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New Hire Presentation Template

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New hire presentation

Transcript: Company Meeting 07/23/2020 MCN Build Marketing Hiring criteria presents required parts to set up interviews for employment. Face to face interviews, letter offers filled out on letter format templates. Hiring Process Results Results Ensuring the a successful outcome to the interviews. Experiences and other work efforts create more chances of employment. Sales MCN Onboard form Rating performance on employees. Exceptional performance, strong performance, Effective performance, and so on. Results Results Multiple tasks are kept into consideration for rating of work ethic. How manner and degree of work completion is done. Able to utilize knowledge needed for job assignments. Finance Benefits Plan for different benefit elections will remain until 2021. Reassuring benefits in medical, dental, vision cont. Results Results Displays of costs for services with deduction capacities. Legal assistance: Legal Shield to benefit employees and their families. HR HR Continued benefits for employees. Short term and long term salary for those who are disabled through a non-work related afflictions. Multiple insurance policies in place for accidental coverage. Accidental, Cancer, Hospital and, Critical Illness insurance to cover expenses. New Faces New Faces People to contact in case of employment opportunity or other matters relating to the job assignments. Contact and maintaining steady work relationships with fellow employees especially when in times of collaboration efforts. Other... Summarize New hire has access to specific means on how to apply for job positions for MCN. Also having a rating system to display performance in work ethic. Policies that were reviewed and edited to understand the employment status, records, benefits. Also disabilities and salary income that come with expenses of healthcare. Results Results Outlines of payment costs related to health, dental and visual care. Flexible spending costs for transportation and other essentials that require sufficient funds. MCN, striving to accommodate employees who have different situations where flexibility is necessary to their work and personal health.

New Hire Presentation

Transcript: Paid time off is available to regular full-time employees following their 90-day probationary period with Accuhealth Partners, Inc. and is provided based on the following calculations: During the first month following the 90-day probationary period through the 2nd full year of employment, PTO will be earned at a rate of .42 days per pay period for a total of 10 days per year. During the third through fifth years of employment, PTO wil be earned at a rate of .625 days per pay period, for a total of 15 days per year. PTO cannot be taken before it has been accrued. When more than one consecuitve day of PTO will be used, it will need to be approved by the employee's supervisor a minimum of 1 week in advance. Upon termination, unused PTO will be paid in a lump sum in the employee's final paycheck, up to 40 hours. Personal days are available tor regular full-time employees following their 90-day probationary period with the company. Following their first 90 days of employment all regulard full time employees will earn 1 personal day. Personl days are designed for employees to use to take time away from work to handle personal business and may be use only in full-day increments. A request to use a personal day needs to be communicated with the employee's supervisor with as much notice as possible. Lunch Periods What We Provide... The Colon Prep Center manages 15,000+ patients each month by partnering with approximately 400 physicians in 22 states to increase patient compliance and offer educational services for specialty surgeries. Our coordinated care supports the financial goals of each practice by getting patients actively engaged in their healthcare and medical procedure. Patient Engagement is providing patients with the necessary tools so they have the knowledge, understanding and ability to manage their own health and care. An active collaboration between patients and their providers allows for patients to feel empowered and have a voice, resulting in better outcomes. Employees are allowed to take breaks when necessasry, but they are not to exceed 15 minutes for every 4 hours worked. If an employee has unexpected personal business to take care of, they must notify their direct supervisor to discuss time away from work. Personl business should be conducted on employee's own time. Hours of Operation We send educational materials that are customized to each gastrointestinal practice, whether they recommend an OTC colonoscopy preperation regimen or a pharmaceuitical one. We alsoare able to provide the best educational information to our patients and are prepared to answer any patient's prep-related questions. Accuhealth Partners, Inc. office is open for business 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:00 am to 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays, except for Holidays. All employees are paid bi-monthly on the 15th and last day of each month. In the event that a regularly scheduled payday falls on a weekend or holiday, employees will receive pay on the Friday prior to the payday. Paychecks fall one full pay period behind. Paychecks will not, under any circumstance be given to any person other than the employee without written authorization. Pacychecks ay also be mailed to the employee's address upon request. A 'routine' colonoscopy is confusing and intimidating for most patients. This can result in a poor prep, last minute cancellations and patients simply not showing up. The Colon Prep Ceter offers everything a patient needs for a successful prep: Their doctor's recommended products Easy to follow diet and prep instructions 24-hour customer care for prep questions Everything a patient needs delivered right to their front door Over-The-Counter Prep Products We field the calls from patients with questions about their prep: day or night, weekends and holidays too. We also proactively contact patients with timely reminders and give feed back to the practices about patients who are at risk of rescheduling or not showing up to their appointment. This improves efficiency within medical offices by allowing staff to proactively manage the practice rather than fielding calls with patient prep questions. Patient Engagement General Information Paid Time Off Policy/Personal Day Coordinated Care Colon Prep Center streamlines and manages every aspect of patient prep. Public Image Review Periods Customer Service Holidays If a practice chooses an over-the-counter prep regimen, the Colon Prep Center delivers everything the patient needs right to their door with customized instructions. The Colon Prep Center's research has proven that home delivery, by itself, increases the likelihood of patients showing up as scheduled and properly prepped. A structured approach between two or more participants to deliver the most appropriate health care services to the patient. Providers work together to share important clinical information, establish the most effective form of care and keep patients and their families informed and up-to-date on

New Hire Presentation

Transcript: Welcome to Bellacor Home is a life in progress About Us At Bellacor, we believe home is a life in progress. Since 2000, we've made it our goal to partner with you through every step of that journey. We understand that what you choose to bring into your home is a major decision, and we relish the responsibility that comes with it. You put your style and life together in all kinds of ways - and no one offers you better choices than Bellacor. We give you the elements and the design inspiration to create a home and life you love. Chic, fun, classic, cozy - we go where you want. Even though we're a fast-growing internet retailer, we maintain our humble Midwestern roots and values. We still take your phone calls, still answer all your questions and still offer you the same level of personal service that we have from the beginning, back when we were the little lighting store around the corner. But with more than 500,000 hand-selected products, from the finest designers and craftspeople in the industry, Bellacor stands tall in the world of lighting and home furnishings. And we're happy to stand with you as you tell your life story. About Us History History Office Space Bellacor Beliefs Vision, Mission, and Core Values Vision, Mission, and Core Values Vision To be the best home resources Vision To help you create inspired living spaces by providing an engageing experience and exceptions home products and service Mission Mission Customers First Collaborate to Win Constantly Imrpove Deliver Great Results Core Values Core Values We deliver a superior customer experience through our knowledge and expertise, provided in a caring, honest, and inspirational way, one interaction at a time. Customers First Customers First On our own, we are good, but together we are great. We are collaborative, positive, and fun. We always operate with respect and the highest integrity. Collaborate to Win Collaborate to Win We are innovative and willing to take calculated risks. We learn quickly from our mistakes and adapt nimbly. Constantly Improve Constantly Improve We strive for excellence and hold ourselves accountable to achieving our goals. Deliver Great Results Deliver Great Results Meet the Team Insert Picture of Leadership Team Meet the Team Brenda Boehler - CEO Leadership Team Leadership Team Tracy Gardner - VP Finance and HR Accounting Finance Human Resources Finance Team Finance Team Marty Otten - VP Technology and Engineering Information Technology Team Information Technology Team Chris Fowler - VP Marketing Marketing and Professional Sales Marketing and Professional Sales Search Engine Optimization Site Planning Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Marketing Team Marketing Team Account Management Sales Support New Business Sales Professional Sales Team Professional Sales Team Mike Fischer - VP Merchandising and Operations Merchandising and Operations Merchandising and Operations Lighting Furntiture Decor Merchandising Team Merchandising Team Operations Specialists Warehouse Merchandising Operations Team Merchandising Operations Team Customer Care Team Customer Care Team Who is our Customer? Female, home decor enthusiast, 35-60 (sweet spot 43), moderate to affluent, traditional to transitional, family/socially wired, confident Who is our Customer? Finer Things Decor as experience and lifestyle signifier Brand/quality driven, discerning, cultured, materials, services & craft count Finer Things Decor as self-expression, -worth & -image Style matters, outside look creates inner experience/emotion Peacock Peacock Decor as outlet + caregving for self & others Enjoy the process,m create an imprint, be creative Creator/Connector Creator/Connector

New Hire Presentation

Transcript: Organizational Chart Real Estate Licensing C RE VALUES A B U T Accountability Chart G r w t h & G a l s c m p a n y c u l t u r e SkyView Advisors represents self storage owners in the sale of their property or portfolio and provides debt & equity solutions. SkyView brings a unique perspective to the self storage industry, and has established itself as an innovative leader in the industry, consistently raising the bar. The SkyView team has extensive self storage expertise and deep industry relationships coupled with an impressive track record, having completed more than $1.8 Billion of transactions throughout their careers. SkyView Advisors is unique in the industry with its exclusive focus on self storage, team based approach to servicing clients with no internal competition, exclusive focus on sell-side representation, and standardized 252-point proprietary process. SkyView Advisors has grown from just the three employees in the Tampa, FL office and is now recognized as a national leading self storage brokerage firm. Between the company’s transactions and Jay’s personal closings in commercial real estate, the SkyView Advisors team has closed over $1.8 billion in sales. Although our focus so far has just been in selfstorage, there is plenty of opportunity to replicate the success SkyView Advisors has seen in other asset classes. As SkyView Advisors continues to grow, we have set a 2018 goal of 4.3 Million dollars in transactions SkyView Advisors hires, fires and promotes by our core values. Our core values are important and will help you acheive success at SkyView Accountable Resilient Prepared Innovatiive

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