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Product launch Marketing Plan

Transcript: ePOS Delivery Agent App by Cashfree Product Launch Strategy 31/12/2020 By Surbhi Aggarwal SUMMARY SUMMARY 1. Pre-launch Research Content Building Media Plan 2. Launch Communication Launch Support to CSM 3. Post Launch Stats Analysis Improvements if needed PRE-LAUNCH Pre launch of the app will consist of activities which will act as a support as well as foundation for the launch period PLANNING The marketing planning for the ePOS delivery agent app will include activities ranging from cracking the positioning strategy to personify that communication in the minds of the consumer. Teams Involved Product | Design | Marketing Discussion with Product Team Create step wise in-app screenshots Internal walkthrough video Set launch Goal Launch ROI targets and other strategies For eg. No. of App downloads, Referral Traffic, Website queries etc Market Research Competitor Research Research about the closest offering by the competitors (Instamojo, pinelabs, Razorpay etc) Their positioning narrative and market response to the offering Their Product value gaps and communication gaps which we might fill Persona Building Defining the touchpoints of the customers Geography to target (cities) What customers will value How will they make purchase decision Customer Touchpoints Customer Touchpoints Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Twitter Youtube Online Podcast Google Ads In-App notification Email Blast Whatsapp Triggers TVC Radio Out of home posters and flyers (with QR code linked to Playstore) Offline Stratification on the basis of geography for eg. Region wise (north, south, east or west), City wise (Tier 1, 2 or 3) etc Geo-Targeting Determining product and feature name (which the product already has in our case i.e. ePOS Delivery Agent app) Charting out the USP Writing messaging & positioning brief Positioning Strategy USP of ePOS app is one click Integration of Payment Gateway to your business USP Align Sales & Support Team Align Sales & Support Team Preparing presentation and collateral for the new offering i.e. ePOS Delivery Agent app Charting out the target customer base for the communication Explaining the USPs and positioning strategy in the market Discussing ROI targets and future scopes Identify Marketing Channels Social Media Channel A The targeted merchants will be available on social media platforms, hence targeting them via organic and paid techniques will be increase the awareness LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter Video Platforms Channel B YouTube -Video (Tutorial | Promotional) Podcast platforms such as spotify Google Ads Channel C Hence, Search & display ads on google and YouTube Research says that in 2020, the term "online store" was searched 4 times more as compared to 2019. Those searching for online store would be expecting online payments as well. Other Digital Platforms Channel D In-App notifications, Email Whatsapp Mass Media Channel E TVC Radio Out of home posters and flyers When to release what communication on which platform Create Media Plan Set up campaign calendar Set up campaign calendar In Digital: Social media calendar, Email calendar, Ads calendar, SEO calendar, In-app notification calendar etc) & In Offline TVC broadcasting calendar Radio Jingle Frequency & Calendar Develop Plan for Testing A dipstick testing for the entire communication and media planning by sending out some collateral to a sample audience. Creating Press Plan Local Newspaper Publication Selecting publications to release the launch news (online) Finalize Press Release (Content and dates) Create PR Plan Update homepage Create new landing page Update CSM (Customer Sales Management) Website update CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT Content and Design creatives based on the planning Writing creative brief Derived from Positioning Brief Create marketing assets for targeted channels YouTube Video 1 tutorial 1 promotional (animated or narrative etc) WhatsApp Content Whatsapp promo creative and copy TV commercial (60 sec) shoot or production (Agency finalization>>production>>media relations>>broadcasting plan) Posts Creatives, Static Posts and Infographics (For In-app notifications & Digital Platforms in various sizes) Blogs Product Explained | Industry Benefits & Applicability | How to__ Radio ad jingle Video Ads snippet (10 sec Advertorial) for Platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and OTT like Hotstar, MX player, SonyLiv etc) Emailers (Prelaunch | Launch | Post Launch ), online newsletter Podcast With a senior leader of the team explaining the product and the ease it will bring to the payment gateway space Nurturing Email campaign Social media postings Link Building Plan PROMOTION LAUNCH Media Plan Launch Media Plan Launch Channel A to D (Digital): First Stage Channel E & F ( Offline): 2nd Stage Consistent Interaction with Support Team Support to Sales and Customer support Team Referral Program Referral Program We can run referral program for the merchants providing them incentive on every new merchant onboard #1 #3 #2 Incentive credit Sharing

New product launch

Transcript: If only Data Center could cost you less... Energy-related costs account for around 12% of overall data centre expenditure. Gartner said energy costs are the fastest rising cost in the data centre. If only we could cut energy costs or have it for free: Solar panels are one of the least cost-effective ways of combating climate change and will take 100 years to pay back their installation costs, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) warned yesterday. Jeremy Leggett, executive chairman of Solar Century, complained that Rics' figures failed to assume any rise in energy prices, when a conservative estimate of 10 per cent a year would transform the calculations. He estimated the current payback of power-generating PV panels was 13 years. or ? Vertical exhaust duct system with wind generators that can generate up to 15% of data-center energy requirements. A retrofit version that can be installed in existing Panduit vertical exhaust duct is also available Features and Benefits Reduces Energy costs Uses redundant space No planning restrictions Excellent ROI available Green Credentials Future proofing Constant return as wind speed consistent Typical airflow speed is 4m/s in a datacenter, but this will increase within the exhaust duct if we assume 6m/s. 3 turbines will provide 0.15kw which equates to 5% of the energy needed However 1 interesting fact is that as the airflow increases the power generated increases exponentially at 10m/s 3 turbines will generate 0.5kw which equates to 15% of the energy needed. Therefore you can increase the cooling rate enabling you to add higher density switches at minimal or no increase in energy costs. Return on Investment The return on investment depends on the airflow speed in the data-center at airflow speeds of 5m/s you should be able to generate between 5% and 10% of total energy requirements. As airflow increases your total return increases exponentially. In a tier IV data-center with 700 cabinets you could save between $2.5 to $5million per annum on energy costs. New Product Launch


Transcript: Geographic: Region- Semi-urban, Urban. Psychographic: Lifestyle: Sports oriented, outdoor oriented and family oriented. Personality: Ambitious, Individualistic. Behavioral: Occasions: regular, special. Benefits: quality, economic and taste. Men and women age 15-35 PRODUCT : Products are the goods of the company that they offer to their target market. Currently, Ice up is the first Product. PROMOTION : We have some ideas related to the advertisement and promotion. Selection of the media vehicle will depend largely on the target market. The company’s target market comprises of youngsters between the age group of 13-26. Following are the media through which the company will reach the target market. Television Social Media Billboards Magazine Newspaper Radio Outdoor advertisement Question’s Please ?? & Thank You… INTRODUCTION SEGMENTATION PRINCIPLE OF MARKETING PRODUCT LAUNCH First carbonated drink which can be made by powder. Easy to carry a carbonated drink in your pocket. Instant and easy to make. Chiller crystal. ICE UP Based on our market studies and findings, we are confident that the launch of Ice up will penetrate the existing market and thrive. CONCLUSION Market Positioning YES NO Increase Population Changing Social Trend Government Regulation Corporation’s Shortage Problem Packaging Decline in taste Short term Approach Weak Distribution Lack of Soft Drink WEAKNESSES: Continental beverages Ltd. Must strive hard to occupy a very distinctive position in the mind of customers by giving them superior quality products. They should emphasis on the careful delivery of their products. They ensure that RC Cola reaches to customers in the same condition in which it was made. Secondly, they should hold the position of RC Cola in the mind of the customers as a cool and refreshing drink by using this tagline: “Be free, drink RC” TARGET MARKET PLACE : we are using 25 direct routes (means own vans) and 35 indirect routes (different distributors work for them) to distribute their products in the market. This franchise has two warehouses one in the site area (behind the manufacturing plant) and another in the Clifton area. Currently, they are working to expand their distribution network. MALE 65 % FEMALE 35% MARKETING MIX Presented by : HAMID SAEED BABER TARIQ AZHAR HUSSAIN FAHAD ALI KHAN Presented To : HAMMAD UR REHMAN MARKETING MIX 250mg 500mg 750mg STRENGTHS: SWOT ANALYSIS MARKETING MIX Quality Conscious Good Relation with Franchise THREATS: OPPORTUNITIES: Ice Up is a new carbonated powder drink . It is a first carbonated drink in powdered form. Ice Up comes in four different flavors: Blueberry Pineapple Apple Orange PRICE ICE UP is available in three packaging: 250mg 500mg 750mg A 250mg of Ice up make 250 ml carbonated drink similarly 500mg make 500ml and 750 make 750 ml drink the prices are different in one crate 24 pieces and each packet of 250mg category is of Rs. 480, similarly 500mg is of Rs. 960 and 750mg crate is Rs. 1440.. means one pack 250 mg is of Rs. 20, 500 mg is of Rs. 40 and 750 mg is of Rs. 60 .... Do you think our product is giving you benefit in anyway ? MARKETING RESEARCH MARKETING MIX GENDER % : USP OF PRODUCT

New Product Launch

Transcript: End-use Customer Quality and style Classy chick or romantically pre-aged look Target market - 20-30 years old female Competitors: 'Marks & Spencer' , 'Maison Scotch, 'The White Company' Competitor Products Customer expectations Fabric Structure • the herringbone structure • has a lot of cover due the closeness of the structure • uses slipped stitch • similar to woven fabric in appearance and elasticity 1x1 rib structure • have cover but lower than the herringbone structure Stitch density • the stitches are closely bond • dimensionally stable Stitch length • short stitches Finishes • milling to make the hair fibers more softer and cohesive • compressive shrinkage Sold in high-end clothing departments: Harvey Nichols, Debenhams, House of Frasers Internationally in other countries like France - Galeries Lafayette, Italy - La Rinascente, Germany - Galeria Kaufhof am Alexanderplatz, etc. The White Company Long sleeve, roll neck jumper Two Ply, 100% cashmere Dry clean Sold in The White Company Boutiques, luxury department stores Price £110 Target customer: 30-40 year old ladies, valuing quality and classic style Product Name: Holly Firth Age: 27 Town: Leeds Marital Status: Single Occupation: Office Administrator Wage: £15,000 - £21,000 per year Hobbies: Rock climbing, runs marathons, baking, reading, going to the theatre, computer gaming, going to the races. Style Icon: Grace Kelly and Michelle Obama Likes: Shopping trips to: Harvey Nichols, Debenhams, Next, Guess, French Connection, Lakeland, Waitrose. Day and night trips to London to see shows, galleries and museums. Likes going on girl day trips with her mum and sister, they go to the spa, shows and theatre Runs marathons with her dad and likes jogging with her dog Family: Mum nurse, dad hotel manager, sister happily married. Has a dog named Ralph. Is very close to her family and is a loving aunt to her nephew who she plays computer games with. Music: Listens to classical music (Vivaldi), rock (Kings of Leon) and some new pop music (Beyonce). Films: Horror (The Conjuring), drama (Cafe de Flore) and rom coms (We are the Millers) TV: Emerdale, Coronation street, NCIS LA, NCIS, True Blood, Criminal Minds, Once up on a Time, Homeland Jumper Roll neck collar(knit stitch 1x1rib), long sleeves, herringbone stitch on the front Soft handle, provides warmth Made of cashmere or merino wool The price £100-120 Maison Scotch Long sleeve, round crew neck jumper Mohair blend Hand wash Sold in Maison Scotch boutiqies and luxury department stores like Harvey Nichols Price £155 Target Customer: 20-30 year old fashionable ladies Design and create a plan for new product launch for a mock up clothing company. The product is a roll neck jumper for a company such as 'The white company'. Aesthetics: • Herringbone knit structure on body and sleeves, • Subtle silver yarn knitted in to the rib round cuff, collar and waistband. • Indigo • Sleek • Urban Chic • Goes well with many things • Can be worn on celebratory occasion or casually Fit: • Loose on herringbone knit • close-fitting on the rib Comfort and Handle: • Light weight • Warm on cool days, cool on warm days • Breathable • Easy to wear under outerwear • Soft • Warm • Fine Brand Fabric Specifications Main Idea Thank you for your attention Marks&Spencer Long sleeve, roll neck jumper Two Ply, 100% cashmere Hand wash or dry clean Sold in M&S stores Price £99 Target customer: 30-40 year old females, valuing brand and quality Fibre Content • cashmere with cashmere and Lurex mix • the care label will say 96% Cashmere and 4% Lurex Yarn type • combed • the fibres where carded before • the fibres where dyed after spinning • the yarn is worsted • yarn is folded two ply • count - 30 Tests to ensure quality Durability: • Pilling is easy to remove and shall subside when taken care of. • Low possibility of snagging Performance: • The customer should be able to move around freely without the garment causing obstruction. After-Care: • Hand wash in warm water, • Mild detergent or special cashmere wash, • Press out water, • Reshape, • Dry flat, do not hang. Longevity: • The garment is easy to put with many other items so this will make the garment a staple piece in the customers wardrobe • With good aftercare and aesthetics' the garment should last between 4-6 years. New Product Launch

new product launch

Transcript: Author. PRODUCT AUTHOR Features & Benefits Everything what the Author smart pen writes on paper is digitally captured and stored on the pen and if the pen is connected to a mobile device such as Notebook, Tablet etc, it reliably transfers the data to it. HOW IT WORKS ? Available on iOS and Android devices, sky pen app is the companion to the author smartpen that’s designed to quickly make your notes more useful. Manage your notes by creating custom notebooks Find what you need quickly with incredibly accurate handwriting search Backup your notes so you can access them wherever you go Use easy sharing options to send notes to popular cloud service applications: OneNote, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox. SKY PEN APP Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) Battery: Rechargeable lithium (non-removable) Charging: Micro USB port Camera: High-speed infrared camera Color: Matte white and black finish Length: 162.0 mm (6.38 in.) Width: 10.9 mm (0.43 in.) Weight: 25 grams (0.88 oz.)Double click to edit SPECS PRICE Price Mix Paper 1. Compatible with android and Microsoft devices Battery - 3000mAh price $100 Paper 2 . Compatible with ios, android and Microsoft devices Battery - 4500mAh price $250 PLACE Place mix Direct & indirect PROCESS OF MOVING THE PRODUCT FROM PRODUCER TO CUSTOMER. IN OTHER WORDS HOW THE PRODUCT IS BROUGHT AND WHERE IT IS BOUGHT. Direct selling Through company web page . INDIRECT SELLING THROUGH RETAIL & ONLINE SHOPS PROMOTION Promotion Mix Advertising Social Media Why AUTHOR ? Why do we need aUTHORRR. ? quick notes wont loose notes gets updated into personnel devices when connected to the wifi

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