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Organizational Fit

Transcript: Organizational Fit Values NYU has locations all over the New York City metropolitan area which expands from New York City into Connecticut, New Jersey and Long Island. References Patient-centered Collaborative Safe Adherent to best practices Ethical Respectful of individual dignity Based on standards of excellence Focused on improvement of individual & system outcomes Available to our extended community My ideal job is at NYU Langone Health in Manhattan, starting in their nurse residency program. Past Experience NYU Langone has a vision of future growth and opportunity by ensuring to set a new standard for academic medical centers. Short term disability 403b retirement savings plan Employer-paid long-term disability Supplemental long-term disability Retiree medical accounts Healthcare and dependent care flexible spending account Travel accident insurance Legal assistance plan Educational assistance programs Paid vacation time Discounted NYC event tickets Credit unions Car rental, cell phone provider and gym discounts Workers compensation NY 529 college savings plan Personal Philosophy NYU Langone has multiple unions that represent employees: Local 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East Federation of Nurses/UFT And many more that represent employees that are not nurses. design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Objectives for first 3-6 months Values I hold myself to are important in becoming a great nurse. These values are: Being ethical Open-minded Responsible Compassionate Empathetic Transitioning from the student role into the role of the professional nurse Taking on more responsibility Larger patient load Delegating to other healthcare team members Contribution to NYU Langone NYU Langone Health: Organizational Chraracteristics Number of beds &Hospital Type In the nurse residency program, my ideal position will be on a pediatric floor, ideally in a critical-care environment Transition Concerns Over 500 hours of inpatient clinical experience An internship where I learned one-on-one with a nurse preceptor I value constructive criticism and know the inherent value in accepting and learning from criticism in the workplace A perfect on-time attendance record in both clinical and work experience that show my commitment A commitment to academics as evidenced by my GPA and dean's list honors from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Over 5 years in the customer service industry which has taught me how to thrive in stressful situations 2 years volunteering with a nursing team on a trauma floor at UF Health Learn about resources available for me in the hospital, such as education materials, and support personnel Take advantage of everything the nurse residency program has to offer Ask senior nurses and nurse leaders for constructive criticism Ensure a proper way to organize my day and tasks Ideal Job Career Goals The location I hope to work at is at the Tisch Hospital, the location in lower Manhattan. Benefits Participation is required for all baccalaureate new graduate nurses Provided with clinical support and mentoring Special educational activities are provided throughout the program such as special clinical days, observation experiences and seminar days Long-Term: Analyze Organizational Fit Benefits listed below are available for non-union employees. Employees belonging to a union should speak to their union representative regarding benefits. Nursing & Me Medical/Dental/Prescription/Vision Commuter benefit program Wellness and family care benefits Employer-paid core life insurance Supplemental life insurance Accidental death & dismemberment insurance Sick days and earned sick time act Strengths/Special Expertise Become certified in the specialty I end up working in Go back to school to get my doctorate after 5+ years of floor experience Become an acute care nurse practitioner "To serve, teach, and discover" Transition to Professional Nurse Short-Term: Vision NYU Langone Health. (2017). Retrieved from http:// NYU Langone Medical Campus in Manhattan. (2017). Retrieved from Nurse Residency Program for New Graduates. (2017). Retrieved from Location Nurse Residency Program/ Evidence of a learning institution Union or non-union? Gain full-time employment as an RN at NYU Langone Health Preferably in a pediatric or critical-care environment Nursing is not just a job to get a paycheck, but a commitment to excelling and thriving in a workplace that has a larger effect on others than it has on myself. To enter into the nursing field means entering into a diverse career that is always changing and requires constant education to ensure I will be practicing in the best way possible. NYU langone is a good fit for me. My career goal is to end up in a critical-care environment,

Langone 2

Transcript: 3 6 Elisa Langone Pierce: 2nd Hour AP Language & Composition How the Nigerian People are Affected by War and Poverty “A baby I met at an International Rescue Committee clinic in Maiduguri was injured by Boko Haram [the war in Nigeria] before he was even born. Four months after his mother, Kawsey, was shot in the chest and shoulder by insurgents while running through the bush to escape an attack... yet Kawsey ended up at this clinic not because of her gun wounds, but because her baby is severely malnourished. “There is no food,” she told me.” (Delay) Introduction Introduction Kawsey with her son Kawsey with her son Global Issue Overview Overview #1 Terrorism #2 Famine Results Combination of the two result in mass suffering Background Background Millions of people are dying, starving, and continuing to do so “About 5.1 million [people] are malnourished... warns the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)” (Roberts) “...We are seeing famine-like conditions for many of these populations who have been stranded, isolated, and terrorized under Boko Haram.” (Delay) How it Affects the People How it Affects the People “… [Nigeria] voted...against the first ever UN General Assembly Resolution Recognizing the Role of Human Rights Defenders and the Need for their Protection in November 2015.” (Roth) “…The United Kingdom, United States, European Union, and United Nations… improved their support to the Nigerian government in dealing with the Boko Haram conflict.” (Roth) How it Affects the Planet How it Affects the Planet “…The US donated 24 mine-resistant and armor-protected vehicles valued at about $11 million to the army in January." (Roth) "...Congress was notified of plans to sell... [aircrafts] and weapons...valued at over $592 million” (Roth) “…The UK government announced a donation of £6.7 million (US$8.4 million) to support humanitarian assistance in the northeast.” (Roth) How it Affects the Pocketbooks How it Affects the Pocketbooks Cause: Boko Haram Cause “…Planted bombs almost weekly in public or in churches… also… [set] fire to schools” (Walker). Insurgents shoot fleeing or innocent citizens in cold blood Attacks Attacks People are not fed, given proper medical attention, or sufficient housing Nigerians in Boko Haram territory are in dire need of nutrition Nourishment Nourishment Proposed Solution Solution Aid From Able Countries Aid From Able Countries Cooperation from able countries These countries must aide in the military aspect and humanitarian aspect Countries must donate money to aid the Nigerian government Provide ways for innocent civilians to flee the areas in which terrorism is prevalent, Provide housing, protection, food, water, and medical attention for civilians Actions must be taken immediately/as soon as possible How they Can Help How they Can Help Effects Effects People of Nigeria will benefit People will finally be able to rebuild their lives and have basic needs provided for and fulfilled There may finally be some order and safety to their everyday lives and in their country Effects on the people Effects on the people Countries which had aided Nigeria prior will not have to invest as much money, soldiers, or supplies into the country Demand for aid will not be as great Allies to Nigeria will probably have to keep an eye on the country Ensure terrorism doesn’t become a threat again Effects on the Planet Effects on the Planet Nigeria will financially benefit vastly The need to provide ample troops in order to fend off the Boko Haram is lessened Allies will not have to keep so many troops in Nigeria, thus lessening the spending for these countries Humanitarian aids have to provide money, food, water, medicine, clothes, protection, and other basic necessities to the survivors Effects on Pocketbooks Effects on Pocketbooks Conclusion Conclusion Millions of lives could be saved Goal justifies the means Many women, men, and children living in constant fear have a chance to eat a sustainable meal, drink clean water, and have proper medical attention Why do it? Why do it? Works Cited Works Cited “Boko Haram (Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati Wal-Jihad - JAS).” Boko Haram (Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati Wal-Jihad - JAS) Terrorist Groups TRAC, TRAC, 2017, Delay, Juliette, International Rescue Committee. “War and Hunger Threaten Children in Nigeria.” International Rescue Committee (IRC), 23 Feb. 2017, threaten-children-nigeria. Roberts, Leslie. “Hunger Amplifies Infectious Diseases for Millions Fleeing the Violence of Boko Haram.” Science Magazine, 6 Apr. 2017, Roth, Kenneth. “Nigeria: Events of 2016.” Human Rights Watch, 12 Jan. 2017, Walker, Andrew. “What Is Boko Haram?” United States Institute of Peace: Special Report, United States

NYU Langone- Hospital for Joint Diseases

Transcript: Donna :) James Slover, MDJoint Replacement (Hip & Knee) "Dr. Slover is a member of the Adult Reconstructive Surgery Division and the Joint Replacement Center. His area of expertise includes both primary and revision hip and knee replacement surgery. Dr. Slover has published widely in the areas of safety, quality and outcomes for total hip and knee replacements patients." Bibliography for Doctors information NYU Langone - Hospital For Joint Disease What we learned from being in the front office... These ladies were the office secretaries. They had very important jobs making sure each patient has the right paper work, consents papers and insurances. Our Staff.. Donna was the X-ray tech. An x-ray tech. is in charge of taking x-rays for doctors when needed. Being an orthopedics office she was pretty busy. Ivan Madrid, MD Adult Reconstructive Surgery / Sports Medicine (Shoulder, Hip, Knee) "Dr. Madrid is a member of the Adult Reconstructive Division. His clinical focus is care of sports injuries as well as arthritic conditions of the shoulder, hip and knee. If surgery is necessary, he specializes in ligament reconstruction and joint replacement, utilizing the latest minimally-invasive surgical techniques and robotic technology to hasten recovery and return to activity." NYU Langone A Physician assistant is a medical professional who is licensed to practice medicine as part of a team of physicians. They work with treating patients under the direction of a surgeon or physician. Some of their roles include: take patient histories and perform physical exams diagnose illnesses and develop treatment plans order lab tests and prescribe medications counsel and educate patients suture wounds and assist in surgery Andrew Rokito, MDSports Medicine (Shoulder, Elbow, Knee) "Dr. Rokito is the Chief of the Division of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and Associate Director of the Division of Sports Medicine. He treats injuries and conditions involving the shoulder, knee, elbow and ankle. Dr. Rokito is also an expert in arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery." Organization/Cleaning Our Environment One very fun part of our internship was learning to take x-rays. Though it make seem easy to press a button and take a picture, its a complex process. An x-ray tech needs to know exactly how to position a patient so that the correct bone is pictured, exactly what wavelength of rays is needed for what part of the body, and as well how work the x-ray itself (very complex machinery). In 2008, the department of NYU orthopedics created the Westchester Orthopedics providing word-class services to patients the surrounding areas of New York. Warren K. Young, MDSports Medicine "Dr. Young is a member of the Division of Primary Care Sports Medicine with a focus on the pediatric, adolescent, and college student-athlete. Dr. Young completed a residency in pediatrics at New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center. Most recently, he completed a fellowship in sports medicine at the Children’s Hospital in Boston where he also served as head physician for the Boston Ballet Dance Company and the Northeastern University Division 1 men’s basketball team. He specializes in non-surgical sports medicine care and sees patients of all ages." Paper work in a office is very important. In a medical office each and every doctor and office needs to have a consent signed by a patient in order to get checked. These consents prevent doctors from being sued if they every give or provide patients with incorrect diagnosis's or information. Each and every doctor in our office had there own set of papers they would want patients to fill out to provide them with information on what they are being checked for and past medical problems that may effect their current condition. Our office secretaries had to make sure each patient had an insurance card present in the system. This is another very important aspect of the reception work. A patient may not be seen by a doctor or xrayed when no insurance is given to the office. Organization/Cleaning Kia,Kathy and Tina :) NYU institute was founded in 1841 by the Medical Department of the University of the City of New York. It’s faculty consisted of several notable surgeons like Valentine Mott, doctors like and professors like Martyn Paine. In 2006 Hospital for Joint Diseases merges with NYU Medical Center and is renamed the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. Norman Otsuka, MDPediatric Orthopaedics "Dr. Otsuka is Director of the Center for Children. He is one of the country’s leading pediatric orthopaedic specialists and is an expert in the areas of pediatric neuromuscular disorders, pediatric orthopaedic trauma and cerebral palsy." NYU Langone- Hospital for Joint Diseases By: Gabriela Rivera Maria Magdalena Kirilova What we learned from being in the front office.... Our Environment Evelyn Gonzalez :) Lets meet our Doctors.... What we learned from being in the front


Transcript: NYU LANGONE MEDICAL CENTER Thurston Hewitt Elizabeth Jule Salah El Khallouki Steven Zeidman Extensive Green Roof Does not require permanent irrigation system Low maintenance Cost efficient Lightweight and thin ( nominal thickness: 4") 5-6 Second - Fourth Floors Radiology department above Emergency suites Patient and Exam rooms Fifth- Sixth Floors Surgical Suites above Radiology Waiting Room and Nursing stations Patient recovery and exam rooms Seventh- Eleventh Floors Laboratory/ Classroom configuation Setback layout Twelfth- Fourteenth Floors similar to 7-11 with varying layout Fifteenth- Sixteenth Floors Office space and waiting area First Floor Lobby is located at the hospital entrance for visitors and incoming patients Cafeteria and gift shop Administration and Medical Storage Loading Dock located in the back from ambulance drop off Environmental Engineering and Security Foundation Plan Structural Layout Proposal Typical Floors Cost Estimate Materials Critical Path Method NTP : January 4th, 2016 Project Punchlist : October 17, 2017 Project Completion : October 20th, 2017 Assuming 5 days/week 8 hours work day with holidays Project duration : 555 days Exterior Wall 15-16 ETABS 2015 Used to create a mathematical model of the structure Selection of structural members based upon user defined load combinations Designed as a rigid diaphragm Infinite in-plane stiffness properties Building Code Analysis Underground Parking Footprint of parking facilities extend that of the building Parking for passenger vehicles and ambulance trucks available for employees Total of 114 parking spots and 12 handicapped spots, designed according to ADA standards Elevator and 1 staircase allow for accessible entrance into the center 100 PSF 150 PSF 250 PSF Locations of Lateral Bracing Systems Computer Software and Analysis Green Roof Architecture NYU Langone Medical Center 42,500 Square feet footprint GSF - 522,200 square feet 16 stories with setbacks on Floors 7, 12 and 15 2 underground parking levels First floor - Lobby and Emergency Room Other floors dedicated to specific departments (ie. Radiology, ER, Pharmacy) Central courtyard as recreational space for both patients and visitors to enjoy Classrooms and office space incorporated in design Extensive green roof system Reynobond Flesh and Reveal Aluminum Panels (0.90 psf) Kawneer Tempered Glass Curtain Wall (8.5 psf) for the atrium ( by hospital entrance) 2009 IBC Chapter 16 ASCE 7-05 AISC Steel Construction Manual - 14th Edition ACI 318-08 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete Architecture Lateral Force Resisting Systems THANK YOU! Architecture 2-4 Load Mapping A992 Structural Steel(50 ksi) Normal weight concrete (150 pcf, 4ksi) Welded wire mesh Composite steel deck Vulcraft 3VLI18 3/4" diameter Shear studs (height- 5") Site Location Bensonhurst, New York Dyker Beach Golf Course 2 miles away D Subway Line 2 blocks away Bensonhurst Park 1 block away View of the Hudson River Construction Schedule Resist wind and seismic forces Chevron braced frame in short direction (Inverted K frames ) - pin connection Benefits : doorsways and corridors are allowed through bracing lines of a structure Downfalls: compression brace buckling Moment Frame in long direction (rigid fixed connection) Benefits: open bays, unobstructed view lines Downfalls: heavier sections than diagonal bracing, more costly

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