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Monthly Progress Report Template Powerpoint

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Monthly Progress Report

Transcript: Communications activity Summary Finance and cost Salaries YTD spend on salaries of £17,846 (budget £83,000). Projected positive year end variance of £64,083 saving of £18,916.69. likely fixed cost so real saving Staff Direct Costs YTD spend on staff direct costs of £3,385 (budget £20,750). Projected positive year end variance of £12,787 saving of £7,963.40 Travel & Expenses Majority of the expenditure is in the second half of the year, linking to the key events in the autumn. Predicted positive variance approx £.5.5K Office Costs Predicted negative variance of approx £8.5k Recruitment costs Majority of recruitment costs (Jan-June) with no further expenditure post July. Positive variance of around £12k Development & Hosting Negative variance of £2K based on projections Recruitment Campaign (MarComms) Likely to be quite a large negative variance in this area with a projected overspend of over £35k Current predicted overspend of £1,648. Further work will be completed to pin down projections and determine fixed/variable costs and opportunities for savings. Following an extremely busy first quarter of the year there has been good progress against the plan. Project continues to focus on employer engagement as part of Phase 1 and gaining commitment from employers on apprentices as part of Phase 2 8 champion employers are in place Continue to focus on engaging employers and identifying eligible employees Preparation is underway for the three keys events in the autumn Twitter stats are quite low compared to reach - potential to review the social media strategy Encouraging to see a large % of new visits - scope to scrutinise the data further and look at average time and page visits Further work will be undertaken to progress case studies Progress against plan Monthly progress report 1. Finance and costs (Budget) 2. Progress against plan 3. Communications activity Monthly Progress Report

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