business, and Management, Marketing, Academic score Academic Requirements Retention Rate: With 93.0% of students staying on for a second year, NYU is one of the best in the country when it comes to freshman retention. ACT ACT score Average ACT score is a 31. 29-33 is the average range to be considered. GPA GPA Average GPA is 3.66 SAT SAT Reading and Writing 620-720, Math 630-760 Average of 1380 Acceptance Rate is 27.7 % Acceptance rate Cost and Financial aid Cost and financial aid Financial Aid The undergraduate 2019-2020 estimated tuition & fees at New York University is $53,229 International Students International International Students must demonstrate financial proof that they have sufficient funds readily available to cover tuition and fees, living expenses, and health insurance for at least one academic year of study to get an immigration document from NYU Resident/Non resident student Financial Aid 49 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $30,594. Lady Gaga- singer Some famous Alumni Alumni Angelina Jolie- actress, well known for her role in maleficant Anne Hathway- actress Cole Sprouse- actor; well known for Riverdale, five feet apart, suite life of zack ad cody Adam sandler- actor; well known for role in Grown ups Chris Evans- actor; well known for his role as captain america Camila Mendes-actress; well know for Riverdale J.D, Salinger- author of "Catcher in the Rye" Rainn Wilson- actor; well known for his charcter as Dwight Schrute Jack Dorsey; Computer programmer, co-founder and CEO of Twitter, and Square Suzanne Colins- author, known for Hunger Games Bill de Blasio- mayor of NYC Bibliography Misc. Every year, NYU hosts the Strawberry Festival. What’s so special about that? The NYU cooking staff bakes the largest Strawberry Shortcake in New York, using 2,500 egg yolks, 326 lbs. of pastry flour, and 489 cups of sugar. Fun Fact Fun Fact NYU universities around the world are connected and encourage students to study abroad. HUGE global program- unique abraod system that NYU of fers Unique thing that NYU offers

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Transcript: Multicultrail: 3.4% AnBryce Arch Lewis Rudin City Martin Luther KIng jr Paths to Peace Phi Theta Kappa 1 NYU Traditions Is: The Strawberry festival There is a 58% percent dropout rate, the rest graduate Cost of Attendance: $54,337 Most people at NYU like to go around New York City with there friends and hangout, there are many attractions at New York so it is easy to get yourself lost on what to do next! Minimum GPA & SAT Mascot!!!! The number is: 212.998.4550 New York University 3-4 years of mathematics Males: 40% Tuition, fees, Room & board and other cost! $$$$ Hispanic/Latino: 7.3% 3.4 GPA Caucasian: 51.3% Other: 7.1% Americn Studies Celebrates: Wellness, Community, and STRAWBERRIES! NYU is a private school! 4 years of English with a heavy emphasis on writing! Gio was here History Just the common application and things necessary; depends on what you sign up for in NYU 1700 SAT Score Biology Do the Harlem Shake Majors in NYU include but not limited to: Finance Application Process 3-4 years of laboratory science Tuition and Fees: $43,204 High School Course Requirements Time: 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Popular Majors and Programs! History Journalism I do not yet know what I want to study! Room & board: $16,133 Date: Friday, May 10 African-Americans: 3.7% Burrow in: Manhattan To mail in Question, the address is 665 Broadway, 11th Floor New York, NY 10012 Cinema Studies Popular Majors include but are not limited to: Where do most people?.... Males & Females Majors to choose from! Website Address: Asian: 27% Most people live in either apartments or dorms which mean it is easy to make friends according to most people, and there is an interesting variety of majors! Females: 60% It New York!!!! Info on this years festival! Location: Drama Early Decision 2 and regular: January 1 New York City Phsycology Native Americans: 0.2% Brenden was also here. Bobcats! In Apartments!!!! Place: LaGuardia Place (btwn West 3rd St and Washington Square South) In 2010-2011 the number of applicant are 37,464 the number who are admitted are 14,275 Thank you! And join us as a student at NYU Gender & Sexuality Studies & Politics NYU!!!!! NYU Scholarships and 3-4 years of ANY foreign language Early Decision deadline: November 1 3-4 years of History/Social Studies Ethnic Breakdown ScholarShips Available


Transcript: Why Should you Listen to Our Speech? NCAA Division III Tips on How to Stop Bullying "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss, The Lorax LOCATION Try not to Be a Bystander Founded in 1831 by Albert Galatin There are over 2500 courses that can be taken. Student Body History Residence hall room: $219/person/week ($1,314.00 total for program) $500 housing deposit will be required when students submit housing application "Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right"- Theodore Roosevelt LIES Mainly known for Arts and Science education What have we covered today? GPA: 90-95 (3.6 or higher) SAT score: 1700+ Teacher to student ratio: Varies $70 application fee Sports NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 45.7% White 21.4% Asian New York Manhattan Greenwich Village Meal Plan Tuition: $44,498 a year Financial Aid: 2% of undergraduates recieve it Tell An Adult Conclusion Financial needs and Facts LGBT Youth Group Race/Ethnic Support Group Religious/Faith Support Group For BCA students, SmHEART Girls, or SWAG for Boys Urban area Its a private school Currently expanding, it use to have a lot of parks surrounding it Clubs There are several meal plans for NYU alumni. It all depends on how many meals a week you want to eat. For example: If you want 8 meals a week, the total for that package each semester is $780 The Types of Bullying The Impacts of Bullying Tips on How to Deal With Bullying There are 18 smaller schools in NYU that offer different courses Badminton Squash Ultimate Frisbee Crew Cycling Kendo etc... 5.2% African American Conclusion ADMISSION CRITERIA Colors: Purple and white Mascot: Bobcat Both Men and Women: swimming, volley ball, wrestling, track & field etc. Consider Joining a Group 60.1% Women 39.9% Men Bullying happens to all of us, but it can be stopped by any of us My Requirements 22,498 Undergraduate students Dance Program Psychology/ Psychiatry Guidance from the University staff "In this immense and fast-growing city ... a system of rational and practical education fitting for all and graciously opened to all." Bullying doesnt just affect the victim, it can impact friends, family, and even peers around them. Housing Criteria 10.8% Hispanic Groups You Can Join NYU For Everyone

NYU presentation

Transcript: Cost and Financial Aid NYU makes it very clear that they do not want money to stand in the way of student success. Cost and financial aid is universal for both instate and out-of-state students Unique Qualities Link to website: Link to Video: Elements Required SAT scores: 1350-1570 ACT scores: 33 GPA: 3.7 Class Rank: Top 10% Retention Rate: 90% Other Factors At New York University, all candidates are reviewed for admission within personal and academic context. Academic qualifications, extracurriculars, work experience, letters of recommendation, essays, and life experiences all factor into the evaluation process. Famous Alumni Most Enrolled Majors 1. Visual and Performing Arts - 17% 2. Social Sciences - 14% 3. Business - 13% Location Social Activites Offer NCAA Division III varsity teams, club sports, intramurals, and recreational programs. Quidditch Team: Inspired by Harry Potter, this live action take on the game involves real broomsticks and competition Tea Club: NYU has a Tea Club known as "Tea and Philosophy." This club meets weekly to sample different types of tea while engaging in philosophical discussions. Campus Life This university has a campus size of 230 acres. It has 20 residential halls. To accomodate students, the living style options consist of apartment residences, traditional residences, family housing, theme houses, and off campus housing as well. Demographics Race Gender 24.8% - White 16% - Asian 12.2% - Hispanic or Latino 6.37% - Black or African American, 2.87% - Two or More Races 0.125% - American Indian or Alaska Native 0.0778% - Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders. 72% of students are from Out-of-State, and in 2022-2023, NYU had 24,496 international students. New York University Google Images The Washington Square Park is located in close vicinity to the NYU, offering students a green oasis admist the city hustle. The Museum of Modern Art and Hudson River Park are about 16 minutes away from campus. Cafes and restaurants are found close by aswell, including "Cafe Wha?" and "Joe's Pizza". New York University is a private institution and is non-sectarian. Surrounding Community Grey Art Gallery: Offers diverse exhibitions that range from a variety of time periods and styles. It aims to engage the broader community through public programs. It is also meant to perserve the human culture. Leslie eLab: where entrepreneurs from across NYU can connect, collaborate, and explore how to turn ideas and inventions into startups. Gallatin School of Individualized Study: allows students to design their own interdisciplinary program of study, tailored to their individual interests and career goals. Instead of following a predetermined set of courses. NYU CARD !! At NYU, the average need-based scholarships or grant for first year students in 2021 was $53,790. Around 31% of first-year students received need-based financial aid. Need-based self-help aid, which includes federal loans and work-study, averaged at $4,963. Merit-based aid, awarded for a specific talent or academic achievement was $40,607. NYU met 65% of their students financial aid needs. John F. Kennedy Jr. earned a Juris Doctor degree from the NYU School of Law. After completing his law degree at NYU, Kennedy Jr. worked as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan from 1989 to 1993. Donald Glover: A now rapper, actor, writer, and standup comic. He got his major in dramatic writing and minor in psychology Lady Gaga: Studied music at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University for two years before deciding to pursue her music career.

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