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Transcript: Already on OBE: - PNRACC - PDR - PNR cryptic display (almost) - List (almost) - Support to Submarino project AP Air segment including records that are already purged Evolution of security at element level: impacts on: - Display - Retrieve options - Search options - List options Cryptic Display (RT, selective display) PNRACC Partial redisplay (WGR mode) Display Trip Create a TTR - Trip Concierge - Full XML PNRimage Display Retrieve/List ETR Any question? Edifact and XML Verbs governance: - PNRADD - PNRACC - PNRRET - PNRSPL - PNRCHG - ManageTTR - DisplayTTR - ... List all the Trips Innovative projects Thanks for your attention! Offers Display a TTR 2014 deco: - PNRADD - Search - Cascade - Multiple entries - Retrieve / unpack - Modify - Cancel Retrieve (cryptic RT, PNRRET, CheckMyTrip) Search List (Crescando) Manage any item from any source, into any record, without specifying which record Travel Request Manage Trip Security Attachment PADSRQ/R DisplayTTR New search / list criteria? Car segment EPD/ETR PARERQ/R DisplayTTR Display the full or a customizable view over the trip, no matter the record Retrieve a TTR Support and gaps for Airline IT projects: KE, JAL, NH...: - search - list - display - purge - .. Folder etc... Past Dated Record ManageTTR Airline IT Governance R&D/RDM/PNR/TTR/TIF Manual aux Display Trip List trips Name RPP/RLP PPDRRQ TPF decommissioning - Support to German Local Content project New Content New technology (XML) Offers ETR Travel Request Attachment Folder Shape the future of your travel! Offers? ETR? Travel Request? Attachment? Folder? Add Modify Cancel Knoxification Concealment Security at element level Rearrangement Name Air segment AP Car segment etc... Multiple entries PNRADD Cryptic modify PNRCHG Cryptic cancel PNRXCL New Content New technology (XML) Offers ETR Travel Request Attachment Folder Shape the future of your travel! Name Air segment AP Car segment etc... Purge TTR Display Trip - List Trips List all the Trips Name Air segment AP Car segment etc... Shape the future of your travel! Pax association Segment association Element association Cascade New Content New technology (XML)


Transcript: NEUTRAL - Brand Philosophy Neutral is inspired from the brand philosophy of Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. Trying to combine innovative design with modern research and development, Neutral is a concept in the philosophy of connecting and getting familiar to who we really are, away from the hustle of everyday life. NEUTRAL - Brand Philosophy NEUTRAL - VISION Neutral has a very future forward yet traditional vision- to combine traditional techniques and workmanship in creating an experience for the contemporary. NEUTRAL - VISION NEUTRAL - MISSION Neutral is all about creating the harmony and blend between people and the atmosphere created for them by us. Its mission is to provide its clients with a unique experience of a relaxed atmosphere that brings joy as well as comfort to their lives away from the regular everyday exhaustion. NEUTRAL - MISSION NEUTRAL LOUNGE & BAR NEUTRAL LOUNGE & BAR INSPIRATION- PLEATS PLEASE by Issey Miyake INSPIRATION- PLEATS PLEASE by Issey Miyake Founded in the philosophy of a clothing made from a "piece of cloth", a concept which explores not only the relationship between the body and clothing, but also the space that is born between them. PLEATS PLEASE PLEATS PLEASE MOOD BOARDS & COLOR PALETTES MOOD BOARDS & COLOR PALETTES Forms & Folds, Shadows & Curves Forms & Folds, Shadows & Curves WALLS WALLS The clientele is simplistic yet experiemental, unique in its own ways, and enjoys a comfortable, relaxed environment with a diverse population. CLIENT PROFILE CLIENT PROFILE CLIENTELE CLIENTELE Experimental Sophisticated Minimalistic NEUTRAL - QUALITY POLICY NEUTRAL - QUALITY POLICY


Transcript: The American Civil War Thank you for listening! -the End- Lincoln only wanted to punish the responsible individuals, but not the whole people 3. Abraham Lincoln 6. the book in context = slavery became a separating institution between south and west 7. Sources 9th April 1865: official capitulation of the Confederacy Battle of Gettysburg 620.000 people died (WWI: 115.000 people, WWII: 318.000 people) Situation of released slaves after the war Outline United States of America were defined as a nation which parts couldn't be seperated against slavery had a growing manufacturing industry, didn't need slaves were isolated from Europe wanted the southern states to sell their products slavery got finally abolished, but their social situation was still bad 5. End of the war 4. The Secession-War: a new kind of war caused terrible destruction in the southern states 1. European context of time 1820 - 1865 2. Way to the war 7. Sources 6. The book in context 2. Way to the War 1. European context of time Situation of the Confederacy: Manpower: 800.000 soldiers manufacturing capacity: >20% experienced generals knowledge of the battlefield defensive war Homeland moral bonus 5. End of the war (conclusion) 4. The war of secession (19:27/30.01.2018) (19:27;30.01.2018) (19:40/30.01.2018) (20:44/30.01.2018) (24.01.2018/22:23) (24.01.2018/22:24) (31.01.2018/19:11) (31.01.2018/20:22) (31.01.2018/20:26) (31.01.2018/20:30) T (31.01.2018/31.01.2018)*I3zAqTInbimisGeOrwAwkg.jpeg (31.01.2018/20:38) (31.01.2018/21:21) (30.01.2018/21:25) (31.01.2018/21:27) (31.01.2018/21:31),h_630,c_limit/s-atticus-finch-to-kill-a-mockingbird-GettyImages-148264257.jpg (30.01.2018/21:32) Situation of the Union: Manpower: 2.1 mio. soldiers manufacturing capacity: >80% offensive war (they had to defeat the Confederacy) in favor of slavery had only farms and plantages, economy highly depended on slaves were trading with Europe (sugar and cotton) the gatling gun ironclad warships mass-produced guns trench assault & barbed wire railroad transportation Creation of German Empire course of the war Congress of Vienna read voraciously very little formal education studied law 3. Abraham Lincoln 16th president of the USA Reasons for the war northern states southern states 1840 1850 1870 1860 1830 1820 March-Revolution joined the republican party in 1856 very unpopular in the southern states Missouri Compromise Abrham Lincoln becomes president Dred Scott Decision Kansas-Nebraska-Act Confederate States of America Beginning of the civil war Lincoln were assassinated on 15th of April 1865 The Clay Compromise United States of America

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