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Mood Board Presentation Template

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Mood board

Transcript: Mood -Board The picture of the pregnant girl sybolises one of are characters as she is a teen pregnant girl which is at first shocked and sad but is then happy and thankful. The picture of the girl looking down shows her innocents and peacefulness which the character scharlett favours. The picture of the boy symbolises scharletts son. Later in the film he plans revenge; so we picked this picture as it looks like a mystery in the little boys eyes. And him being in a grave yard implies the fact that scharlett thinks her son is dead when in fact he isn't. These pictures of the emptiness of the rooms/ bedrooms highlights the ending scene of our thriller movie. As this scary darkness of the rooms will build tension and causes the audience to be at the edge or their seats as you can tell something bad will happen. My group chose these pictures because it creates a supernatural effect as this particular scene abnormal sounds wil occur. These pictures of the old buildings represent the orphanage; we picked these particular pictures because it creates a suspense as the dim lighting of it indicates this is a haunted place. This photo also reprsents the little boy; by the picture hiding his face indicates he has no identity; as he is a orphan and his mother is unaware he is alive. This picture also creates a mystery about his charachter. This picture of the woman symbolises the character Florence (who is Scarlett's mother). We picked this picture as it highlights when she finds out her daughter is pregnant. The suprised shocking dazed look is what we can picture the character doing. This picture also builds up tention as the facial expression tells a story The picture of the crying baby highlights when Scarlett has her son; as babies are always crying when they are born. It also highlights when she believe he died she is haunting by his crying which will create tension.

Mood Board

Transcript: The next step.... We get inspired and creative. We then come up with a theme and start designing. Actual Jacket That Will Be Used :) What is a Fashion Collection??? PLASTIC CUP FASHION PRESENTATION! This is how I plan to progress: Come up with different techniques and ways to make the plastic cup look different. Design different hat ideas. The Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 Gabardine Studded Shoulder Peplum Jacket Biker fashion is currently starting growing...women motorcycle jacket 2011 by Burberry Prorsum These are some plastic cup dresses Georgie and Jenny Fashion Illustrations by: Kathryn Elyse By Jenny and Georgie Plastic Cups at parties. Georgie's Hat Designs... Jenny is going to be making a jacket...Below is a jacket that she bought a year ago and only worn it a few times What is a Plastic Cup? The Versace For H&M Collection 2011 Plastic cups come in a variety of colours, textures and sizes. Plastic cups are often used for gatherings where it would be inconvenient to wash dishes afterward, due to factors such as location or number of guests. Plastic cups can be used for storing most liquids, but hot liquids may melt the material. Most plastic cups are designed for single uses and then disposal or recycling. Georgie is going to be making hats/hat A fashion collection is something that a designer puts together each season to show how they will showcase new trends in both their high end couture collections as well as their mass market collections sold in stores.

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