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Transcript: What is Halloween? and What do people do on Halloween? Origins of Halloween Why we (as Ahmadi Muslims) should avoid celebrating halloween? What is Shirk? Do Muslims believe in ghosts and supernatural things? What is Halloween? Celebrated on the night of October 31st Traditional activities include: Trick-or-treating Carving jack-o-lanterns Costume parties Visiting "haunted houses" Origin of Halloween celebration of the end of the harvest season Samhain was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and prepare for winter The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundaries between living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to cause havoc such as sickness or damaged crops Masks and costumes were worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or appease them. Why we should avoid celebrating Halloween? Halloween is a harmful innovation among Christians which takes one closer to shirk. The Bible forbids witches, satanic practices etc. but Halloween is generally regarded as fun. Hudhur said it should always be remembered that any ‘fun’ that is based on shirk or any harmful way is to be avoided. We must give up on worldly traditions like these to follow the right path Faith Matters These practices makes children do wrong things in the name of “fun” These practices makes children do wrong things in the name of “fun” Agenda Friday Sermon October 29th 2010 ... small Conclusion Even a hint of shirk is unacceptable to God What is Shirk? Associate anyone in the name, action, or worship of Allah constitutes shirk Condition of Baiat number 6 says that we “shall refrain from following ______________ Ahmadi muslims do not believe in ghosts and other supernatural things (witches, goblins...) Do Muslims believe in ghosts and supernatural being? Heaven is a better reward than the candy get from you get from trick or treat QUESTIONS? “Badness attracts and leads man to adopt it with intensity, while forgetting traditions and beliefs. Some Ahmadis, considering such matters trivial, also get inclined in this way, resulting in very bad consequences” Shirk causes man to sink morally and spiritually. Belief in Divine Unity is a seed out of which grows all virtues, and lack of which lies at the root of all sins Halloween and what do people do on halloween? What other holidays do we not celebrate? Originated from the ancient celtic festival known as Samhain It is extremely wrong to believe in things that are supernatural even if it is for fun We must give up on worldly traditions like these to follow the right path Halloween is a tradition when many people celebrate it with extravagant parties, elaborate costumes and spending more $$$ Hudhur’s Friday Sermon October 29th 2010 Why should Ahmadi Muslims avoid celebrating Halloween? Bringing of dead spirits is WRONG and it goes against what we believe as Muslims


Transcript: Generating More Traffic on Social Media WHERE ARE WE NOW? NOW Each facility has its own color Employee spotlights are posted based on creator. Repetition of post due to sometimes only following a schedule not much community involvement SWOT analysis Weaknesses Strengths Threats Opportunities Diversity of post Uniformity and creativity Huge facility to promote employee involvement Giveaways live class sessions national days for fan involvement like, comment, re-post The multiple campus pages to compete recreating page, more social team work Current page Current Page View Pics with no added graphic or logo Overall the brand colors are popping You can tell who lacks content Things to highlight Why are we the best? Top notch facility two workout areas/ Trainers/ track open to public & uni Great outdoor views and lake( keeps up with mile) Diverse class list huge pool to promote & heated GOAL WHERE ARE WE GOING? global.. (lol) more engagement and gain more followers (giveaways, free training, workout spotlights) become interactive with public develop a set brand for page (more work but consistent features on page) eliminate set days for post and develop a calendar that will allow for constant posting. (eliminate generic dates only post) Target Market Target Market students (create consistency and healthy lifestyles) staff family of staff STRATEGY Step #1 HOW WILL WE GET THERE? small giveaways: small in house competitions ( post pics in comments, like/share to enter, most consistent weekly Devoloping a strong consistent branded page Live sessions and more promotion of actual classes and training. (staff streaiming or blogging experience) Step #2 Brand Ideas Page branding ideas Account Manager (delagates the monthly post and when to post) Content Creator (creates all post and keep brand in order) photographer (gathers all content to pass on to creator) -works with liason for out of office events social operations (post, handles comments, shares, negative comments, etc.) Chain of Duties Team Work

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