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Fieldwork Presentation

Transcript: Review of vocabulary: 60% Review of concepts: 70% Feedback: 70% Assessment: 100% Content objectives: 90% Language objectives: 20% Students engaged: 100% Pacing: 90% About the Classroom Concepts linked: 90% Links made: 95% Key vocabulary: 60% Fieldwork Presentation Comprehensible Input Learning strategies: 60% Scaffolding techniques: 80% Higher-order thinking: 70% About My Teacher Interaction Interaction: 100% Group configurations: 85% Wait time: 95% Clarifying concepts in L1: 35% Strategies Provide Language Objectives Use different learning strategies Clarify concepts in L1 Ask more higher-order thinking questions Support language objectives in lessons Use different Supplementary Materials Review/Emphasize Key vocabulary Review Key Concepts Allow Student Feedback Review and Assessment Technologically advanced and Student Friendly Students placed in heterogeneous groups Pirate Theme Library in classroom Lesson Delivery Name: Mrs. Conry Location: Anderson Elementary, AISD Grade: 2 Years Experience: 7 Class size: 22 ESL Students: 9 I observed in Mrs. Conry's class language arts lessons and math lessons. Each observation was 2 hours long and I went to a total of 5 observations. I typically sat in the back left hand corner of the room in the guided reading table taking notes during the lessons. Lesson Preparation Building Background By Carley Behrend Speech: 95% Clear explanation:80% Variety of techniques: 95% Practice and Application Content Objectives: 65% Language Objectives: 15% Content Concepts: 95% Supplementary Materials: 80% Adaptation of Content: 70% Meaningful Activities: 80% My Suggestions Hands-on materials: 90% Apply content and language: 85% Integrate language skills: 85%

Fieldwork Presentation:

Transcript: -4 albums: (What's On Your Mind, 2006; Drum Monologue, 2008; Restoration, 2012; Life Begins, 2013). -2014: Received the Individual Artist Awards for World Music Compositions from the Maryland State Arts Council 2009, 2010, & 2011: Nominated for the Wammie Awards for "best world music instrumentalist" by the Washington Area Music Association -Performed on Fox 5 News -Music Genre: mixture of jazz & "African music" (Afrobeat & Highlife). "heavy percussion embellishment gives it something I call the tribal jazz" -Instruments: American drum set, African hand drums, guitar, piano, balafon -Songs: solidarity for "Africans in the diaspora; songs about love, and songs about redemption" & more -Music and teaching is inclusive to "everyone who wants to groove" -The performances are inclusive, but women do not usually perform instruments -Mix of formal and informal practices -Certain style of dress when performing music -Performs mostly in native language About Tosin -Nigerian born and raised, US based artist -Involved in music for over 20 years -Composer, writer, performer -Performs in English & Yoruba Fieldwork Presentation: Tosin Aribisala Influences By: Samantha Coplin Visit: Tosin Musik on YouTube or for more music! His Music Musical Achievements Cultural Insight -Some Religious influences/references in music; "Heavenly" "Shine on Me"; Ceremonies Church -Father/Family -Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman, Fela Kuti, Orlando Julius, & many more!

Fieldwork Presentation

Transcript: Dodge requires a very minimal curriculum fee of only $10. This goes towards things like school supplies, field trips, extracurricular activities, and school dances. If students cannot afford this fee they are asked to talk to the teacher. I have seen this fee and others waived for several students because of their situations. Spark Dodge Renaissance Academy is a Chicago Public school made up of roughly 427 students. It is 99% African American, and 92% of students come from low income families. Several students talked to their teacher about being unable to afford the fee. No one was denied the opportunity to attend because of financial situations. To answer this question, I observed students daily. I also spoke with students, teachers, other staff, and administration. Curriculum Fee What Does Spark do for Dodge Students? Meals Provided Winston & Strawn Donations Every morning, each student chooses between a free hot or cold breakfast. For lunch, each student receives a free lunch ticket. The donations from Winston and Strawn have also paid for the playground and the literacy lounge, which holds books and games for students. Unlike breakfast and lunch, this is not something every student receives. Students that are in temporary living situations receive a free CTA pass. This is extremely helpful because Dodge is open to students citywide. The one STLS in my homeroom that receives the free pass comes from Englewood, which is at least 30 minutes away. Dodge Renaissance Academy What does Dodge do to help these students? Spark addresses the dropout crisis by connecting volunteer professionals with underserved youth in workplace apprenticeships to “spark” their potential. School Supplies/Dedicated Teachers "Through the Mentoring Program, students in grades fifth through eighth are paired with legal professionals (mentors) who meet with them weekly at Dodge. During this time, students and their mentors build positive relationships, as well as focus on the 3 C’S: College, Careers and Current Events. Students and Mentors attend several field trips to the city’s cultural and recreational facilities. Each year, as a culminating activity, the students visit the offices of Winston and Strawn. They tour the workplace of their mentors, as well as participate in a mock trial." -From Dodge's website. Technology Support for Families What type of assistance is provided for students of low income families? Students Enjoying a Field Trip Conclusion Spark is a national nonprofit that provides life-changing apprenticeships to middle school students from disadvantaged communities. To learn more about Spark, I talked to students about their experiences and went to the Spark presentation. Demographics of Dodge The law offices of Winston and Strawn have been providing donations to Dodge since 2003. Their support has provided a lot of great things for the students which they may not have received otherwise. Transportation Provided Overall, I feel that there is no shortage of support for students in need at Dodge. Teachers are a huge advocate for these students, and I am happy to be a part of it! How are low income students assisted? Most of the CPS high school applications are done online. Many parents do not have access to a computer to obtain their child's pin number. To be sure that students would not miss their opportunity to apply to schools, Dodge provided IPads at report card pick up to obtain the pin number. Though it is not something that is required of them, most teachers provide the students with supplies. Teachers receive $200 for materials for their class, but most spend much more to ensure that students have everything from pens and pencils, notebooks, and books. The teachers at Dodge are dedicated to making their students' lives great - even though they may have hard lives outside of school. Here is a video of my mentor, Chelsea Hay, showing just how dedicated she is to her students.

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