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A Monster Calls PowerPoint

Transcript: By Grace Kong + Kenz Johnston A Monster Calls How Do we deal with uncertainty? A Monster Calls Themes Themes 1. I would not want special treatment because people seem to look at him and instead of thinking oh there is that nice student in my class they think oh there is that student who’s mum has cancer I have not met anyone in this situation but i believe if i did they would not want anyone to treat them any differently than before. 2. I believe you could die of grief like the kings’ wife because you could be so sad that you could be stressed and get cardiac arrest or something like that. 3. I think we do see some signs of suffering from Conor’s father for instance he seems very frustrated throughout all his scenes as it seems he is struggling to bond with Conor and I think the fact that his father is struggling with money in america has something to do with that. 4. The monster seems a bit sad all the time as he tells Conor of his stories Themes of Suffering 1. Conor’s dad doesn’t want him to move to America because he says in America there isn’t much room in his house and he doesn’t want him to be cramped. I feel like this says Conor loves his dad and wants to move in with him but his father won’t allow it as he is too young and his mum has someone to look after her when Conor is in England. 2. Because they are scared he will react badly and he might have a breakdown or run away or something. They also might not want to talk to him because it is a very sad topic that would be excruciatingly painful to talk to him about and they might not even know where to start. 3. I think Conor and his grandma will eventually have to make it work because the facts are that Conor can no longer live with his mum so he has nowhere else to live but with his grandma. It is true though that at first when Conor moves in it will be sad as his mum has just died and him and his grandma dont get on very well. Themes of Family 1. I think Conor’s mum admits that she is dying however, she doesn’t want to be as she has so much more life to live. You can tell this as she tries to explain it to Conor in a nicer way but you can see that it is difficult for her to explain it to Conor without blurting out the truth. 2. Conor’s grandma is old and that may have something to do with the fact that she is more realistic about Conor’s mother dying, however she is also more mature and that is also a part of why she is more realistic about the death. She also has to think about this for Conor and she has to be realistic for him. 3. I think we are meant to think that the pit monster is death however it is important to realise that death is a natural part of life and although this sounds very dark it’s true and eventually everyone dies. Themes of Death 1. Harry started to bully Conor the day he found out his mum was sick because harry feels confused and takes it out on conor. 2. Because he doesn’t want people to think he needs to be help or that he needs special treatment because he himself doesn’t want to face the facts that his mother is dying. 3. Because all of Conor’s life he has been alone except for his mum who is now dying and he might not see again. 4. The monster means if you are invisible, you are left alone. You can be invisible but have lots of friends and you can be visible and have no friends. Themes of isolation Plot Summary -Conor's Mum has cancer and Conor has a nightmare every night until one night a new nightmare appears when at 12:07. The monster in the new nightmare tells Conor over a series of nights. Although Conor doesn't realise it these stories relate to him. Conor's Grandma comes to look after him and his mum after they realise Lizzy isn't getting any better. The first story is about 'The Prince The Queen and The Farmer's Daughter.' This relates to Conor's life because his Grandma is like the queen the moral is 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' and 'Looks can be deceiving'. After the second story Conor has a talk with his Grandmother about moving in with her. Conor's mother starts the new treatment. Conor's father goes and visits Lizzy in the hospital. The second story is 'The Apothecary, The Priest and The Priest's daughters.' This is a story that teaches Conor not to be selfish. After the second story Conor destroys his Grandma's living room during the second story with all the antiques. Conor goes to school the next day and Harry comes up to him and tells him he is invisible. The third story is the invisible man. Conor hurts Harry and then he goes to meet his mother at the hospital. Then there is the pit monster and Conor tells the story of his mother's death. Then at exactly 12:07 Conor's mother passed away. Conor then moves in with his grandmother and they try to cope with her death. Plot Summary Reactions to the Story The story was very a very sad story. For many it touched people’s hearts and for some it really went into how they were feeling. Although some may not show it, it is hard to deny that this touching story

Monster; Monster

Transcript: Our current society views villains as people who desire chaos, such examples are terrorists, politicians, and China. How does your interpretation of Beowulf change if you interpret Grendel and his mother as human outcasts or members of a rival tribe, rather than as a demonic monster? He does seem to have supernatural powers, he might have super strength, and the ability to be able hold his breath for a long duration. The major antagonists are depicted as supernatural because, bards would add them in their story to create an interesting element. It also gives a person the ability to brag about their past accomplishment. "They have seen my strength themselves ,/ Have watched me rise from the darkness of war,/... I drove five great giants into chains."(From Beowulf Glencoe literature; British literature ED. Jeffrey D Wilhelm Columbus, Ohio: Mcgraw hill companies inc, 2009 : 230-234. Print) Why are all the major antagonists in Beowulf depicted as supernatural creatures, demons, and monsters? What is the point? The Anglo-Saxons culture was about being brave and loyal They always want something to boast about They made up stories of beast slaying They would try to compromise with Grendel and his mother, rather than trying to kill them. Or try and kill them. " Speak, say exactly who you are, and from where and why."(From Beowulf Glencoe literature; British literature ED. Jeffrey D Wilhelm Columbus, Ohio: Mcgraw hill companies inc, 2009 : 152-153. Print) How is the epic different with monsters then with people? Debron Barnes, Mohamed Elgaydi, Kamrhen Hatcher Fall 2016 "He leaped into the lake,/...For hours he sank through the waves,/ at last he saw the mud at the bottom." (From Beowulf Glencoe literature; British literature ED. Jeffrey D Wilhelm Columbus, Ohio: Mcgraw hill companies inc, 2009 : 421-424. Print) The supernatural element would make this story an epic, not just a regular story. It shows that they would have to beat unbeatable monsters to acquire their treasure. Monster; Monster Does Beowulf himself seem to have any supernatural powers? Yes, divine intervention is able to co-exist with supernatural monsters in the story, but it should not have a heavy influence of the story. " mankind's enemy continud his crimes,/ killing as often as he could,.../ he never/ dared to touch king Hrothgar's glorious/ throne, protected by god.(From Beowulf Glencoe literature; British literature ED. Jeffrey D Wilhelm Columbus, Ohio: Mcgraw hill companies inc, 2009 : 79-84. Print) The supernatural elements in Beowulf include demons, a dragon, and sea monsters. Is there a conflict between between fantasy elements and the theme of religion in the epic? To put it another way, can divine intervention and dragons co-exist in the same story? Theme reflection What does our current society view as villains? Why? Logo

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