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Transcript: History of Company Nestle started out by making baby formula. It still makes this product, but since then has expanded. It produces coffee, bottled water, chocolate, ice cream, cookie dough, soup, cereal, and infant food. The company is expanding. In 2007 they made $9.7 billion. Four years later, in 2010 they hit $35.7 billion. Before becoming CEO he was the head of Nestle's American divisions. Benefits Nestle stock is worth $55.40 right now. Nestle offers a medical plan, a vision, plan, a dental paln, a perscription drug plan, life insurance, a plan for accidents, disability, and health care. Started working for Nestle at the age of 25 in 1979. He traveled different countries during this time. Does Nestle meet consumers needs? Yes, they have a variety of products for consumers and are located in over 100 different countries to provide for people all over the world. The education qualifications vary depending on the job you are doing. Nestle offers a wide variety of jobs and offers programs to better your education. It operates in over 130 countries and provides employment for about 250,000 people. Originated after a merger of the Anglo-Swiss milk company in 1905. Nestle started out by making milk based baby food. Then, Nestle helped Daniel Peter perfect his chocolate manufacturing process. Nestle helped him by making it so that they could remove the water from the mixture and to prevent molding. Nestle started out as one man with an idea... And turned into a giant corporation in which more companies wanted to merge with. Founded by Henri Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland. The average number of employees in our factories is 270, and the average number of employees in any single country is around 3,000. Paul Bulcke- CEO of Nestle Nestle strives to become a local business in each of the 130 countries it is located in. It's high for the year was $57.50. Nestle is a good company to work for. They care about their workers and the training and knowledge they have for their job. They also are conscientious of the quality of their products. Salary: $10,749,291 Nestle has 14 members in its Board of Directors. They offer sick days, 10 holidays, and after completing one full year, your vacation increases. It's research center is located in Switzerland.

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Transcript: and why you should be one Green Office is a very simple programme It inclued a killer logo a clear call to action and a cute, cuddly new internet star An essential element of the campaign was a rather clever if somewhat gruesome video posted on... KIT KAT'S PARENT COMPANY REACTED SWIFTLY and demanded the video be removed citing breach of copyright agreed so began a social media firestorm that spread across the globe reaching millions of people in the course of a few short days Greenpeace Found a new home for their video on an alternative sharing site ... within hours the video attracted 78,500 views there's nothing like the threat of censorship to get the social media masses mobilised and word started to spread across social networks with 400 million members was the natural first port of call Nestle's fan page suddenly had a lot of visitors as negative comments flooded in the fan page moderator SAW RED... By friday, march 19 the issue went mainstream crossing over from social media into traditional media By saturday march 20 (just 72 hours in) the blogosphere and were buzzing meanwhile, twitter mentions went into overdrive, according to #HASHTAG MONITOR tweetreach showed the most recent 50 tweets had reached almost 18,000 people let me do the math for you THat's 30 pages of tweets with 50 tweets per page on a single search term on a single day so if 50 tweets reach 18,OOO THEN 1500 TWEETS COULD HAVE REACHED 540,000 BUT IT DIDN'T STOP THERE... WHILE BESEIGING FACEBOOK SOME FOLKS DECIDED TO SET UP THEIR OWN PAGE MEANWHILE, THOSE CLEVER PEOPLE AT deployed a new weapon... which meant ads like this.. started to appear EVERYWHERE! people who clicked those ads got through to a page like this... it offered the banned video as a free gift and urged web users to share it widely online by sunday, march 21... this had happened by 6pm on the 21st the banned video appeared back on youtube. many times. at least 20 times, with a combined view total of almost... 180,000 now the talk started to change. some people suggested this was the first truly global case of social media changing the business landscape. voices like the highly respected - one of the world's most popular environmental and conservation news sites all of this in just.. FOUR DAYS WHERE IT GOES NEXT, IT SEEMS... IS UP TO YOU. What is Green Office? against the company which makes that connects your organization with WWF one of the world's largest conservation organizations an ADVANCED search for MENTIONS OF BOTH NESTLE AND greenpeace SHOWED AROUND 1500 in 24 hours launched the latest phase of its campaign

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