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Networking Presentation

Transcript: Networking WAN's wide area network LAN's local area network Servers A group of more powerful computers that provide services for other computers Summary Network Interface Card (NIC) Network Interface Card Cables Cables Wirelessly Wireless Networks Blutooth Bluetooth Disadvantages: Star Topologies Simple to install Easy to extend Economic in its use of cable Twisted-pair cables are the most common. Category 5 ( can carry 100Mb per second Coaxial cable is not used much now. Fibre optic cable has a central core made of glass and transmits the signals using light. Most networks use cables to connect the computers. Disadvantages: Ring = Bus Advantages: Topologies Advantages: Advantages: Data speed is fast Works well with lots of computers (heavy traffic) A break in a single cable does not affect any other computer Additional computers can easily be added Bus Topology: Disadvantages: Networks can be connected wirelessly using WiFi technology. WiFi connections use radio waves, just like mobile phones Bluetooth wireless technology allows all sorts of different devices to connect to each other and share data. Bluetooth devices communicate through short range networks known as piconets. A group of computers joined together A lot of cabling is required, this is expensive A failure in the hub crashes the entire network Cable failure affects all of the workstations It is difficult to add extra computers Every computer on a wired network needs a network interface card (NIC) which is connected to the motherboard inside the computer. Star Data speed is faster than bus as it only goes one way Less cable than star Ring Topologies Performance can be slow if too many computers are attached to the network/too many users If the cable “breaks” (cut / disconnected) the network will crash Computers on a network each need a and cable to connect them, often through switches. There are different types of that can be used. The way a network is arranged is called a topology. Network topologies can be bus, star, ring or mesh. Some networks use more than one topology – we call them hybrids. Computers can also be connected allows lots of different types of device to connect wirelessly.

Networking presentation

Transcript: Responsibilities Is charged with helping find new clients and develop strategies that meet their business objectives. "To help lead Team Epic’s new positioning in the marketplace and to help lead our clients into the convergence of online and offline experiences in sports, lifestyle and brand marketing." "So in November and December, we're constantly on the phone with agents, constantly trying to assess the needs and wants of other organizations, constantly brainstorming trades. We're on the phone with other organizations, agents, figuring out our budget, making moves, setting up for the winter meetings, visiting free agents--or players with no-trade clauses occasionally--things of that nature. So November and December are very hectic and they're all about player acquisitions and player transactions. January is typically a month of contract negotiations and arbitration. We spent much of last month preparing for an arbitration case, in David Ortiz, that didn't come. We were able to avoid it with a settlement--we settled all our arbitration cases--and now we're working on a multi-year deal or two (Ed note: Soon after this interview was conducted, the Sox inked Trot Nixon to a three-year, $19.5 million contract). So January's about contract negotiations. listening is important. And being actively aware, every day. Larry Lucchino's "Top 10 Qualifications of the Ideal General Manager," Networking Presentation B.A. in English, Columbia University, 1988; M.S. in sports management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1993 First job was Internship at Western Kentucky University athletic department Previous job was Vice president, marketing and partnerships, Alliance of Action Sports Current Job is Vice president, director of account services, Team Epic Grew up in Bayside, Queens, N.Y. executive most admired Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane lives in Ridgefield, Conn. Brand most admired Mountain Dew Vitals Vice President, Director of Account Services for team Epic (newly created agency, which resulted from Velocity Sports & Entertainment’s union with Vivid Marketing) Attended Yale university and graduated in 1997 with a degree in American studies took a job in the public relation department with the San Diego Padres, working closely with Larry Lucchino (current president and CEO of Red Sox) Soon became director of baseball operations and he studied full-time at the University of San Diego School of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctor degree. November 15, 2003 Epstein was hired to work under Larry in Boston At the end of 2003 season Epstein became GM of Red Sox Theo Epstein Aquired key players like David ortiz and Curt Shilling who helped end "the curse of the Bambino" October 31, 2005, Epstein resigned, rejecting a three-year, $1.5-million-per-year contract for personal reasons. on January 12, 2006, and he and Red Sox management announced his return. Six days later, the team announced that he would resume the title of General Manager and add the title of Executive Vice President. October 12, 2011, Epstein agreed to a five-year contract worth $18.5 million with the Chicago Cubs. and would be named president Career December 29, 1973 New York City, NY raised in Brookline, Massachusetts 40 years old currently living in Chicago grandfather and great uncle wrote screen play to Casablanca father is head of the Creative Writing Program at Boston University sister was a writer for the television series Homicide: Life on the Street and Tell Me You Love Me. By: Andrew Barbaretti February and March move into spring training, and you take the time to get to know your big league staff and get to know your big league club. It's also a rare opportunity to see all your minor league players in the same place at one time. You make plenty of roster moves and maybe an acquisition or two as you whittle down from 50-something players in camp down to 25 who break with the big league club. Then, in April and May, you prepare for the draft. Obviously you try to be around the big league team as much as you can at the start of the season, but you focus on the draft for most of April and May. Then, the draft comes the first week of June. June and July you're focused on the needs of your big league team, what you need to do to make the right moves. In the last week of July you're constantly on the phone with all the clubs, negotiating trades. In August, your attention shifts back to the minor leagues--you want to make sure you see all your minor league teams play before the end of the minor league season. In August and September, you're back for the playoff run, and then October comes around and you're back looking at minor league free agents and the whole cycle of the off-season starts again. Interesting Facts Career Path Advice John Stamatis

Networking Presentation

Transcript: Presentation By: Team E (Aaron, Jenn, Nick and SJ) Network Diagram Router Information What We Learned General Communications Inc. 22.0 Cable Modem Specs: Download Speed: 22Mbps Upload Speed: 2Mbps Price: $119.99/month Additional Info 200,00 MB usage Over usage rate: $.002 per MB 8 1GB Email Accounts Large Variety of Modems/Routers Modems don't just come from specific providers Planning ahead is crucial TOP 3 Things Very important to plan ahead Figure out costs/most efficient network Different network types use the same hardware Doesn't always matter what provider you use Asus RT-AC66U Dual – Band Wireless – AC 1750 Gigabit Router Price B&H Photo Video Pro Audio $192.72 $189.99 Amazon $189.99 Router is highly rated- top of the line After looking at various alternatives, this was our best choice Will more than suit our network's needs The Igloo has 2 floors On the top floor is a living room iPad and Laptops located here Bottom/Basement floor is like a game room Hot tub, desktop, and Xbox located here Also where the wireless modem is Asus RT-AC66U Dual – Band Wireless – AC 1750 Gigabit Router Our Home Network House: Igloo Location: elf neighborhood in the North Pole 5 elves in the family The two parents and three kids Has 7 devices on the network: 2 laptops 1 desktop 1 iPad Wirelessly controlled hot tub Wireless printer Xbox 360 Igloo Description Wordle The Igloo has 2 floors On the top floor is a living room iPad and Laptops located here Bottom/Basement floor is like a game room Hot tub, desktop, and Xbox located here Also where the wireless modem is Asus RT-AC66U Dual – Band Wireless – AC 1750 Gigabit Router The Igloo has 2 floors On the top floor is a living room iPad and Laptops located here Bottom/Basement floor is like a game room Hot tub, desktop, and Xbox located here Also where the wireless modem is Asus RT-AC66U Dual – Band Wireless – AC 1750 Gigabit Router Igloo Description Network Provider Networking Igloo Description

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