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Transcript: Vocabulary Katherine Curigliano Evidence Based Differentiated can be used for all students adaptive curriculum creates unique, individualized education plan Deductive Cognitive Skills teaches students to be better problem solvers, critical thinkers and creative with thousands of cognitive skill manipulatives has students think and discover than just being told Direct Instruction manipulatives complement the adaptive direct instruction practice mix of direct and discovery instruction is the basis of 2x learning Proven in Math and Language students increased an average of 1.5 grade levels vocabulary is the most innovative and effective system available for learning new words Continuous Progress Monitoring allows teacher to monitor students progress in real time analyze data for all standards in the common core by student, class, school and district Complete Integrated Common Core built from the ground up on Common Core standards Language Related Breakdown References MobyMax is a completely integrated K-8 curriculum and teaching system. In going through the website and reading the research and evidence used to create this system, in tandem with it being roughly 2 years old, I believe that MobyMax is in Ellis' second level of research. Due to lack of empirical critiques it is evident that the 500 schools who are currently using MobyMax are part of determining the efficacy of the program. It also falls into level II research because it is currently being used in schools and males no attempt to further develop the theory behind MobyMax, but rather implementing its instructional and curricular applications. Moving forward, I do not foresee the program having issues moving from level II to level III research. Once more data has been accumulated from schools across the nation, critiques are bound to come about. I personally feel that MobyMax is an excellent program. I choose it because it not only focuses on reading, writing, language, vocabulary and ELA skills, but also Math and Test Prep. It is also covered in the classroom by their teacher. There are no pull-outs, the program and teacher monitor and the tailor each students progress and activities to reflect common core standards and their ability level. Principles of Scientific Based Research in MobyMax students who spend 40 hours using MobyMax average 1 full grade level increase in both math and language pedagogy and curriculum system incorporates the most effective practices for increasing student outcomes as identified by Professor John Hattie’s exhaustive research of over 800 meta-analyses 60 Year History of 2x Learning 1954 B.F Skinner: “Teaching machine and Programmed learning” 1984 Benjamin Bloom: “The 2 Sigma Problems: The Search for Methods as Effective as One-to-One Tutoring” 2014 Moby Max: “2x Learning” Formative Assessment process is so effective that different teachers can use it in diverse ways and still produce great results with their students MobyMax continually monitors student progress from the moment a student begins the diagnostic placement test in a subject Accelerated Curriculum differentiating learning for each student, filling in any gaps in student learning first and then allowing the student to move through the curriculum at an individualized pace when a student fails to master material, they receive remedial instruction and conversely when a student is able to demonstrate rapid mastery, they are able to move forward more quickly Summary & References Simple Cognitive Skills MobyMax’s curriculum breaks complex skills into small achievable sub-skills, spiraling knowledge throughout a lesson to achieve eventual mastery of complex skills Fact Fluency National Math Panel’s “Foundation for Success: Final Report” (2008) advocated that students develop automatic recall of math facts in order to be prepared adequately for higher level math facts MobyMax has incorporated fact fluency directly into its curriculum and has also created a standalone fact master module that ensures students get the practice necessary to achieve automatic recall of all math facts Student Data Wayman (2005), Wayman, Cho and Johnston (2007), Wohlstetter, Datnow, and Park (2008) state using data to inform instructional decisions leads to improved student outcomes MobyMax allows all parties involved in a student’s education, including the student, to easily access student achievement data and it continuously monitors student progress with regard to mastery of the CCSS standards and displays the data in multiple, easy-to-interpret formats Reading Language Grammar Lessons that Work teach students key language skills necessary for success in writing transforms grammar into more than a list of rules learn how to employ grammar to make their writing more effective Continual Progress Monitoring continually updates each students progress during practice and review so that you know exactly which standard your students need to practice use language progress to show student growth


Transcript: Progress Monitoring Reading Skills MobyMath Formative assessments provide individualized skills practices for each student. PROGRESS MONITORING of student’s growth is measured and graphed. Reading Do This First ! It establishes their level Math Moby Reading pairs literature and informational text (paired text). Progress monitoring tracked through standards- aligned questions. Leveled Reading Efficient grading for short answers Direct Instruction Short Answer questions require students to provide a written response to a question based on a reading skill they have learned. If you have Short Answer enabled in your settings, your students will automatically see free response questions like this: "Write a short passage in a third-person point of view about two people who see each other again for the first time after a long separation." one of your Keys to Success See at a glance who scored less than 70% on a lesson (highlighted in yellow) Get your Parents involved with MobyMax! Reading: Short Answers Student Motivation Moby Curriculum sets the standard in effectiveness. In Math and Language, students increased an average of 1.5 grade levels with just 40 hours of practice! Moby Vocabulary is the most innovative and effective system available for learning new words. Moby Test Prep's adaptive practice is revolutionary. Every subject in Moby's curriculum will help your students increase their learning velocity. Moby has many ways to motivate your students. Badges are automatically assigned. Contests can help motivate students to complete more MobyMax. Students can earn game time for completing their work. Vibes can be used to reward students by giving them positive and negative points. Your Turn to Explore! Reading Stories MobyMax offers short step-by-step tutorials that help students master the standards. Students can select the tutorial if they are having trouble, or DIRECT INSTRUCTION will automatically begin as students are have difficulty answering a question correctly. Math Snapshot MobyMax: finds (placement test) and fixes missing math skills Comprehensive K-8 curriculum aligned with the Common Core Standards Students working at least 40 hours in Moby Max show an average of 1.4 grade level increase. Parent Portal: Reading Skills is designed to give students lessons and practice on individual reading skills. Students are introduced to grade level reading skills with "Teach Me" lessons and complete practice sets on individual skills. Most texts in this module are shorter in order to focus on the particular skills being targeted. Moby Math finds and fixes missing math skills that are essential for math comprehension. The Learn Cycle breaks math concepts into small, achievable skills and creating practice sets that consists of a short animated Teach Me with targeted practice problems. All problems have instant feedback and all parts of the problem have a read-aloud icon for students to listen as well as read. MobyMax is an INDIVIDUALIZED, SELF-PACED online learning program that ASSISTS students with: MobyMax assigns lessons based on your student's ability. If a student does not pass a practice set, Moby will automatically give the student another practice set on the same skill. However, if the student fails two to four practice sets in a row (the number of practice sets varies based on the skill), Moby will post the score for that practice set, and it is up to the teacher to decide whether or not to reassign it. Proven Growth Reading Stories is designed to evaluate a student's overall reading comprehension. Students read grade level fiction and nonfiction texts and answer questions that cover all grade level standards. Reading Stories does not include lessons or targeted instruction. You can choose to turn on short answers for your students. You will have to grade these responses Reading Skills Library The parent portal allows parents to see reports on student progress in MobyMax. Parents can sign in by taking the following steps: 1. Go to 2. Select "Parent" from the drop-down menu. 3. Enter the school code. 4. Enter the student's username. 5. Enter the student's password. Find worksheets for any lesson/standard Lessons

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