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Postgraduate presentation

Transcript: Starting point: setting goals race Lesson 1b: Starting from scratch Sometimes not-knowing doesn't hurt Full time: Team & project manager Full time: Marketing manager Focus: Business Relations ... Lesson 7: Handing over the convoy lead Setting personal pride aside for the better of the project Decisions need to be in favor of the project, not (per se) for the people in that project Januari 2013 work groups Postgraduate presentation by Mattijs Plettinx Lesson 2: Team meeting on management Managing is communicating & transparancy Full time: Team & project manager Work group: location Work group: recruitment Work group: KU Leuven production Thank you for your attention. Are there any questions? Full time: Team & project manager Focus: Business Relations ...? Lesson 4: Is the Solar Car destroyed? Large problems don't differ that much from small ones, they just ask a bit more patience and effort Team crises ask for tranquility Personal goals concept July 2012 Team goals November 2013 Lesson 5: New management Trust needs to come from down up and not demanded top down Efficiency of working with more managing persons, selected by the team assembly & testing Team goals Lesson 6: Mechanics & electronics, the clash! Conflict management Setting together to face the problem and confront people with it the new team Carrying out the Solar Team goals "Perfmance through reliability" (Winning the WSC) => 6th place => CSIRO Technical Innovation Award Building a platform for the future team(s) => Technical => Logistics => Organization wise building a team learning how to manage a large project learning how to become a people manager (fame & prestige) => networking (knowing where to go next) the experience of a lifetime Personal goals June 2013 Finish line: achieved goals Lesson 1a: Team building building a team starts day 1 Lesson 9: Situational management Alexander => car convoy Ilias => camp set-up and logistics September 2012 Carrying out the Solar Team goals "Perfmance through reliability" Winning the WSC Building a platform for the future team(s) Why Solar Team? The concept, the idea young entrepreneurs The technical genius durable green solutions The prestige The possibilities To invest 100% of your efforts September 2013 Lesson 10: Not being the leader for once Working under command, while being in command Lesson 3: Aero, the first challenge Solving a problem starts with a solution, not a blame building a team learning how to manage a large project learning how to become a people manager fame & prestige knowing where to go next Mei 2014 design Lesson 8: Organizing efficiency Ultimate practical planning, organization and working structure during our stay in Australia

Postgraduate Forum Presentation

Transcript: 12 March 2018 Postgraduate Forum 2018 Lawrence Hinds NOW Brief Presentation Welcome Remarks Research Problem Research Question NOW Current Situation Current Situation Lack of convergence of innovative and existing software applications Issues at stake at the local level include: a lack of strategic leadership on how to use IoT; lack of skills in using the data generated by IoT; insufficient funding to modernize IT infrastructure to enable IoT projects; procurement policies that make it difficult for governments to quickly and easily adopt the technology; risk and uncertainty about privacy, security, interoperability and return on investment. Why? Why is this? Resistance to change Lack of expertise Failure to embrace the technology Regulatory standards Privacy Security Research Problem issues of silos and information dissemination throughout government; current state of information alignment and dissemination; synchronization of data and; general real-time push pull accessibility between government departments Research Problem Research question “Can the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) progressively advance Interoperability and Interconnectivity in Government notably within the Ministries of National Security and Works and Transport?" Research question GOAL GOAL SILOS HARMONIZATION Interoperability Interoperability potential for the internet of things services and technologies situational awareness to monitor and report data flows and patterns for informed decisions to disseminate information and take advantage of advances in hardware and consumer sensor technologies provision of a platform to innovate with the data Interconnectivity Interconnectivity utilization of the Internet adoption of any new technologies integration incorporate the hype of new technology connected government Have data-driven optimization a... Have data-driven optimization and automation,through digital transformation for the purpose of data collection. Build a network and support structure STRATEGY STRATEGY Exploit available synergies Prioritize set timelines, planning, logistics, reading, analysis, etc Keep realistic expectations Engage with multiple sources of advice through networking and collaboration FOCUS TOPICS FOCUS TOPICS #1 #2 #3 Innovative services New technology Divergence from exclusive to inclusive information sharing Red light spot cameras License plate recognition Bar coded Driver's license Data collection Data analysis methods Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT). (Director Highways/Transport Commissioner) Ministry Of National Security (Police,SSA etc) Ministry of Public Administration and Communications (iGovTT and Communications departments) Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (Regulator) The Office of the Financial Services Ombudsman (OFSO) Insurance companies Ministries/Stakeholders KEY MINISTRIES/STAKEHOLDERS Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT). (Director Highways/Transport Commissioner) Ministry Of National Security (Police,SSA etc) Ministry of Public Administration and Communications (NICT Division and iGovTT) Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (Regulator) The Office of the Financial Services Ombudsman (OFSO) (Insurance companies) KEY MINISTRIES/STAKEHOLDERS PROJECTION Mind Map Projection FUTURE STEPS Literature review 6-8 months Provide the results (discussion and clarification) FUTURE STEPS

NPS presentation

Transcript: Any question? 1. Ash Pelletiser Francisco Blanco + 3P constraints Energy Consumption 3. Cyclone HX 2.1 NaCl November 2014 Cradle-to-grave approach Air The Hunger Games Make an economical attractive process Phosphate Ore P cannot be recuperated from the atmosphere Processing Thank You! Sewage (Waste Water treatment) Survival Mode 20 Process #2 " The Hunger Games" Life Cycle Analysis Mineral waste Product Specs 4. Fertiliser pelletiser Air Sea Water 41 Task allocation and targeting Design Methodology Performance in different Scenarios The Process factor = 6 Matteo Stante The geographical context -A new and sustainable way to produce fertilizers has been developed -The process has improvements in people/planet/prosperity of 20/6/2.1 -The process can produce fertilizer ca. 80 % cheaper than TSP -The design is robust and can withstand challenging scenarios Performance -80 % reduction Planet Contact: Transport Where ? Background 42 A novel and sustainable way to produce a phosphate-rich fertiliser from sewage sludge ashes Skilled People 82.5 $/tonne Improvement factor Risk and Robustness assessment Fertilizer Demand Heavy metal salts CO2 H3PO4 Mining LCA results Planet Fertiliser Sub-process Improved process TRL Fertiliser Production Process Improved Process P-rock reserves may run out in 60 years Recycle a fraction of the phosphate Fahad Mir Performance of the new design Goodbye P-Rock! Fertiliser Fresh Water (Utilities company) Minimise the use of hazardous substances in the process CO2 emisisions Water Close to potential markets Steps involved in the fertiliser production with inputs/outputs 6 ++ CO2 Water Treatment Water Treatment Fuel (NG supplier) Technology readiness Produce 100 ktonnes/a of a fertilizer with a 27.8 % P-content Compare with TSP process DS 0 Processing "Delft" Template for Conceptual Design of Process Plants [J. Grievink & P.L.J. Swinkels, 2014] Reference Case Our design is robust NaCl 2. Rotary Kiln Reactor People Water Conclusions Rivers, seas, lakes… Heavy metal salts Sewage sludge Profit assessment DS 2 Functional Unit & Reference Case factor= 20 Unit Network input/output diagram Economic Potential Criteria Arie Dezvyanto Salt Production P-rock ++++ DS 4 #1 " Goodbye P-rock" #3 " A raised awareness on the future" Agricultural use Human Consumption Toxicity (LD50) +++ Heavy Metal Salts (Specialty Industries) DS 1 Assessment of the new process factor= 2.1 Dust Air (Atmosphere) SSA SSA availability Scenario Possibilities for Industrial Symbiosis CO2 Why ? Water Raised awareness on the future DS 5 Sewage sludge Flue Gas Incineration CO2 Steps involved in the fertilizer production with inputs/outputs New fertilizer price Waste Water DS 3 NaCl Scenario Analysis Prosperity CO2 % Rec. Phosphate Rivers, seas, lakes… Agricultural use CO2 CO2 emmisions Transport Base case price 1) Produce 100 KTons/a 2) Use recycled P sources 3) Economically atractive 4) Sustainable (3P-constraints) #4 " Survival Mode" Fertilizer (Market) Human Consumption Performance comparison People Ashes Prosperity 400 $/tonne Sewage sludge Process Integration Fertiliser 4 Factor SNB incinerator 1.5 Factor 3 Factor

Postgraduate Presentation

Transcript: PG Presentation What we offer What we offer PGT & PGR PGT & PGR 2010 1982 PGT is... PGR is... PhD, PhD by publication, MPhil and profdoc. Full-time & Part-time Full-time & Part-time Campus or DL Campus or DL 70,000 50 years 310,000 12,100 41 100+ Entry requirements -qualificatio... Entry requirements -qualifications -work experience -language requirements enquiry form to find a supervisor OUR OFFICES San Francisco New York Houston London Brussels Beijing Hong Kong how to apply how to apply Application form Application form Fast Track Fast Track Deadlines Deadlines flexible Can change your mind at any time What we are looking What we are looking -Two supporting references (flexible) -Strong personal statement -Academic qualifications -Professional work experience/qualifications -Research proposal (PGR) -Supervisor details (if you have been in contact) -Project code (if you have one) After you have applied After you have applied 1 - PGT - Aim to respond it 10 working days PGR - can take longer We'll let you know our decision by email and then we'll ask you to reply to that offer. Please be aware that this is flexible and it's possible to change your reply later if you wish. Interviews - For some courses, applicants will be invited to attend interviews. If you're not sure whether your course requires an interview, please contact us and we will advise you. 2- offer 3- 31/08/2018 - deadline Send ASAP But can be flexible and can accept evidence of results after this date (before the course starts). Things to remember Things to remember 31/08/2018 Send ASAP But can be flexible and can accept evidence of results after this date (before the course starts). flexible flexible deadlines deadlines funding/scholarships funding/scholarships Your contact details are correct Your contact details are correct Contact us Contact us

Postgraduate presentation

Transcript: Reflecting on the violent nature of the law on the material and psychological well being of non-white individuals Ubuntu - Benjamin - Bennett - Department of Land Affairs v Goedgelegen Tropical Fruits (Pty) Ltd Note: -non-white is used purposely to manage the tension that emerges when 'black' is used to describe all individuals of colour -It is not meant to be a complete account rather it is an attempt at a 360 degree understanding of the apartheid state's impact on the non-white individual Personhood: A civil tradition of economics: - pursues economic objectives which include employment, wealth and income - progress is modelled on a theory of rational choice - Weber's 4 social interactions 1. instrumentally rational action (example of the chocolate) 2. value action 3. affectual action 4. traditional action Human flourishment: The model ignores the complexity that is inherent in the decision-making process of an economic agent and too quickly assumes an "either" or scenario. The effect is to produce a model of welfare that is premised on simplified choices, the selection of which determine how best to maximise welfare. - eudaimonia or human flourishment (the focus of the presentation) - personhood -ubuntu - Flourishment and District 6 - Flourishment and Master Harold and the Boys Rasmussen: 1) objective 2) inclusive 3) individualised 4) agent-relative 5) self-directed 6) social - West African conceptions - Akan and Yoruba accounts - Southern African conception - communalism thesis How is this current approach understood? The purpose of the paper is achieved through reflecting on: - the role of social institutions in giving effect to and maintaining the law Underkluffer's property system (1) state-citizen and (2) possessor of property entitlements and third parties i.e. the objective of the maintenance of equal resource endowments Hardin's limited nature of certain resources i.e. property along the Cape Town Atlantic Seaboard - the manner in which the law can be used to create spatial distribution that supports the maintenance of the law Accepting that social institutions and spatial patterns once created are difficult to change the paper reflects on the embedded nature of apartheid and how the current approach to transformative constitutionalism is insufficient The purpose of the paper is to explore the nature, effect and consequences of the law as well as the externalities of the law A broad understanding of the impact of the apartheid legal order on non-white individuals Postgraduate Presentation 26 July 2016 Richard Bryce A more fuller understanding of transformative constitutionalism can be achieved through relying on three theoretical thoughts -

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