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Mosque Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: - A mosque is the building in where Muslims worship God. The mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together for salat (prayer) as well as a place for information, schooling and argument settlement. The Imam leads the prayer. Nowadays, particularly in Muslim countries mosques are found on nearly every street corner, making it easier for Muslims to be present at the five daily prayers. There are however, certain features that are common to all mosques. The domes, often placed directly above the main prayer hall, it symbolizes the vaults of heaven and the sky. A minbar is a pulpit in the mosque where the imam (leader of prayer) stands to deliver sermons. The Minab emphasizes contact with the audience. -In the mosque there is a certian manners you must follow. Muslims before prayer are required to cleanse themselves in a purification process known as wudu. However, even to those who enter the prayer hall of a mosque without the meaning of praying, there are still rules that apply. Shoes must not be worn inside the carpeted prayer hall. -Another protocol is concentration. Those in the mosque are required to remain respectful to those in prayer. Loud talking inside the mosque is not allowed in areas where people are praying. Also, it is disrespectful to walk in front of or otherwise disturb Muslims in prayer. - In the mosque it is required to wear clothes that portray modesty. Although many mosques will not enforce the rule, both men and women when attending a mosque must stick to these guidelines. Men are supposed to come to the mosque wearing loose and clean clothes that do not reveal the shape of the body. Equally, it is recommended that women at a mosque wear loose clothing that covers to the wrists and ankles, and cover their heads with a hijab or other covering. Islamic law does not need men and women to be separated in the prayer hall; there is nothing written in the Qur'an about gender separation. But, traditional rules have segregated women and men. By traditional rules, women are most often told to dwell in the rows behind the men. People try to argue that Muhammad (peace be upon him) preferred women to pray at home rather than at a mosque, Muhammad told Muslims not to stop women from entering mosques. They are allowed to go in. Non-Muslims may be allowed into mosques, as long as they do not sleep or eat there. 2. Before a Muslim boy or girl can pray, what porcess do they have to do? 3. How must a women and man dress in a Mosque? 1. What is a Mosque? - Every mosque has a mihrab (A niche in the wall of a mosque) in the wall that show the direction of Mecca; the direction towards which Muslims pray. Most mosques have a pulpit for when a scholar is able to carry out a sermon or speech. There are never any images of life or statues in mosques, in Islam it is prohibited that things like that are kept or displayed. The interior walls of the mosque are decked out with verses from the Quran in Arabic calligraphy, or with complex geometric designs. Questions Thank you for your attention!

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