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Transcript: Likelihood to Recommend Net Promoter Score Timeline Timeline 5/1: Re-Introduce positioning 5/2: Team Buy-In 5/3:Monitor calls to listen for NPS behaviors, give feedback 5/4: follow-up Goal Goal The metric goal for community 11 is 61. Detail Detail Moving forward, the goal for the team is Consistency. In March, Community 11 was #1, and had an NPS of 60.1 (the goal was 57). Reps were given scripting to use to help with NPS, however a lot of reps have fallen away from the scripting, so CONSISTENCY is going to be key. Positioning Positioning Branding Branding By the way, we just made contacting us even easier! Once you update your T-Mobile app you will have the option to message with us. There will be a small message icon that you can click on and start a conversation with us. From there you will get to one of your awesome TEX reps Monday through Friday 9am-8pm. Thanks for calling your Midwest Team of Experts here at T-Mobile. How can I help make your day better? The Team Of Experts is here every day to take care of your needs! Mon thru Fri 7am to 9pm and Sat and Sun 8am to 8pm Un-Carrier Moves Un-Carrier Moves Un-Carrier Moves DOC 423781 Netflix on Us Taxes Included T-Mobile Tuesday Wi-Fi Unleashed Carrier Freedom Simple Global Upgrades for all Create Value Create Value Let customers know the benefits provided by T-Mobile, other than Un-Carrier Moves • Example: I can totally understand the need for high speed hotspot! You can get UNLIMITED high speed hotspot for only $25 a month! It also includes discounted international calling rates, unlimited HD Streaming and so much more! • Example: Since you have auto pay, you are saving an extra $5 per line, for a total of $40 in savings EVERY MONTH! • Example: You can communicate freely with your friends and family in Mexico and Canada! All calls and texts are free, and you can even visit them and enjoy the same amazing service at no additional cost! • Other examples: Smart Picks, Smart Phone Equality, Apple Care, KickBack, Refer-A-Friend program, Advantage Rewards, Binge On/Music Freedom (for the grandfathered Plans), Pin Port, Messaging, TEX Re-Build the Relationship Re-Build the Relationship o “I am upset at the store/I keep having to call about this same issue”  Instead of only saying “I am here to make this right for you” try saying “I am so sorry you experienced that. That is unacceptable at T-Mobile, and I am going to make this right today!”  In these situations, resolution is the best fixer when it comes to NPS. Getting the issue resolved is key in getting a great NPS. o Billing/Payment Arrangements  Use positive word choice when explaining billing charges and not being able to reset payment arrangements. o Promotions  Fix it! Reduce the customer’s effort, and help fix the issue. Most Bill-Credit promotions can be re-enrolled, if the customer qualifies (like switching to the right plan) and most rebates can still be submitted up to 90 days later (by calling rebate care for the customer)  If it cannot be fixed, try thinking of an outside of the box solution for the customer, like offering a free line or a discounted plan/feature (free one plus, or 55plus plan) o Device issues/Service issues  Exhaust all troubleshooting efforts before trying to transfer the customer to technical support. Use GC, and C2 if needed. Customers do not like to be transferred, so fixing the issue for them through messaging will always be the best option!  Give the benefits of insurance and Apple Care. Give the benefits of coverage devices. DETRACTER ALERT These are also the top reasons why customers score down, so its important to be able tp relate to the customer and use empathy to help! Compliment the Customer Compliment the customer and thank them for their efforts. Thanks customers for using auto pay and recognize tenure. Compliment their phone choice, plan choice, etc. Compliment the Customer Handouts Pillars The Pillars Staying Longer Reduce Effort Deepening the Relationship Follow Through Follow Through Since the real goal for Community 11 is consistency, follow up is going to be super important. Coaches/TM/CRE will listen to calls daily and coach back on every call to give kudos and recommendations to reps. This will also give leaders a chance to help reps through calls that may be difficult situations with possible retracters. Every rep will be listened to and coached everyday. There is also same-day feedback given when lower scores are received. With messaging being new to TEX, our leaders will be engaging early on "difficult" conversations in order to help prevent any negative NPS scores. This will allow us to also teach/help our leaders understand messaging, especially with us having a lower number of UP scores as compaired tp voice reps. Messaging


Transcript: NPS NPS! Net Performer Score HOW TO IMPROVE POWER WORDS I can I will I have Power Words Ownership I can take care of this. I will get this fixed. I have ensured this won't happen again. OWNERSHIP SETTING EXPECTATIONS This will arrive to you on x date. Our concierge follow-up team will contact you within 1-2bd. Your refund will take 3-5bd to process. SETTING EXPECTATIONS I will follow up with you within 1bd. Nonstop will call you within 2bd. Our delivery partner will call/email you within 2bd. CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE If YOU don't believe you, your customer will not feel that you are giving them a proper or long term resolution. Even if you are not sure how to proceed, assure the customer that you are, and seek help! Make our customers confident in our partners as well - FedEx, Comenity, Suppliers. 1 You VS CMT THE PROBLEM COMMON PROBLEMS 1. Customer calls in with a minor issue (such as a small parcel address change after shipping) that cannot be resolved today and requires follow up. The package is not set for delivery until 4 days from now. You want to resolve their issue as soon as possible, but know that you are off work for the next day. How do you proceed? A. Tell them it will be fixed tomorrow (lie) B. Assign CMT and have them follow up C. Apologize you are off the next day, but offer to fix it the following day D. Tell them to call again ANSWER ANSWER This is an easy solution - if you don't have too much on your plate at the time and know you will be in the office, offer to fix it the following day you are in. This enhances the customer experience and can vastly improve your NPS based off a single, simple contact! If you are not expected to be in the office within the given timeframe, it is possible to assign a CMT. WHEN TO HAVE CMT FOLLOW UP #1 #2 #3 CMT FOLLOW UP Customer calls in with complex issue Figure out the core issue - what can be done now? What needs to be done later? Open CMT ticket, write detailed description of the issue, set expectations for customer 2 QUICK NPS FIXES 2 THE PROBLEM THE PROBLEM Customer calls in and already has a CMT assigned to their order and are simply expressing their frustration at the situation. The order has not been worked on by CMT yet or the previous SSC aside from the CMT ticket. What are some easy solutions to help the customer? A. Transfer to assigned CMT/CMT queue B. Offer 10% SAVE coupon C. Offer discount on existing order PLAN ANSWER B and C are both valid answers. 10% SAVE coupons are ideal, as they invite return shopping, are an instant solution, and customers love coupons! Some customers will refuse this 10% SAVE coupon, but assure them that we will be able to issue a 10% discount on this problematic order right now (if applicable). We do not want to transfer to CMT if it has not been worked on by the assigned person yet. TIMELINE TIMELINE Whenever giving a coupon, be sure to let the customer know it lasts 2 months and the expiration is stated in the email as well. When issuing a refund, be sure to let the customer know it will take 3-5 business days to process and be available. 3 3 EDUCATE, INFORM, BE REALISTIC EDUCATE TEACH THE CUSTOMER We can help our NPS as well as our FCR by educating our customer. Tracking replacement parts, viewing pre-paid labels, reporting damage etc. is all available online and we can give the customer the tools needed to help them value their own time by using these. Even if you simply mention to the customer that this is possible, most of the time they will ask for more information. If it is information pertinent to their exact situation, I generally educate them right away with a short and sweet explanation. INFORM INFORM Always inform your customer of any changes on their orders. It may require diving into a complex problem, but it definitely will affect their attitude towards Wayfair (and in turn, you) if you are upfront and honest, rather than giving them a vague answer and requiring them to call back later. BE REALISTIC TIMELINE Be realistic! If you are ordering parts, be realistic with their arrival time frame. You can always let the customer know we do place a high priority on our replacement parts and that they can check their replacement part status online at any time.

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