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Minnie Mouse Powerpoint Template

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Minnie Mouse

Transcript: Minnie mouse Minnie Mouse in Games Who made Minnie Mouse? Minnie Mouse was made by Walt Disney & Ub lwerks It's said her frist name is "Minerva Mouse." By: Ashley A, Ashley C, and Jennifer G ! The Mickey Mouse Club (1955-1994) Mickey Mouse Works (1999-2000) Disney's House of Mouse (2001-2003) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006-Present) Mothers Name: Matila Mouse Sister Name: Mandia Mouse Age: 83 hi Voices of Minnie Mouse This is Russi Taylor --> Minnie was first voiced by Walt Disney the Voice of Mickey Mouse.( i bet that was weird :P ) She was voiced by 5 people including the person voicing her is Walt Disney (1928) Marjorie Norton Ralston (1929) Marcellite Garner (1930-1938) Thelma Boardman (1941-1942) Ruth Clifford (1944-1952) Russi Taylor (1986-present) Father Name: Marcus Mouse Minnie Mouse Born: June 4,1928 Television appearances Mickey was first appeared in the same cartoon as Minnie The original voice of Mickey was Walt Disney. Mickey is the mascot for Disney, also he is the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world. He is the first cartoon to have a star on the "Walk of Fame". When was her first appearance ( is this really the voice of minnie? Talk about awkward 0_0 ) Minnies favorite color is pink and red In games she is know as a princess, or a queen. In the game Kingdom Hearts she is the queen of the Disney castle. Also, In the game Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers she plays the role of the princess of France. Who continually daydreams about her true love, Mickey. She started on the cartoon Steamboat Willie in 1928 Info about Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Transcript: They created her because Mickey mouse could not be alone in the Disney shows. After filing in Oswald the lucky rabbit in 1928, they thought a girl mouse would be PERFECT for the shows and comic strips. Oswald the lucky rabbit!! Wardrobe!! In 1928 (when Minnie mouse was first created) she was originally supposed to be wearing a blue and green outfit. And now, look how much it has changed! It went from blue and green to red and white. She has also in between these unique colors went to pink and yellow. Minnie and Micky have been in a relation ship for many years!! They were first brought together as friends, but when the viewers wanted some more romance they were no longer friends they became sole mates!! They have been in a relationship for...... 84 YEARS!!! Minnie Mouse!!! Disney friends!! In spring 1928, Walt Disney asked animator Ub Iwerks to start drawing some new characters. Ub Iwerks drawings were originally of cats and dogs and were rejected by Disney. Ub Iworks saw a picture in 1925 by Hugh Harman of a group of mice with the Disney logo. This inspired him too create Micky and Minnie mouse. Relation ships By Taya!! By Taya Lund! Minnie mouse has lots of Disney friends of hers, a couple of them are Daisy duck, Donald duck, Micky mouse, Goofy and Pluto!! They all are the best of friends and have great adventures !! The creation of Minnie mouse! Thanks for watching ;) The End Why did they create Minnie mouse? Minnie mouse was first created as a Disney character in 1928 and has been a huge sensation for many years!

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