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Transcript: OSU Recreational & Intramural Sport Department Thank You! ` Oregon State University Oregon State The Website! Sports Opportunities. Basketball Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Football Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Golf Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Rowing Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Soccer Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Wrestling Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Sports& Teams Sports All participants must create an IMLeagues account and have an active IM Pass to be eligible to register for intramural sport leagues, tournaments, and events for that term. Log into IMLeagues from the OSU Rec Sports website to create an account and obtain an IM Pass. Registration for specific activities will be completed online through IMLeagues. How to register. How to register. Fitness Classes Fitness Classes Cardio Kick Boxing Choreography and basic boxing skills grow together through the term in this heart-pounding workout. Zumba Designed to engage and captivate for life, Zumba® fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves. Have a blast while working out in this calorie-burning, body-energizing program. Picture Picture <im <img src=" On-campus employment works well for students because it is often flexible, part-time and convenient. These opportunities work particularly well for people without readily available transportation or for international students who do not yet have authorization to work off campus. You can find on-campus employment (including internships, administrative, lab positions, etc.) through Oregon State’s internal job board. The same positions can be found on Handshake. Get the Most Out of Handshake. Note that “work study” is a program that provides certain offices and faculty across campus with federal funding to hire qualified students. You may apply for work study positions if you are eligible through your financial aid package. Learn

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Transcript: ‘Context’ • Definition: the factors shaping the circumstances of a statement and the perception of it, in terms of how much of it can be completely understood. • Countries in Asia, the Middle East and Southern Europe are typically dominated by ‘high context’ culture • Countries in North America, Northern, and Western Europe often are ‘low context’ cultures ‘Low context’ • In ‘low context’ cultures most messages are overt and explicit • Highly mobile environments such as the Canada and the US, where people come and go, need lower ‘context’ culture • Communication in ‘low context’ cultures is direct and clear & Low commitment to relationship, transmitting the task is more important than relationships • ‘Low context’ cultures argumentation and rhetoric are used in advertising, whereas symbolism and indirect expressions are commonly found in advertisements in ‘high context’ cultures High Context ad: Japan: Suntory beer - Comprehend: Corporate meeting/social gathering over beer at night. Uncomprehensible meaning resides in: - Non-verbal language, hand gestures. - Unexplaind interactions/relationships. - Implicit communication. Not translated into low-context cultue. Introduction ”Finally a lite products we, as men, understand. 30 % less calories, 4.1 % alcohol. ” Comprehensible meaning: Dilemma between health and taste. The Carlsberg solution: Same amount of alcohol, less calories. Meaning resides in: - Explicit non-verbal language, outward reaction . - Sound effect. - Overt messages - Summarizing statement. Beyond Culture: High Context Culture Low context examples Conclusion Published in 1976 Contains simple but logical comments on culture and its influence on our behaviour -> “it provides a good understanding of the manner in which culture conditions us to perceive our world, and the people who inhabit it, in certain predetermined ways.” (Pacific Sun) Introduces the concept of “high and low context culture” Low context ad: Denmark: Carlsberg Lite ‘High context’ •Requires people to understand the rules, by using their knowledge of contextual elements •People in ‘high context’ cultures rely more on indirect language, many covert and implicit messages, with use of metaphor and reading between the lines. •Communication tends to be through words, the tone of the voice, body language, timing, facial expressions, eye contact, and the use of silence as pauses • ‘High context’ cultures are more relationship-oriented, community and the traditional way of doing things are very important High context examples Example: Low Context American anthropologist and cross-cultural researcher Influential colleague of the well-known media theorist Marshall McLuhan Gradually developed his concept of “cultural dimensions”, which he described in several books. Thank you for your attention! Concept Differences: • Behaviour (verbal / nonverbal) • Emotional expressions • Relationship-building • Directness/indirectness Example: High context High Context Culture vs. Low Context Culture Konrad Schneider Jakub Drwiega High or Low Context Culture? Edward T. Hall (1914-2009):

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Transcript: My target audience is of the black youth culture, Christians/ non- Christians aged 14-24 interested in rap/hip-hop. I chose this group as rap/hip-hop has always been popular among youth but making it from a Christian perspective will open it up to a wider audience. People may argue non- Christians will not be interested in thing to do with Christianity but many youth nowadays in the stressful life we are living are looking for hope. When publishing my magazine I will issue it once a month, if it is too regular people will get bored and tired of it, if it hardly gets purchased then purchases will forget about it. So it is key to get the right balance. The price of magazine will be £4.50 a price of quality ,some may argue this is quite expensive for a magazine new to the industry especially as there is so much competition. However I will draw people in by advertising free gifts, album , ticket etc. With it only being monthly this is not a lot and a magazine status means a lot, if people buy a cheap magazine they will not read every article, enter every completion and so on, but when a magazine cost a bit more than the cheap price magazines customers will engage with the magazine more as they want to make their money worth it. The price of a magazine can tell consumers what to expect – e.g.a cheap price = bad quality. See an example below. Some may say youth will not be persuaded to invest in a magazine of this price but the youth culture these days is ‘who can buy the most costly things’ this is supported by my magazine selling fashionable items as well. Investors may not want to invest in my product at first but with the magazine being one that seeks to change youths live many will be anxious in having their name behind it. I will also offer my first investor 40% of my incomes which is a tempting offer. It is made up of just black and white showing his slickness and power. One picture on half of the page gives the picture a strong presence and impression. Even the way the masthead is placed as if there is a mirror in the middle is very creative and individual. The drop cap at the beginning draws peoples eyes to the text. Not all double paged spread has to have load of colours, two or three colours bring variety and still makes it look professional. Subheadings are key as they are what draws the reader to even reading certain article. The subheading to the left show supports the fact that this is a gospel magazine. A the bottom of the text I have the date and issue number to re-inform the reader of this magazine. This is how my double page spread works Model 1 Hip hop and economics are two word that should not go together this oxymoron is very confusing but this confusion will encourage people to buy the magazine to find out what lies behind this cover line. The picture on the left was intended to bring a change to the continuous music theme in the magazine and introduce something to do with fashion. Most of ones music magazine should be about music but the readers should not be over whelmed with it as well. Front cover To the left you see a picture of the group with two VIPs. I have the number '37' as a point of reference and the teaser to give the readers an idea of what that article is about This is my contents page Final 3 I changed the picture through photoshop and customised it to black and white. The reason why I changed it was that the context of the interview was about light coming into her life. Her looking into the sky is meant to show she is thinking 'I wonder what my life will be like in the future. The background of this picture would of taken up unnecessary space on my magazine and it would of not looked appealing for the background of a magazine. Through the lasso tool I cut out unwanted space and through the clone tool I covered areas that reflected the light- both these tools are apart of Photoshop. Final 2 In the highlighted text on the right you see although this is a music magazine it still talks about other subjects their target audience will be interested in, where in this case 'style', All youth, boys and girls are always interested in fashion. And the third one: Key points of contents page I have put it catchy phrases, repetition, music event, oxymoron's and colloquial language that all draw people in. With my images I put teasers on them to link it to the genre and choose appropriate background and as you see below- costumes are always important in showing what genre your music is. I chose my dominant story based on the fact youth are always interested in shocking stories and this is one. When arranging my page I put my subheadings under sections; events and viewpoint as a point of quick way to direct one to their favourite part of the magazine. This is why I think that double spread works My aim of taking these three pictures was to support the idea this is a music magazine. I do this by having headsets involved in each photo; the first picture is meant represent a artist having two

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Transcript: We will quickly review where you go to get your information now. Management Information How many reports needed? <<Session name>> <<insert two tables in here and animate so that decision category and mi needs first and remaining 3 columns after - use pin to right to highlight if there are dupes that may need looking at>> <<insert list of decision categories in here>> Operational decisions occur on a daily basis and are made considering the risk to the business. An example might be when to re-order a particular item of stock. Another could be to determine how many operative staff will be required to complete a task. Strategic decisions are those which affect the long term performance of the business and which relate directly to its aims and objectives. An example might be in planning what lines of stock to have for the next season to maximise sales and performance. <<insert source of data picture of table in here>> <<insert picture of table of data asked for but not used in here>> MI Needs Where you get your information now Decisions around... The objective of this session is to .... We have some questions we need you to help with. Some may have been answered but let's go through them to make sure. Decisions and MI needs MI is used to make informed decisions: Where do you get your MI from now? How is the MI delivered What decision type does it support Where did the need come from Information <<update audience and MI Needs count numbers in here>> Questions What is needed for a <<insert audience group>> to support decisions? <<insert any other issues in here and use pin (if used to highlight before) here too>> Information asked for - where will it be used? Decisions Confirm the decisions you are going to make from using the new MI Confirm the combination of information and detail that you need Clarify where do you get your MI today Answer any questions we may have XX MI Needs in total for: XX support strategic decisions XX support operational decisions

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