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Transcript: Impact through Inclusive & Sustainable Urbanism Brief intro of the platform and community. 08th Oct 2021 GLOBAL Networks & Communities of urban professionals GLOBAL Partnerships . To share best practices . To elevate dialogue & research LOCAL Partnerships . Knowledge Partners (universities, urban labs) LOCAL Networks & Communities of urban professionals and alumni RISE Think Tank How do you build COMMUNITY? A COMMUNITY IS MORE THAN A NETWORK NIU COMMUNITY "Networks tend to be transactional. Communities embody a shared identity, are committed to supporting the needs of their members and work together towards a common goal" WHO? The right members NIU; WHO are we? A community of diverse, interdisciplinary researchers and professionals PEOPLE The first members of any community are those who will set the standard of quality and tone for everyone else. "There is no community without HUMAN CONNECTIONS and quality of people & relationships" WHY? The right reasons To support each other on our personal, academic and professional journeys. REASONS NIU; WHY do we exist? NIU is a platform for collaboration, social, and knowledge exchange. WHO + WHY = IDENTITY WHO + WHY A sense of identity strengthens the foundation of a successful community and informs all other elements around it. An identity is defined and reflected by: How we define Success Shared Purpose Shared Values IDENTITY HOW? STRATEGY EXPERIENCE STRUCTURE IDENTITY operational elements of running a community Translates identity into concrete activities that create value for members. There are other tools and frameworks that have been developed for building offline and virtual community strategies such as CMX. Do you know any others Shared EXPERIENCE CONTENT RITUALS RULES What could our Journeys together look like? These journeys aspire and intend to help us in our personal and professional growth and evolution. Member JOURNEYS "The traveler is the journey" The journey of lifelong learning and growth LEARNING & GROWTH Exploring new areas of knowledge and big ideas to inspire us and to expand our horizons in a way that informs our work as well as our personal and professional growth. To express what they want to dive deeper into with knowledge. Tailored individual & collective learning Learning circles Workshops Book & video clubs Webinars Online courses Role of community members and then co-create the journey with other members. Sharing experiences story-telling Career development Building our skills and abilities to grow in our careers and businesses. CAREER DEV. Role of community members HOW? Informative sessions Workshops (tailored +through partnerships) Sharing stories of success & failure Referrals Sharing market opportunities Collaborating on joint projects The journey of leading a more balanced and meaningful life Maintaining our well-being as individuals and as a community. PURPOSE & WELL-BEING Role of community members HOW? Sharing tips & tools Leading practical sessions (any hidden talents in the room?) Informative sessions Practical Sessions Collective Well-being BEING WELL AND DOING WELL source: "Central to the idea of collective wellbeing is the interconnectedness of all things. In accepting this idea, we recognize the interconnectedness of our own basic needs, within ourselves – the interconnectedness of each other in our social environments – and the interconnectedness of everything beyond the human species. Wellbeing is intrinsically collective. And in accepting the idea of interconnectedness, we can also recognize that it is though our actions, from moment to moment, that we determine our collective wellbeing. " "It makes little sense to think about being well without also thinking about doing well" HOW? EXPERIENCE STRUCTURE IDENTITY operational elements of running a community Translates identity into concrete activities that create value for members. PLATFORMs Governance Shared EXPERIENCE CONTENT Data management RITUALS


Transcript: Value Chain Activities Implementation Plan for #1 Assessing Resources and Capabilities Create the ability to expand successfully. No defects allowed through selection (Packaging/six biomechanics). Accept nothing less than absolute excellence. Purchasing Goods. Inventory selected. Promotion of new products. Locations. Coffee bar experience. Customer service. Strategic Group Map Functional Level Differentiation through Production International Level Home replication Core Inadequacies (W/O) Improve brand recognition to capitalize on expansion into new markets. Maximum Exposure (W/T) Improve brand recognition to protect against competitive rivals. Three main competitors were identified: Coasta Coffee, Starbucks, and Tchibo. Overall competitive ratings for each company were fairly close to Illy Espresamente’s. Areas of Operation Leadership and Governance Summarizing Stakeholder Management (BSC) The Five Forces Vision An exclusive destination with an emphasis on quality and aesthetics. Recognized as the only authentic Italian bar chain delivering superior customer satisfaction to premium transit coffee lovers. Arenas The firm is active in a coffee products market that competes internationally. Vehicles Espressamente has been franchising all of its locations. Differentiators Offering customers a different experience from the typical coffee shops. Using the six bichromatic system to provide quality. Economic logic Provides a unique experience plus the company ensures high quality of coffee beans with its advanced technology. Staging The firm is a slow mover. TOWS Analysis Key Success Factors Execution Plan for #1 Present Strategic Profile cont. Capabilities Execution Plan cont. Adding Value to Customers Shared values: Mission statement. Strategy: The company puts high emphasis on the coffee bean quality, a unique high-class environment with affordable rate. Structure: CEO (Andrea Illy) Vice Chairman (Ricardo Illy) President (Anna Rossi Illy) Vice President (Anna Illy) Systems: strict budgeting and quality control systems. six bichromatic system Style: high quality Italian experience. Staff: Loyal employees, forms a career for existing employees. Skills: perfecting the coffee beans by eliminating the defected ones before production. Purchasing and Shipment Quality Control Distribution Retail and Wholesale Consumers: Gains knowledge of the brand therefore impacting their purchase decisions. Employees: Have to adopt to customer’s expectation of brand image. Top Management: •Increase budget of marketing department •Make campaign is well received Large industry, rapidly growing Second most heavily traded commodity in the world behind oil Sales of US $70 billion in 2005 High market saturation / extremely competitive Most companies compete nationally and globally Short distribution channel Little to no vertical integration Location Finance Plant and Equipment Service Competitive Strength Assessment Recommendations Improve brand recognition by adopting an aggressive marketing campaign. Expand product breadth to increase types of customers. Increase locations to compete against stronger competitors. Performance Assessment Internal Alignment (7Ss) Costa Coffee-closest competitor. Nearly 1,400 locations in more than 25 countries. Specializes in coffee and tea products. Espressamente-200 locations in over 30 countries. Stakeholder Impacts Current Industry Framework Beyond the mind Product Development Marketing and Sales Distribution Manufacturing Purchasing Resources Adapting to global demands cultural differences transportation distances Crowded industry competitor strength Leadership and Governance Power Play (S/O) Use product quality as a way to expand into new markets. Defensive Postures (S/T) Use product quality to compete against substitute products. Illy Premium coffee and espresso producer Espressamente High-end coffee bar experience Quality and Geographic Coverage Starbucks is the industry leader High price, high quality. Maintains operations in numerous international locations. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Costa Coffee in same strategic circle. Similar product quality, geographic coverage. Present Strategic Profile CEO: Andrea Illy Vice Chairman: Ricardo Illy President: Anna Rossi Illy Vice President: Anna Illy SWOT Analysis TOWS Analysis cont. Closest Competitor Analysis Linor Elya, David Kenney, Dalton, Joshua Nichols Noto, Jessica Smith PESTLE Analysis Diamond Strategy Illy’s Espressamente Essential Challenges Corporate Level Single Business Innovation and Diversification Business Level Differentiation Strategic Group Map

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