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Minute To Win It Powerpoint Template

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Minute to win it

Transcript: The forces will be balanced in the middle of the two cups when it is not moving in any direction 1. When the clock starts, start stacking the apples. 2. Player may not alter e apples in any way 3. To complete the game, the player must stack 5 apples so they are freestanding, 1 on top of the other, within the 60 second time limit. They must stand for 3 seconds. Sources: , Neutral Force:pushing up on all the apples. Force of Gravity: pulling down Newtons 3rd law Minute To Win It Games FBD for Johnny Applestack Materials Puddle Jumpers 1. Prior to game start, place the full cups of water in pairs at a slight distance apart. 2. When the clock begins, the player places a ping pong ball into the first cup and attempts to blow it onto the cup across from it. 3.Only one ball may be placed at a time. 4. To complete the game, blow a ping pong ball onto each of the full cups within the 60 second time limit. By: Ty Munday, and Paul Rock 5 apples Pictures Action-Reaction Forces Applied force: blowing on the ball. Force of Gravity: pulling the ball down. If there was no force of gravity the ball would just go on forever. Force of air(Friction): pushing the ball back. Friction I would consider neutral in this game because if you have to much it won't reach the second cup but if you don't have enough it'll go past the cup. FBD for Puddle Jumpers The action-reaction forces in this game would be the force of gravity and the neutral force because the the apples are all holding each other up, which means the neutral force and the force of gravity are equal they are reactiong with each other. - (6) full cups of water - Ping pong balls Materials Pictures This is an example of newtons 3rd law because you are blowing down on the water the water is pushing back up. Johnny Applestack

Minute to Win it

Transcript: Minute To Win It Chocolate Unicorn,r:4,s:0 The object of this game is to get six ding dongs stacked on your forehead balancing it there for 3 seconds with in the 60 second time limit. The physics in this game are friction, newtons third law, and balance. Balance is a big part of this because the slightest move can and will make the ding dongs fall over. Friction is used in it because it is in between the cakes kind of holding them together. A bit dicey &tbnh=71&tbnw=108&ei=vjNbTdveOonSsAPv5-WWCg&prev=/images%3Fq%3Da%2Bbit%2Bdicey%2Bfrom%2Bminute%2Bto%2Bwin%2Bit%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1596%26bih%3D633%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=78&oei=vjNbTdveOonSsAPv5-WWCg&page=1&ndsp=18&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0&tx=95&ty=40 The object of this game is for the player to get six dice stacked on the end of the toungue compressor and have them there for three seconds. The physics are balance, friction, newtons third law,motion, and speed. If the player goes to fast and rushes on placeing the dice on the stick, then it can mess with the rythm and knock the dice down: therefore, speed plays a huge roll in this blueprint. Sticky balls,r:0,s:0 In the blueprint Sticky balls, the player has one strip of double sided tape, and they have to get five marbles to stick as they roll them from the other end of the table. If the task is not completed with in the 60 seconds provided, they fail. (You can only roll one die at a time) the physics used are: motion, force, friction, and speed. Force and speed are the main things uded in this blueprint. Rollin the marble to hard or to fast will cause it to roll of the table. You have to have a good rythm and stick with it to accomplish this task. Horseplay In horseplay there are color coded ping pong balls to match the same color horseshoe. You have to start at one end of the table with one ping pong ball in the starter horseshoe, and continuously blow on it until it reaches its colred horseshoe. The physics are mainly force and speed. Speed is used because you have to know when the ping pong ball is going to roll down the rable and you have to be there to catch it and continue blowing. Force is because if you blow to hard then the ball is going to go off of the table and/or it will become uncontrolable. By: Christa C. Alanis R. Diana M. Brooke L.

Minute to Win It

Transcript: Many marketing gurus often advise people to use a tool called AIDA in their presentations If you're reading this, chances are you know all about AIDA: (Get) Attention (Spark) Interest (Generate) Desire (Call to) Action However, for 1-2 minute pitches, a more reliable tool would be AIA (Attention, Interest, Action)! 1-2 minutes isn't enough time to generate desire, but just enough to spark enough interest to leave them wanting more! Think of it this way: You're not going for the relationship yet, you just want a second date! With that in mind, let's take a look at the 3 steps! The first step is to generate attention If you can't get them to listen at the beginning, you probably won't get them to listen at all... A good way to start would be to pose the problem that your idea resolves Make sure your audience can relate: Use questions, quotes, listener's interests, etc. Once you have their attention, it's time to spark their interest This should be the bulk of your pitch The main purpose of your pitch is to spark enough interest to reach the next level (call back, next round of interviews or tournaments, etc.) Avoid presenting too much information or going for a sales pitch, if you do well enough you'll have plenty of time for both of those in the future A good idea would be to explain how your idea can solve the problem you mentioned (avoid saying what your idea or product can do, details like this can be explained in the future) For example, saying "This presentation will help you get to Round 2 of your product design tournament " is better than saying "This presentation teaches you how to do a short pitch" Avoid technical talk and buzzwords, go for simple analogies and clear, concise descriptions instead After sparking their interest, move on to the final step: A Call to Action Action End your pitch by calling your listeners to action As I've mentioned, this isn't a sales pitch so don't mention any numbers! Hopefully, they'll have enough interest by now to want to find out more! Call them to action appealing to this interest You can ask them to call you, email you or even meet up some other time and offer to share more information then Other good ideas would be handing out a business card, small pamphlet or even ask them to vote you through to Round 2 in exchange for more info! If you do everything right, then you'll have set the stage for a successful sales pitch in the near future! Hopefully, your 1-2 minute presentation was a good enough bait to hook your audience to your idea. Now, you have to deal with the hard part: reeling them in with your sales pitch... ... but that's a talk for another time Just use the ideas I've mentioned as guidelines for your 1-2 minute pitch and you should get that "second date" with no trouble! Oh before I forget! Good! Now go out there and get cracking! With only 1-2 minutes, you cannot spare time for even the slightest mistake! So make sure you know your stuff back and forth! Attention Preparing a "bite-sized" pitch Get their Attention Bite Practice, practice, practice! Call them to Action! Spark their Interest Interest Minute to Win It So... just to recap:

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