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NPS Gull Presentation

Transcript: The NPS has collected Monitoring data, 2012-2015 Egg Harvest Background Walking on Eggshells: Monitoring provides snapshots in time, but does not incorporate dynamism or interactions between ecological variables. Monitoring -Can- AM be used in designated Wilderness? Solutions 1) develop innovative experimentation and monitoring methods to reduce uncertainty -Vegetation -Predation 2) Commit funding resources to long term monitoring and research. (-No future monitoring is planned.) Problem Statement & Research Questions NPS Management Problem: NPS must protect Natural -and- Cultural resources. Harvest must "not impair the biological sustainability of gull population" inside GLBA. Gull colonies are dynamic Nesting habitat Predation Food Availability Gull eggs: key Huna Tlingit cultural food Subsistence ended by NPS in 1960's Fractious NPS/Native relationship Effort to legalize harvest since 1997 TEK and Gull Biological studies (1999-2002) LEIS (2010) Legislation signed by president July 2014. Ongoing: REGULATION PROMULGATION! Managing a Native Gull Egg Harvest in Glacier Bay National Park. LEIS (2010) "Monitoring of egg harvest activities, gull productivity, gull egg predation, and marine mammal disturbance and subsequent adaptive management would help ensure that the park’s purposes and values would be protected." Question: What might "adaptive management" of the Huna Egg Harvest look like under conditions of ecological dynamism, high uncertainty, and low controllability? "AM-Lite" "Adaptive Management" is nowhere defined. -Boat based "Chick-counts" are extremely error prone, even worthless. -Does not differentiate between breeding adults and non-breeding adults. -Egg counts confounded by predation, -No link between number of eggs at a given time and fledging rate/juvenile survival. Glacier Bay National Park LIMITATIONS, SAVINGS CLAUSES SEC. 815. Nothing in this title shall be construed as— (...) (4) modifying or repealing the provisions of any Federal law governing the conservation or protection of fish and wildlife including (…) the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (40 Stat. 755; 16 U.S.C. 703-711) From a suite of complex Ecological drivers Predation Nesting Habitat Availability Vegetation Shift Distance from land Individual Quality Super-breeder hypothesis? Food Availability Intertidal/Forage fish On the positive side, an "experimental" egg harvest was conducted in 2015 HIA/NPA relations are improving. NPS Monitoring has methodological issues Whats the ultimate question for management? This monitoring includes: -Colony distribution -Onset of laying -#'s of nests/eggs -Island circum. counts -Other species present How do harvest decisions impact gull population? (We dont know!) There is no link between actions and outcomes! Thanks for Your Time! How will the NPS "Manage" the Egg Harvest? Adaptive Management in name only. --Still "Ad-hoc" decision-making Now, What should the park monitor? Population Dynamics Recruitment, Im/Emigration, mortality,


Transcript: What is your process? 20% RR Q&A Dear XXXX, I trust you are well and everything with “Company Name” in general I see that you have been selected to fill out our NPS survey this month. This will be sent from Taylor Rhodes. I was wondering if you have had some time to look at this? I would kindly like to ask you to find the time to fill this out. It is very important to know how our customers are thinking about us. We are keen to know what we need to continue doing, what we need to stop doing and what we need to potentially improve on. Look forward to your response. Should you not have received the link, I can always personally send it across to you again. Kind regards Qlikview and how to use it The 4 Week Plan Week 1 – Check invites Week 2 – Survey Sent (first email) Week 3 – The Follow Up (second email) Week 4 – Last Chance How can you increase RR Where do we want to be? 42% 13% RR NPS NPS Cheat Sheet 1)Do you know who is getting this month’s NPS? a.Follow this link to find out who is getting surveyed this month and give you the option to resend the link - http://segsupportbi.rackspace.corp/npssend/ 2)Are the people on that list who should not get the NPS or who doesn’t work there anymore? a.Review your accounts to ensure that those who are selected for NPS on the account are relevant and not just mailing lists 3)Have you spoken to them recently? a.If you have had any dealings with them recently maybe drop them an email, “how did it go and by the way have you heard about our quick survey…” 4)If you haven’t spoken to them recently? a.It may be a bit out of the blue asking them to fill in a survey when you haven’t heard from them in a little while. Check the list before the first reminder goes out and engage with them (how are they doing? What are your business plans for 2013...) 5)Be careful of your Language a.We’re not talking about your effing and blinding but more about what you call the: “survey”, “NPS”, “one quick question”. Be consistent with your language as it can confuse customers. 6)What did they score us last time? a.Review previous NPS scores and see if there is anything we should/could do to improve and get a response. 7)Does your customer know what it is? a.101 calls, Account Reviews, Customer Meetings. Use these to your advantage and remind your customer the importance of completing the question 8)Have you tried to reach out to non-responders? a.The original email may have got lost in the customers filing systems. A customer would take note of an email sent by their SDM and it wouldn’t automatically be disregarded. Maybe a quick call would go down well. 9) Did your customer say they never received the NPS link? a.Simple, use this link to resend the survey – http://segsupportbi.rackspace.corp/npssend/ 10)Does your customer know the value of the survey? a.Provide examples of what has changed as a result of NPS and name drop Taylor Rhodes out MD (referring to his reminder email) as it is seen by the top dogs. Where are we now? what is your process? how can we increase RR? how do you complete a closed loop? what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts 60% public ticket in zendesk follow up schedule call complete closed loop invite list standardized email cheatsheet/4 week plan copy and paste jobbie easy as pie Mar '12 - Mar'13 Closed loop process Hi XXXX, Just wanted to have a quick follow up with you to see if you have had some time to give us some feedback. There will be a reminder link sent out today. Should you not have received this, I can always send it personally. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards,


Transcript: A Prioritization list to be available on the intranet NPS Deliver CRM Team Review Delivery Time Too technical, problems in understanding the technical terms and not up-to date Stakeholder not confident in filling To push for better planning across teams so that work for CRM gets scheduled in at a reasonable time Knowledge Share & Need for more analysis The CRM Analyst should get involved in the value chain process at an earlier stage The Data brief should be prepared jointly by the data analyst, decision analyst and the stakeholder Increase quality of campaign design Reduce constant to-and-fro, hence save time Boost relationship with stakeholders Platform for knowledge transfer; Ex: the stakeholder will develop a better understanding of how to build the data brief template A prioritization list to be made available on the intranet Better planning across teams Perception of being understaffed No standard communicated delivery time Stakeholders hassled with constant chasing for data Face difficulty in forward planning To understand how the CRM team interacts with its Stakeholders and suggest recommendations that would improve the effectiveness of the team NPS Knowledgeable CRM to a play a consultative role 8 Department wise Response Too Technical, do-not understand many terms Not confident in filling the template Template is not up-to date eg. HEC delivery channel, Central Heating Care suppression can be excluded Just recipients of data No proactive role played to advice To start a CRM Insight Report To maintain a repository of campaign close-down reports which is accessible to all campaign managers Issue "Occasional superhuman powers for getting work done; but I do think you're consistently understaffed" (Pricing) 20 Delivery Time Q. Which department do you work for? Data Brief Template to be made more user-friendly by making the template up-to date and adding comment boxes to improve understanding "Great team, only reason I didn't score higher was because some of the processes (data briefs and data audits) take way too long" (Residential Marketing) Interviewed 40 stakeholders across 11 divisions and conducted a NPS Survey So what does that mean? CRM to play a Consultative Role Lack of consistent close-down delivery No common platform for knowledge share among teams Lack of cross-campaign integrated analysis CRM Team should play a more consultative role Objective Follow the new improved data brief template One-day educative seminar Shagun Varshney Better utilization of resources Increase in quality of work done "They deliver what is requested, but are not always proactive in making suggestions which add value" (B2B Marketing) Team perceived just as recipients of data request Does not play a proactive role in suggesting 'what better can be done' One-day seminar or joint meetings to be organized for Stakeholders to understand about suppression and technical terms involved 23% "The team is very knowledgeable and valuable, but it seems they are very overloaded and don't have the time to do anything other than the essential requirements. We always have to chase them" (B2B Communications) Knowledge share & need for more analysis Action "I wish I could get more advice from them" (New Business Communications) 53 Responses Approachable "CRM are really helpful when work is scheduled in. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get work on to the schedule"(Residential Communications) Thank You! A source of easy reference to study the performance of similar campaigns A source to do cross-campaign comparative analysis A source to view performance of campaigns ran be other campaign managers Data brief template Increase understanding and confidence in filling the data brief Increase understanding of how the CRM team can help them in their work Top view of current customer base Eg: consent split, acquisition split, number of CSS registrations etc. Consolidated account of campaign insights from latest campaigns executed in the month/ quarter Reason for Score What do they think? Excluding Insight team Q. Thinking about the feedback you gave, which of the following choices is most likely to have an influence on your answer? Helpful Friendly Organize a meeting to Jointly prepare data brief One-day educative seminar Increase focus on post-campaign analysis CRM Insight report More consistent close-down delivery Lack of consistent close-down delivery No common platform for knowledge share Lack of cross-campaign integrated analysis Add Value "Interaction with CRM are fine, although needs more focus on Relationship Marketing and not just data" (Residential Marketing) 31% "Very helpful however quite often there seems to be unnecessary process to follow which delays things - even for small minor items" (Insights) Develop better Integration among decision analytics, infrastructure and the execution team within CRM Presentation by: "Thanks for talking me through the new template. As discussed, I like the fact that we only have to fill

NPS presentation

Transcript: Any question? 1. Ash Pelletiser Francisco Blanco + 3P constraints Energy Consumption 3. Cyclone HX 2.1 NaCl November 2014 Cradle-to-grave approach Air The Hunger Games Make an economical attractive process Phosphate Ore P cannot be recuperated from the atmosphere Processing Thank You! Sewage (Waste Water treatment) Survival Mode 20 Process #2 " The Hunger Games" Life Cycle Analysis Mineral waste Product Specs 4. Fertiliser pelletiser Air Sea Water 41 Task allocation and targeting Design Methodology Performance in different Scenarios The Process factor = 6 Matteo Stante The geographical context -A new and sustainable way to produce fertilizers has been developed -The process has improvements in people/planet/prosperity of 20/6/2.1 -The process can produce fertilizer ca. 80 % cheaper than TSP -The design is robust and can withstand challenging scenarios Performance -80 % reduction Planet Contact: Transport Where ? Background 42 A novel and sustainable way to produce a phosphate-rich fertiliser from sewage sludge ashes Skilled People 82.5 $/tonne Improvement factor Risk and Robustness assessment Fertilizer Demand Heavy metal salts CO2 H3PO4 Mining LCA results Planet Fertiliser Sub-process Improved process TRL Fertiliser Production Process Improved Process P-rock reserves may run out in 60 years Recycle a fraction of the phosphate Fahad Mir Performance of the new design Goodbye P-Rock! Fertiliser Fresh Water (Utilities company) Minimise the use of hazardous substances in the process CO2 emisisions Water Close to potential markets Steps involved in the fertiliser production with inputs/outputs 6 ++ CO2 Water Treatment Water Treatment Fuel (NG supplier) Technology readiness Produce 100 ktonnes/a of a fertilizer with a 27.8 % P-content Compare with TSP process DS 0 Processing "Delft" Template for Conceptual Design of Process Plants [J. Grievink & P.L.J. Swinkels, 2014] Reference Case Our design is robust NaCl 2. Rotary Kiln Reactor People Water Conclusions Rivers, seas, lakes… Heavy metal salts Sewage sludge Profit assessment DS 2 Functional Unit & Reference Case factor= 20 Unit Network input/output diagram Economic Potential Criteria Arie Dezvyanto Salt Production P-rock ++++ DS 4 #1 " Goodbye P-rock" #3 " A raised awareness on the future" Agricultural use Human Consumption Toxicity (LD50) +++ Heavy Metal Salts (Specialty Industries) DS 1 Assessment of the new process factor= 2.1 Dust Air (Atmosphere) SSA SSA availability Scenario Possibilities for Industrial Symbiosis CO2 Why ? Water Raised awareness on the future DS 5 Sewage sludge Flue Gas Incineration CO2 Steps involved in the fertilizer production with inputs/outputs New fertilizer price Waste Water DS 3 NaCl Scenario Analysis Prosperity CO2 % Rec. Phosphate Rivers, seas, lakes… Agricultural use CO2 CO2 emmisions Transport Base case price 1) Produce 100 KTons/a 2) Use recycled P sources 3) Economically atractive 4) Sustainable (3P-constraints) #4 " Survival Mode" Fertilizer (Market) Human Consumption Performance comparison People Ashes Prosperity 400 $/tonne Sewage sludge Process Integration Fertiliser 4 Factor SNB incinerator 1.5 Factor 3 Factor

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