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New Hire Orientation Powerpoint Template

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New Hire Orientation

Transcript: Corcoran Jennison Companies New Hire Orientation video from G2 Neil Video John Video Where do I fit? Ryan Video Customer Service Means: Being Polite and Professional Listening to Clients and Residents Being Proactive Susan Video saftey presentation Jay video $1,000 individual deductible $2,000 family deductible 100% coinsurance $25 PCP and Specialist co-pay for sick visits to the doctor’s office Preventative care visits covered at 100% Preventive care lab and x-ray covered at 100% Hospital stays covered at 100% after deductible Outpatient surgeries covered at 100% after deductible Emergency Room visits $150 co-pay Urgent Care visits $50 co-pay No physician referrals required Allows for both In and Out of Network Coverage $1,000 individual deductible $2,000 family deductible 100% coinsurance $25 PCP and Specialist co-pay for sick visits to the doctor’s office Preventative care visits covered at 100% Preventive care lab and x-ray covered at 100% Hospital stays covered at 100% after deductible Outpatient surgeries covered at 100% after deductible Emergency Room visits $150 co-pay Urgent Care visits $50 co-pay BlueCross BlueShield PPO Plan: Must work 32 hours per week to be eligible 30 day waiting period after hire date Additional 30 days to sign up after initial eligibility Total of 60 days after hire to sign up If you miss eligibility period, will not be able to sign up until open enrollment Computer System/ Network State and Local Protections Health Advocate Healthcare concierge service All employees, friends and family Completely free and confidential BlueCare Line 24/7 Nurse Hotline Must be a BCBS member Completely confidential Employee Assistance Program All employees Friends and Family Completely free and confidential i-enroller description Who we are Do not share assigned passwords; keep them in a secure location; When an employee departs notify IT via the IT Form, One-Site Support, Accounting and HR immediately to terminate access to data; All Personal Information transmitted electronically must be encrypted Compliance Laws Residential Property Benefits Eligibility Federal Protected Classes Personal Information = First and Last Name (first initial and last name)+ a)Social Security Number b) Driver’s License Number or State issued ID c) Financial account information, credit or debit card number with or without a password Michael Corcoran $50 deductible per person (maximum of 3 per family) Deductible is waived for preventive services $1,000 annual benefit maximum per person Visit any dental provider you wish Preventive services covered at 100% Cleanings covered once every 6 months Basic services covered at 80% Major services covered at 50% Orthodontia covered for dependent children Services covered at 50% Maximum lifetime benefit of $1,000 King's Lynne Apartments Pioneered Mixed Income Housing. Created Vibrant Communities. Values Culture of Respect. BlueCross BlueShield DentalBlue Importance Companies Development Disclosure of Confidential Information Summary Commercial Property Harbor Point Apartments Completed in 1990. Mixed Income Community. Resident Council with Ownership Voice. Model for Federal HOPE VI Housing Revitalization Program. Who We Are as Members of a Community Benefits Overview Who should I Contact? Who we are Welcome Provided at no cost to you Coverage is 2 times earnings Purchase life insurance for yourself, your spouse, and/or your dependents at low group rates Spousal insurance can only be elected if voluntary life is elected Spousal life is up to 50% of the elected voluntary life amount. Basic Life Refusal to Rent Discriminatory Pricing Discriminatory Advertising Prohibiting Access to Services Privacy and Confidentiality Benefits: Employee Resources Personal Information Benefits Members of a Community Only collect information you are authorized to do so and make sure you have a release from the customer, applicant, resident or consumer; Oral conversations about Personal Information should be in confidential areas; Avoid leaving out print outs, tenant files, faxes with personal data; Keep the data, shred and destroy it in accordance with any applicable Document Control Policies and Procedures; Keys for locked cabinets should be safeguarded; Exams covered once every 12 months for $25 co-pay Frames covered once every 24 months under $135 allowance subject to $25 co-pay Lenses covered once every 12 months for $25 co-pay Medically necessary contacts covered in full (in lieu of lenses and a frame) Covered in full under $105 allowance for elective contacts (in lieu of lenses and a frame) Out of network claims can be filed for reimbursements; however, your out of pocket expense may be much higher. America Park Housing Goals of this presentation: Safety Property Events CJ Well Community Service Management Benefits: Flexible Spending Account Vendors or third party service providers with access to personal info must have safeguards in place and sign a written certification that they have a

New Hire Orientation

Transcript: The Baton Rouge Clinic, AMC New Hire Orientation Welcome! Please sign in Make yourself comfortable Introductions Videos BREAK Paperwork Confidentiality agreement Code of conduct Red flag Rules Sexual Harrassment and Drug Free policy and procedures Disaster Manual HIPAA video BREAK Review of Test Videos (MRI, Back Safety,Cust Service) LUNCH TB Test/Video Policy Manual Needle stick prevention Code of Conduct VIDEOS Confidentiality Agreement HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Act) What is Identity Theft? Medical identity theft occurs when someone uses a person’s name and sometimes other parts of their identity – such as insurance information – without the person’s knowledge or consent to obtain medical services or goods, or uses the person’s identity information to make false claims for medical services or goods. Medical identity theft frequently results in erroneous entries being put into existing medical records, and can involve the creation of fictitious medical records in the victim’s name. The FTC has recognized that health care providers are most likely to run into potential identity theft at the time a new account is created (that is, when we register a new patient). Schedule Copy in Binder We want to be the BEST! No patients=No employment! Copy in Binder Checking system within clinic Identity theft occurs when someone takes identifying information of another person and uses it to obtain goods and services that are charged to the other person. Data taken by identity thieves can include Social Security Numbers, account numbers and other personal information. Consumers are victimized by identity thieves because they have to spend time and incur out of pocket expenses to correct their personal information and repair their credit. Businesses are victimized by identity thieves because they cannot collect amounts owed for their goods and services

New Hire Orientation:

Transcript: Member Confidentiality Group Fitness Fitness & Balance Assessments Equipment Orientations Nutrition Counseling LifeFit Club Towels LFC Referral Program Mission: The LifeFit Center @ The Beach provides multidisciplinary services that enhances and promotes a lifelong commitment to wellness and intergenerational relationships among the 50+ community, CSULB students, faculty, and staff. Vision: The LifeFit Cener @ The Beach is committed to becoming the premier fitness venue for the 50+ community in Long beach by providing: 1) comprehensive and innovative, health, fitness, social, and wellness programming, and 2) education, research, and career development opportunities for CSULB student, faculty, and staff. The Express Membership is offered to employees that would like to come in to the LFC during their lunch break and are under 50 years old. 11:30am-1:30pm Star on the back of their ID card Summer: 5/29/14 - 8/15/14 $35 Fall: 8/26/14 - 2/20/14 $55 Can add Saturdays to membership for $10 extra Not included in Express Membership: Fitness & Balance Assessments Equipment Orientations Certain LifeFit Club Prizes MyZone is our telemetric heart rate monitoring system that we offer our members or non-members. Heart rate monitor belt and watch Belts: $70 Watch: $50 Some of our progams require purchase of a MyZone belt: Strength 4 Living Personal training (soon) WOW (soon) "Buy one, get one half off" Leading from the WHY! Communication Binder Pricing What are your expectations for this internship? New Hire Orientation: Fitness Interns / Service Desk Green Binder Check at the beginning of you shift to see if there is anything new. Always ask if you have questions! MyZone Behind the Desk Fee-Based Programs Family Discounts Programs Community Members: $40/mo. - Non-OLLI Members $30/mo. - OLLI Members $30/mo. - CSULB Alumni $360/yr. - ALL Community Members CSULB Faculty & Staff: $30/mo $300/yr. CHHS Faculty & Staff: $20/mo. $240/yr. LifeFit Cares is a way for us to listen to our members and express our care about their lives. For example, is a member is going on vacation, we will make note of it on the L:drive and when they return wean ask them about it. Or if a member is out for a medical reason, we can log it and send them a card wishing them well. When logging anything to LifeFit Cares, use the members ID #. Confidential Patient Information Includes: Medical History Mental or Physical condition or treatment Patient or family members records Test results Conversations Research records and financial information Examples Conversations Database LifeFit Cares Express Membership Must be a family member, living in the same household. Must be the same type of membership LifeFit Club This is how staff and management will be communicating new updates and information with you! Intern Packet Logging into the computers Guest sign-in / tours Signing up for assessments EO/Fitness&Balance/Nutrition Phones / Gmail account Towels Cabinets / Drawers / Binders Copier Strength 4 Living Women on Weights Bod Pod Analysis Personal Training / 4-week Programs Free Programs Conduct Professionalism: You are responsible for conducting yourself in a manner that represents your strongest professional self. Let us know how we can help you! Irresponsibility Points: 1 point = Unexcused Late to Internship 2 points = Less than 24 hr notice to call off shift 3 points = No call, No show *If you accumulate 5 points, your internship opportunity will discontinue Mission & Vision LifeFit Cares Membership & Pricing Expectations Intern Daily Hour Log Fitness Intern Completion Checklist Service Desk Administration Programs and Services Group Fitness and Personal Training Group Fitness Instructor Evaluations (3) Fitness Intern Evaluation Incentive based point system for out members, designed to increase participation and encourage members to continue to work out. How do you earn points? Initials At the end of each month points will be added up and logged in the excel spreadsheet found in the L: Drive. Prizes: 200pts - Cotton T-Shirt 400pts - 1/2 off Month or $50 off year 600pts - Free month or 1 free Personal Training Session

SUBR Orientation New Hire Orientation Template

Transcript: SUS New Hire Orientation Policies Welcome to Southern! Agenda SUS 8:00 am Introduction/University Overview/New Hire Paperwork review 8:30 Policies and Procedures/Handbook/Return-to-Work FERPA/Telecommuting 9:00 Payroll 9:15 Performance Management/Evaluations 9:45 Telecommunications (e-mail, Emer Communications Network) 10:00 Parking/Safety (UPD)/ Library Services/Tobacco-free Campus 10:15 Credit Union/Benefits/Retirement Systems 11:30 Required Training 12:00 pm End Southern University System SUS Only HBCU system in the U.S. Diverse enrollment of 12,000+ students across five campuses Campuses linked by common goal of providing quality educational experiences that are affordable and accessible to all SUS values excellence in teaching, research, and public service Five Campuses Campuses Baton Rouge (SUBR) Flagship of SUS SUSLA connected through: Connect Program HR offices linked SUBR SUBR Colleges College of Agricultural, Family and Consumer Sciences College of Business Nelson Mandela College of Government and Social Sciences College of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies College of Nursing and Allied Health College of Sciences and Engineering Colleges Agricultural Research & Extension Center (Baton Rouge) AG Center Departments Agricultural Sciences Family and Consumer Sciences Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Departments Law Center (Baton Rouge) Law Center Degree Program Southern University Law Centers offers legal training to students in pursuit of the juris doctor degree. The Law Center shares with other American Bar Association-accredited institutions the goal of producing attorneys who are well prepared for entry into the legal profession. In the design and implementation of a curriculum to attain this goal, the Law Center, like the other Louisiana law schools, has given particular attention to the Civil Law. Degree Program New Orleans (SUNO) SUNO Colleges College of Arts & Sciences College of Business and Public Administration College of Education and Human Development School of Social Work Colleges Southern University at Shreveport SUSLA Unit of Southern University System in reflecting historical precedence Serves the Shreveport-Bossier City and surrounding areas rather than an extension of the Baton Rouge campus Designated a two-year commuter college on May 11, 1964; Opened for instruction September 19, 1967 through Act 42 of the ordinary session of the Louisiana Legislature Basic emphasis was to provide the first two years on typical university credit Historical locations include the Shreveport Metro Center and the Southern University Museum of Art located in Downtown Shreveport Campuses: Main campus on MLK Metro Center downtown Aerospace Center MSKICK Academic Programs Allied Health & Nursing Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences & Education Business, Science, Technology & Mathematics Programs Mission Statement <Insert your campus Mission Campus Map <insert link to your campus map here> Campus Map HR Handbook Policies HR Handbook Exempt Employees Access through SUS homepage: <insert link to HR handbook on your campus website> Hours Works Hours: <insert working hours> Holidays: New Year's Day Martin Luther King Jr. Day Mardi Gras Good Friday Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas Others declared by Governor Exempt Employees Exempt from Fair Labor Standards Act Exempt employees cannot be paid overtime for working more than 40 hours a week Work at the pleasure of the Board Follow Board guidelines LA is a Right to Work State Legally can be fired without cause All terminations go through President Belton first Non-Exempt Employees Can get paid overtime Protected by State Civil Service and have due process Leave Pay and Leave Employees get both annual and sick leave Close to 8 hours each per month They do not expire Sick leave can only be used for yourself Some annual leave will have to be used around the holidays Give supervisor notice when you know you will use leave Pay Unclassified employees paid at end of month Classified employees paid bi-weekly Bi-Weekly Timesheet Bi-Weekly Monthly Timesheet Monthly Family Medical Leave Act The law and University policy allows an eligible employee up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid leave per year : Birth, Adoption or receipt through foster care Care of a seriously ill child, spouse or parent Employee’s own qualifying illness The following criteria must be met: The employee must have been employed by the same employer for at least twelve (12) consecutive months preceding the leave Worked at least 1,250 hours during the twelve (12) months preceding the leave *The State of Louisiana is considered a single employer *Paid leave may be allowed by the employer when the employee has accumulated leave *The Southern University System calculates FMLA using the 12-month period measured forward from the date of the FMLA leave usage *Falsification of medical documentation will result in termination of employment. FMLA Conflict of Interest Report any If

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