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My Life PowerPoint

Transcript: My Life PowePoint Justyce williams MEEEE My occupation is a Lawyer in New york city. My income is 131k per year, and my monthly is $8,187 with taxes taken out. Together me and my husband bring in $15,249 a month Me and my husband and kids MY SPOUSE My husband (aka central cee) is a physical theripist. His income 113k per year, with the monthly income of 28,250 with taxes taken out My spouse My kids My kids I have two kids a 3 month old boy and a 8 year old girl. The boy is named Milo and the girl is named Auroa like the disney princess. The whole famliy for food cost is $438.66 the cost of clothing is $62.70 Milo has a daycare that cost $450 a months and Auroa has after school care that cost $170 a month and that makes $620 My house My house My house is actully a condo with three bed, two baths, and 1,200sq ft. The monthly note is $1,998 with the full price of the condo being $315,000. Utilities of my house is $289.75 homes onwer incursce in $300 my house pt2 The total intrest i will pay would be $283,500. The total price i would have to pay on the house in a time spand of 30 years isd $598,500. Homeowners insurecence would be $300. my house pt2 Pictures my college My whole tuition is $62,844 making my monthly note $733.1 taking out a loan for 10 years but the total interest is $87,981.6 College My college is Tulane University it is a priviate college in New Orleans His total tution is $42,490 making the monthly note $368.24 taking out a 10 year loan putting thtoslt intrest at $87.981.6 Subtopic 3 my husbands collge he went to Francish Missionaries of our Lady university, it is a privite collge in Baton Rouge. my automobile I have a used 2020 doge chaeger it cost a total of $22,948 and my monthly note that i pay for it is $273.87 The totsal intrest that i pay on the car is $23,004.94 Automobile my spouces automobile My spouse has also a used 2020 doge charger. Its total cost in $21,790 and the monthly note is $260.5 The total interst that will be payed is $21,844. my spouse gas and insurance for gas each month it is $209.12 and with car insurance it is $166.66, life incursunce $380.4 for everyone my family. others CHECK IN In my budget so far i still make $9,827. put me at spending about $5730.3. In my saving acount i put in $3,000 a month so in 25 years fro retuerment i would have $900,000. Check in/ Extras EXTRA EXPENSES my extra expenses are dining out, internet, and cell phones. The Cox tv cost $99.00 and the cell phones from AT&T for two people is $140 and the Internet is $64.00 in total that all cost $303. Extra Everything in total my total monthly income is 15,249 with everything added up my total monthly expenses are $6009.3 but becasue i had a bounce of $300 that makes it $5,700.9. for my etra money i would use it for a vation once a year and that would be $2,000. everything did u enjoy this prodject? yes becasue i cansee like what my life could most likely be like enjoy?

My Life Template-Maria

Transcript: Maria's Timeline Maria's Timeline My Birth! Event 1 I was born on November 21, 2007 at 12:45 PM in Moscow, Russia. When I was born, I had white hair and blue eyes. My family were really happy when I was born and they made a big party for me. This was a long time ago, so I don't remember anything, but my mom said that I was a loud baby. My grandparents came a lot to help my mom with her duties. As I know now, I was baptized 5 months after my birth. A lot of family and friends came to congratulate my parents. Shortly after, me and my family left to Canada to live. "The screams were so terrible that I thought they must be operating her without a painkiller." (Watkins 35-36) "Cartoon Baby." PngTree N/A Web. 27 Feb. 2019. Rating: +3 My First Birthday! Event 3 On November 21, 2008, I turned one year old. That means I was now one year on this planet, planet Earth. This is very important since it was the first time I had a birthday. I got a lot of presents. I think my parents invited friends to celebrate this milestone. A lot of these friends have stayed as my friends until this day. Now, we go to each other's birthday parties every year. Of course, I don't remember this, but I have photos about this event in my life. " I was eleven, Ko sixteen." (Watkins 1) "Happy First Birthday Clipart" N/A Web. Feb. 27, 2019 Rating: +2 I Moved to Canada Event 2 This happened on June 11, 2008 when I was 6 months old. This was a very long time ago. But, it has made a tremendous change in my life. Russia and Canada are about 10 hours away by plane! I don't know the reason why we moved to Canada, but I love it here. I think it was the right decision to move here. If we didn’t, I wouldn’t of met all of the amazing people in this country. We moved to a pretty house in Toronto together. My dad thought our family should live in Canada, so we listened and started our life here. "We took the road along the river, the shortest way to the station." (Watkins 23). "Happy Families Happy Planet" Jun. 28, 2016 Web. Feb. 27 , 2019 Rating: +3 First Home Olympics Event 4 My family had home “Olympic Games’ every year. August 2010 is when it started first. We had around 10 families come over to compete in the sport events. We had an opening ceremony at the start of the day to introduce everyone. At the end of the day, the winners would get medals. I like this event because it is very fun for me and I love to compete in the sports. This went on for 7 more years, every year, with the same competitors and events. My family and I got the most medals out of any family in the years. "Title: OPEN LENGTH: NO MORE THAN 50 PAGES OF MANUSCRIPT PAPER PRIZES: FIRST PLACE 10,000 YEN SECOND PLACE 5,000 YEN THIRD PLACE 1,000 YEN CLOSING DAY: END OF FEBRUARY" "Olympic Rings." N/A Web. 28 Feb. 2019 Rating: +2 I Made Friends Event 6 In preschool, I was bullied as I mentioned. Then, I moved to Grade 1 in the same school. That was the grade that people actually were accepting me. I was getting way better at English, and I could actually talk it. I could communicate with friends and teachers and I wouldn't be clueless. This was a very important life event. I never knew someone would want to be friends with me until people showed up. I was really happy. "Hurry!" Mother found my wrist in the darkness." (Watkins 2) "Friend." N/A Web. Feb. 27, 2019 Rating: +1 FIFA World Cup! Event 10 Every year in the summer break, I would go to Russia from June-August. In Grade 5, 2018, it was the FIFA World Cup in Russia. At the time, I was actually in Russia. I went to the Red Square with my family to see all the fans piling in. It was pretty fun there. I watched almost all of the games. I liked watching the games and, most importantly, trying to guess who wins every game. This is an activity I play with my family. Overall, I think it’s really cool that I went to Russia when FIFA was happening in the same country. "Between the performances of other children, singing and playing the koto, I danced." (Watkins 11) "FIFA Russia" N/A Web. Feb. 28, 2019 Rating: +1 Huntsville, Muskoka Event 11 This was the most recent event on February 15-18, 2019. My family and our friend's went to Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka. We did a lot of fun winter activities. We went skiing, cross-country skiing, skating, and more. This was the most amazing weekend I have ever spent. It was tremendously fun and exciting. I loved it too much. I have enjoyed the stay and I am wishing to go back there someday. " The station was crowded with escapees from the north who had not found homes." (Watkins 80) "Deerhurst Resort Muskoka." N/A Web. Feb. 28, 2019 Rating: +2 Paris, France Event 9 This was a really fun vacation. This was when I finished Grade 4, on July 7, 2017. I went to a lot of famous landmarks in Paris, France. I always wanted to go to Paris, since it is a very popular place to go to. I went to the Louvre Museum,

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