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New Invention

Transcript: Smart BED WHEn Corniece Collins, Jada Robinson , and Lavon Johnson HOW WHY The History In 1865 the first coil spring construction for bedding is patented. In 1871, the German, Heinrich Westpal invents the innerspring mattress. Although he was not able to live to receive his credit or acknowledge his achievement because of death he was remembered for this great invention that benefited everyone in a good and healthy way. During the industrial revolution mattresses were filled with cotton, hair or feathers. This was so because this was all the people had for resources. Also the purpose of these resources in the mattress were so that people could stay warm in harsh winters and also have somewhere to lay. The word mattress derives from the Arabic,(maṭraḥ) which means "something thrown down" or "place where something is thrown down" and hence "mat, cushion". TITLE WHAT How did this Change the way we live? The invention of the beds and mattresses helped benefit people and the comfort of their sleeping. IQ Smart Bed 2.0 Ideators: Corniece Collins Lavon Johnson Jada Robinson An ideator is a person who creates productive ideas, a conceptualist. Also a person that processes and passes their ideas and inventions to others to help sell or publicise a commodity. Key Note: Ideator TITLE IDEAS Why A bed? We chose to do a bed because we wanted to enhance something that was already made and make it more convenient for the consumer. Also we chose to do a bed because we figured most people wouldn't think of doing anything like it or anything to make it better in a way that is also entertaining for the consumer. A bed is so plain nowadays, so we wanted to make it to where, if you have to stay in bed all day , whether you're sick or its a rainy day, it will no longer be as boring. Details of Design This smart bed has multiple features. It is a bed combined with a mattress that comes with it. In order for the bed to become the smart bed everything has to come together including the mattress and bed frame. Everything is connected. Starting at the headboard, its adjustable, so whether you like your headboard to be high or short, you can adjust it to your comfort along with the foot board. On the headboard , there are four buttons and a switch. They go in order from the switch, which is labled for foot and head board. You would click the switch to which one you want to change and right under there are two buttons for up and down to actually adjust the head and foot board to go up and down. The third button is for the actual blue tooth speaker. When you press the button you activate the bed to be able to connect or sync your phone. Once you connect, you will hear the connected sound from the speakers on the side of the bed. If you walk out the room with your phone or actually disconnect your phone , you will then here the disconnected sound. Speakers are surrounding the edges of the bed. Also with the blue-tooth features you will be able to sync alarms and any important reminders, so whether you have siri, alexa,bixby or google it will speak with the voice according to what your phone has. When it comes to alarms, whatever you set your alarm to whether its in the morning or in the evening or late at night the bed vibrates and it won't stop until you are out of the bed. So no linger will you be able to snooze and go back to sleep. The last button will be the power button. Now although there is a power button, when an alarm goes off , you will not be able to press the button as a snooze or to go off or stop. Now for the mattress part of the bed it is attached to the bed and it is made of memory foam and there are features of the mattress that also comforts the consumer. Just like most mattresses these days you can adjust to your comfort just by you sitting up or laying down, so no need for a remote. The mattress cover and layers are all washable , so you can break it down and put it back all by yourself. design details cont.. TITLE This invention will changed the 21st century by how people all around the world can wake up on time for their daily task. Also how you can sleep peacefully listening to music while you rest. how will this help the 21st Century? References

Invention Template

Transcript: Invention Name Presentation by your name Sentence stating where and when your invention was made? Sentence stating where and when your invention was made? Picture of map of place and picture of your invention. Picture of map of place and picture of your invention. Sentence stating who invented your invention, where and wh... Sentence stating who invented your invention, where and when they were born. Picture of the inventor Picture of the inventor Information about your inventor: What was his/her j... Information about your inventor: What was his/her job and what is one interesting fact about him/her? Picture of inventor Picture of inventor Sentence stating what the invention does. Sentence stating what the invention does. Picture of the invention Picture of the invention Description - What does it look like. Description - What does it look like. Picture of invention Picture of invention Description 2- What is it made of? Description 2- What is it made of? Picture of the invention Picture of the invention Description 3 - How is it the same or different today? Did something replace it? Description 3 - How is it the same or different today? D... Invention picture or picture of something that replaced it. Invention picture or picture of something that replaced it. Impact - How did it change peoples' lives? Impact - How did it change peoples' lives? Picture of impact Picture of impact Impact 2 - Is it still used today? Impact 2 - Is it still used today? Picture of invention or what the invention looks like today. Picture of invention or what the invention looks like today. Sources Cited Sources Cited

New Invention

Transcript: Up to now, most of people are still cooking in the kitchen, which makes them feel fatigued and also makes air polluted. With the development of the numerical control technology, it becomes more and more urgent to apply the related technology to the automatic cooking field. In this presentation, the main function, component and privilege will be shown. We believe that the new machine will be a milestone in the development of common household equipments because of its convenience. 3.automatic operation help you easily prepare your meals, which decreases your housework pressure. 4.keeping away from kitchen where oil steam can do harm to your health, especially to your facial skin. 5.using this kind of technology can show your unique modern lifestyle. 6.well control of cooking time and the amount of ingredients, I'm sure you will have a pleasant experience. Main Function The machine mainly consists of four parts: the wok mechanism, the stirring-fry and dispersing mechanism, the feeding mechanism, and the mechanism of leaving the material in the middle process. In order to adjust the temperature, the fire control system is also a crucial part. 1.attributed to its multifunction, this machine save a large amount of money that we buy other cookers. procedures have been set in advance so that you needn't waste time learning how to cook. Not exactly a cooking machine As the title suggested, the creation can do something more than cooking Multifunctional with: cooking steaming chopping blending ice crushing You can also save your kitchen room with this all-capable revolutionary invention by getting rid of all these single-function ancient machines. End~ Thanks for thy attention! Group Member: Chenkinesis, Jimmy Guo, Victor Kong, Jia, Deng Monday, February 17, 2014 Why choose us Present you the best cooking method ever Automatic cooking machine Because of obvious privileges Components An Extraordinary Invention P.S. The picture has little to do with our product It is just for decoration


Transcript: Annabell Midley, a local business woman invents a retainer that sends vibrations through your jaw that transfer to your inner ear and registers as sound in your brain. This product comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. With this product, you can download songs via bluetooth connection with your mobile device. All you have to do is connect both devices and manually transfer the songs. The retainer can store approximately 10 songs at a time. Once a song has completely transferred to your retainer, your phone will send you a notification to assure you that the song transferred successfully. Where Can I Buy It? You can find our advertising on social media, magazines, and YouTube videos to get more information on our innovative product! Encourage others in the deaf community to find out more about our new product! New Invention Allows The Deaf to Hear Music For The First Time You can purchase your retainer at your local dentist office. Your dentist will take a mold of the roof of your mouth and send that information to our lab where we will have a retainer custom made to fit you and only you. It will take about 2-3 weeks after your dentist appointment for you to receive your retainer. Shipping is included in the cost. $1.00 Sunday, February 7, 2016 Spread the Word! How Much Does It Cost? EVER WISH YOU COULD LISTEN TO MUSIC? NOW YOU CAN! $$$ Look for Our Ads! Vol XCIII, No. 311 This special music retainer is being sold for a cost of $120.00 to cover manufacturing and promotion expenses. As the product develops and becomes sold on a more widespread scale, we expect the price to decrease. DEAF WEEKLY

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