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Transcript: What is Halloween? and What do people do on Halloween? Origins of Halloween Why we (as Ahmadi Muslims) should avoid celebrating halloween? What is Shirk? Do Muslims believe in ghosts and supernatural things? What is Halloween? Celebrated on the night of October 31st Traditional activities include: Trick-or-treating Carving jack-o-lanterns Costume parties Visiting "haunted houses" Origin of Halloween celebration of the end of the harvest season Samhain was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and prepare for winter The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundaries between living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to cause havoc such as sickness or damaged crops Masks and costumes were worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or appease them. Why we should avoid celebrating Halloween? Halloween is a harmful innovation among Christians which takes one closer to shirk. The Bible forbids witches, satanic practices etc. but Halloween is generally regarded as fun. Hudhur said it should always be remembered that any ‘fun’ that is based on shirk or any harmful way is to be avoided. We must give up on worldly traditions like these to follow the right path Faith Matters These practices makes children do wrong things in the name of “fun” These practices makes children do wrong things in the name of “fun” Agenda Friday Sermon October 29th 2010 ... small Conclusion Even a hint of shirk is unacceptable to God What is Shirk? Associate anyone in the name, action, or worship of Allah constitutes shirk Condition of Baiat number 6 says that we “shall refrain from following ______________ Ahmadi muslims do not believe in ghosts and other supernatural things (witches, goblins...) Do Muslims believe in ghosts and supernatural being? Heaven is a better reward than the candy get from you get from trick or treat QUESTIONS? “Badness attracts and leads man to adopt it with intensity, while forgetting traditions and beliefs. Some Ahmadis, considering such matters trivial, also get inclined in this way, resulting in very bad consequences” Shirk causes man to sink morally and spiritually. Belief in Divine Unity is a seed out of which grows all virtues, and lack of which lies at the root of all sins Halloween and what do people do on halloween? What other holidays do we not celebrate? Originated from the ancient celtic festival known as Samhain It is extremely wrong to believe in things that are supernatural even if it is for fun We must give up on worldly traditions like these to follow the right path Halloween is a tradition when many people celebrate it with extravagant parties, elaborate costumes and spending more $$$ Hudhur’s Friday Sermon October 29th 2010 Why should Ahmadi Muslims avoid celebrating Halloween? Bringing of dead spirits is WRONG and it goes against what we believe as Muslims

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Transcript: HISTORY & CURRENT TRENDS FOR K-12 INSTRUCTION & LEARNING MOBILE LEARNING Traditionally, students would receive instruction in the classroom setting, and would take textbooks home with assignments to enforce the lessons learned at school. However, the art of education has certainly evolved over the years, and this evolution has a direct correlation with the emergence of new technologies. Students everywhere can access courses and information from mobile technology. All that is required is an internet connection to make their learning mobile. As technology continues to improve, so will our education system and methods. HISTORY & CURRENT TRENDS - The internet first began with just a small group of people sharing information until Web 2.0. - Web 2.0 made the growth of mobile learning possible. - Adobe Flash was the most popular application for creating personal animations, games, video streaming, etc. before the explosion of smartphones/tablets and mobile learning. - Adobe Flash's incompatibility with mobile technology left an opening for HTML5, which is easier to use, better on battery life, and offers mobile streaming for videos. - Another huge impact of mobile learning is the increased number of applications running online classroom pages for students and teachers. - These applications have made it possible for teachers, students, and parents to monitor grades, communicate outside of the classroom, and participate in an online community (e.g.: Blackboard). WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED? - Proloquo2Go is an app that brings natural-sounding text to speech voices and helps students to reach their full literacy potential. - This assistive technology app targets students with autism spectrum disorders and others who may have difficulty speaking or communicating. - Young children in lower grades can begin learning before they enter the classroom, or even learn to speak, thanks to several applications such as, Alphabet Fun and Endless Numbers. - Students in middle and secondary schools can use Google Earth, Quick Graph (plotting equations), and The Elements (periodic table) interactively in and outside the classroom. MARTHA SPEAKS DOG PARTY 1. Ahonen, T. (2001, October 13). Ahonen Bio. Retrieved from Tomi Ahonen: 2. Circle, F. (2013). Special Needs App Review - Friendship Circle. Retrieved from Friendship Circle: 3. Godwin-Jones, R. (2011, June). Emerging TechnologiesMobile Apps for Language Learning. Language Learning & Technology, 15(2), pp. 2-11. 4. Holland, J. (2014). Mobile Learning Apps: Evaluating Instructional Needs. Retrieved from IGI Global: 5. Metcalf, D. (2015). David Metcalf, Ph.D. Retrieved from WMTC: 6. Pappas, C. (2016, January 11). Mobile Learning: 6 Trends for 2016. Retrieved from eLearning industry: PROLOQUO2GO Utilizing Mobile Learning V.S. IMPLICATIONS FOR K-12 INSTRUCTION & LEARNING MOBILE LEARNING RESEARCHERS IN MOBILE LEARNING Textbooks are becoming more accessible to students through technology in and outside the classroom. ALPHABET FUN APP 7. Taylor, E. (2016). Top 10 eLearning Trends in K-12 Education. Retrieved from 8. Walker, K., Winters, N., Beale, R., Jones, A., Issroff, K., Scanlon, E., . . . Hoppee, U. (2006). Big Issues in Mobile Learning. Retrieved from 9. Wiley, J. (2016). Mobile Learning Technologies for 21st Century Classrooms. Retrieved from Scholastic: - Dr. David Metcalf is the director of the Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab at UCF. He and his team are credited with creating “health solutions, simulations, games, eLearning, mobile and enterprise IT systems for Google, J&J, VA, the U.S. military, and UCF’s College of Medicine” (Metcalf, 2016). - Tomi Ahonen is a former Nokia executive who has published books. He is also known as the “father of several widely references industry concepts and theories, include the Hockey Sticks theory, Connected Age concept, Generation-C for Community, and the 7th Mass Media taxonomy. MOBILE LEARNING IMPLICATIONS REFERENCES

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