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Movie Ticket Template Powerpoint

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The Movie ticket

Transcript: the economic impact of this automation is negative because the The Movie Ticket Dispensing Machines costs from 1500$-2500$ and more per machine but there is more cost because of the help for instillation for the machines and for the shipping for different Country's. What is the social impact of this automation ? The social impact of this automation is Negative and Positive because Positive is that it make every thing more easy and they save money from the ticket machine because they don't need a lot of workers now so they save money and the negative is that a lot of people get fired because of the machine. The Movie theater that use the machine has only one movie and one show time each day.Every morning the theater manager will turn on the ticket machine and it will ask the manager for the name of the movie and the ticket price that day it will also ask how many seats are in the theater so it does not sell to many tickets. How was this task accomplished before it was automated ? What is the environmental impact of this automation ? The environmental impact of this automation is large because of the waste of electricity and paper because at the end of the movie we are going to throw the ticket away and the The Movie Ticket Dispensing Machines uses a lot of electricity. How is this task accomplished with automation ? When a customer walks up to the ticket machine they will see the name of the movie,the time,and the ticket price displayed on the screen there is a slot to insert money, a keypad of the button to enter a number into the "Number of tickets" and then you press the buy button and then printed tickets come out of the slot out of the button of the machine. What is the economic impact of this automation ? The Movie Ticket Dispensing Machines How the The Movie Ticket Dispensing Machines works Get tickets now Get tickets here now Before ticket dispensing Machines were made customers had to wait in line to get to the counter so they can get there ticket.When the customer gets there turn in line the customer would tell the worker what movie they want to watch and how many tickets they want then the worker would put the information it to the computer then calculate the cost so then after they pay the computer will print tickets. The Movie ticket Dispensing Machines By VEENZ

Movie Poster Powerpoint

Transcript: Texture Form The color in this poster (also refered to as hue) is very well shown, and you can see what I mean when you look at the different lights in the picture and the colors of the titles. This is very important because it gives a whole different feel of the picture itself. The movie poster shows some balance. It shows it from how the car and the writing is specifically placed on the poster. 8 Elements of Design The eight principles of design will include; line, form, space, shape, texture, color, value, and tone. Form is shown in all the places where there is also some objects and where/how they are arranged. The three principles of Design will be explained to you in this order; balance, proportion, and unity. Description The value is also a thing that is shown very well, because you can see the degree of shadowing and different color brightnesses all around the poster. It is about many cars that compete against each other, and fight for a grand prize. I would say that proportion is shown in the way the car fills up the poster and stays strong. To me, the way that Lamborghini is placed gives me a good feeling about the car and how it would feel like to be in it. So, you can see all the textures on it and around the poster. For example the letters. In conclusion, all the objects and shapes are well fitted together, and placed to stay there peacefully. The Races Begin; Movie Poster Analysis By: Aleksandar Bogdanovic I guess that you could say that space is well used in this poster because in the areas where you see the writing meet with the car itself it looks kind of neat because the space is well used. The recommended rating would be around PG-14. Shape Space The line, that is shown in this movie poster is mostly where the car is touching the ground, but there is also some line used in, where the title and subheadings are. The way you can see this element is where and how the shapes are, and how they are placed there. You can see all the shapes is that Lamborghini and around it as well. 3 Principles of Design This element of design is kind of similar to Value, because it also is about the lightness and darkness in a picture. This one pertains to the lightness and darkness in all the ways you see lighter and darker things mostly in the upper section of this poster. Line Proportion Tone Color Value This movie is similar to the Fast and the Furious movie series; as a result, the genre would be considered to be a drama-action film. Unity Balance

Movie Analysis Powerpoint

Transcript: Movie Analysis First: getting each others attention by using offensive language Second: gaining each others trust by defending each other to an adult Third: sharing similar personal and family stories Last: collaborating and concluding they aren't so different after all Conflict Conflict was bound to happen with a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal With steorotypical titles given to each person they never stood a chance Assumptions were already made that went along with the titles They disagreed based on the principles of high schools democracy ladder Plot: five teenagers from different cliques are punished with a Saturday detention Goal: communicate with each other in order to write an essay and keep their sanity Results Introduction Future Students The Breakfast Club Alternative Options It's important to keep an open mind in a communication setting Don't let stereotyping get in the way of communicating Always think before you speak Be aware of differences in culture, economic backgrounds, family life, etc. Communication Strategies The teens were able to settle their differences They found a way to communicate in a civil manner They realized that they cannot be limited to just one title, that in fact they each posses a little bit of everything Completed By: Brianna Murataya COM 312 Conflict & Negotiation Left preconceived notions at the door Not insulted each other right off the bat Not interrupting while others are talking Not giving negative feedback about personal stories

Ticket, Ticket, Ticket?

Transcript: In 2008 Dallas made $191 in revenue from traffic fines per capita. If you were a resident of Dallas you probably paid these traffic fines or knew of atleast some residents who did. But, some cities, like Westlake, issued tickets at a much higher rate compared to their size. Per capita Westlake earned a revenue of $42,000 in traffic fines in 2008. I don't know about you, but I can't name a single person that I know of who has ever paid $42,000 in traffic fines. How fast would you have to go to get a tickets that large?? You are the people driving up and down 114 passing the whole two exits which are in Westlake. You are paying these outlandish quantities of speeding tickets which add up to an income for Westlake of over 8 Million Dollars. But, do you see where that money goes? NO. Instead Westlake spends the proceeds by not having a property tax. Paying a tax that you have no representation... That sounds a lot like an issue some of our Great American Leaders had back in the day. We need to keep our rights in focus and point out when they are being violated. The taxing of unrepresented group by smaller cities is a violation of these RIGHTS. Fight for your right not to be preyed on by speed traps and over enforcement of the Law. It's your right. Don't Give It Away! All data taken from, THE TEXAS OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION Trial Court Judicial Data Management System For more information on this topic check out these links: Presentation by Jose Sainz Thanks for your time. Taxation without representation. I've heard that one before, have you? Dallas I can't speak for you, but even in my worst years of traffic tickets, I never came any where near that dollar figure in tickets. So who is paying all those tickets, if not the residents of Westlake? The answer is YOU! Thank you Aren Cambre for your work in finding this trend in traffic ticket enforcment. Westlake

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