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Transcript: Population 599,642 Area 96.80 sq mi Ethnicity: 42.89% White 41.51% Black or African American 3.84% Asian Crime rate 3/100 Sports Harley-Davidson Museum Miller Park Pabst Mansion (Home manion of the famed beer Family) Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum Basilica of St. Josaphat Allen Bradley Clock Tower The name Milwaukee comes from the Native American word “Milliocki” meaning gathering place by the water. The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was built in the city in 1903. The Milwaukee Public Museum is home to the world’s largest dinosaur skull. Downtown’s skywalk over the river is the only skywalk in the U.S. above a river used by boats. Milwaukee’s first brewery opened way back in 1840. Milwaukee has many nick names such as: Cream City, Brew town, and City of Festivals Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Bucks (Basketball) Milwaukee Brewers(Baseball) $1.25 Friday, March 25, 2016 \ Fun Facts History of Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee has three "founding fathers": Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn, and George H. Walker. Solomon Juneau, the first of the three to come to the area, arrived in 1818. Milwaukee has over 160 years of immigrants, which have given it a distinctive heritage As the 18th century came to a close, the first recorded white fur trader settled in Milwaukee The late 19th century saw the incorporation of Milwaukee's first suburbs. During the first half of the 20th century, Milwaukee was the hub of the socialist movement in the United States. Milwaukeeans elected three Socialist mayors during this time in 1960 Milwaukee had a population peak, according to the Us Census, with a count of 741,324 Industry Vol XCIII, No. 311 Milwaukee,Wisconsin Commercial and industrial hub is home to six Fortune 1000 manufacturers, as well as the nation's ten largest insurance firms In 2008, Forbes named Milwaukee to its list of Top 10 Up-And Coming Tech Cities Milwaukee ranks No. 16 on Market Watch's 50 best U.S.metro areas for business The Milwaukee Region is ranked one of the 25 best places for doing business Landmarks and Attractions

Milwaukee Wisconsin

Transcript: Fiama , Preshy, Jean Group 3 Milwaukee composed up of scattered settlements of Native American tribes. The Pottawatomie tribe happen to be the largest group of Natives living in Milwaukee, and their influence remains vibrant in the city today. A wave of Germans immigrants arrived in Milwaukee and they were responsible for the economic development of the city by bringing along their craft and manufacturing skills History History - Milwaukee is committed to maintaining, sustaining, and improving its environmental assets to improve the state’s quality of life for current and future generations. Milwaukee Green Initiative Green Initiatives How is are these initiatives carried out? The Environmental Collaboration Office’s role is to turn Milwaukee into a eco- friendly city. The initiative expanded as partners came on board, including professionals from the architecture and engineering communities, the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, environmental groups, and green technology firms. The ECO is responsible for protecting nature while working to improve people’s lives and the economy. Health Care Health Care Access The city of Milwaukee health department is working towards improving the accessibility to health care for city residents. Health Care Initiatives Community Health Care Access Programs are reaching out to to the uninsured to enroll in BadgerCare Plus. Community Health Care Access Programs serve as a medicaid option that assists clients in choosing and paying for health insurance. There has recently been a reduction to BadgerCare caseloads and not much increases in cost of members Healthcare Initiatives The culture and recreation project includes the allocation of $250,000 for the MKE plays program which leverages private investment for the creation of parks. The program’s initiative aims to transform 14 of the city’s most deteriorated playgrounds into play spaces in city neighborhoods. Parks & Rec Culture & Recreation Budget - Crime Index rate of 4 out of 100 - Only 4 % safer than most US cities - 1 in 64 chance of becoming a violent crime victim - 1 in 24 chance of becoming a property crime victim - Average of 353 crimes per square mile - In 2018, a tax increase was proposed to fund more police officers Crime Rate Crime Rate Jean Ramos - Milwaukee is mostly Democratic - Clinton: ~66% vs. Trump: ~29% - Overall, the state of Wisconsin voted for Trump, although Ted Cruz (R) and Bernie Sanders (D) were the favored candidates from each party Politics Politics Jean Ramos Climate - July: avg. high of 81 & low of 63 January: avg. high of 28 & low of 13 - Highest recorded temperature was 105 in 1935 Lowest recorded temperature was -26 in 1982 - Snowfall from as early as September to as late as May. Avg. of 52.4 inches of snowfall & 34.81 inches of rain yearly - Budget is affected by structural challenges, snow water management, and ice operations. In 2018, health benefit restructuring was proposed in order to save $31.3 million, allowing the funds to be used towards city maintenance, public safety, libraries, public health, and other programs. Climate Jean Ramos Property Taxes on a $225,000 home in the city of Milwaukee totaled $6,457 and are based on assessments of residential and commercial property conducted every four years by the state and local governments. West Milwaukee has the highest tax rate at $29.73 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. The lowest tax rate is $12.66 per $1,000 assessed valuation, Property Taxes State Tax the combined sales tax rate for Milwaukee, WI is 5.6%. This is the total of state, county and city sales tax rates. The Wisconsin state sales tax rate is currently 5%. The Milwaukee County sales tax rate is 0.5%. Milwaukee sales tax rate is 0%. State Taxes State Taxes Milwaukee is the most racially and ethnically diverse city in Wisconsin Milwaukee recently became a minority-majority city, and today approximately 53% of city residents are racial and ethnic minorities. Average Age 31 Population in 2016: 595,070 Males: 286,000 (48.1%) Females: 309,070 (51.9% Demographics Demographics Average City Household income $38,097 & $56,811 state income House/Condo 114,700 All housing units: $137,431 Detached houses: $132,502 Townhouses or other attached units: $111,620 In 2-unit to 5+ unit structures: $132,888-$239,038 Mobile homes: $100,179 Rent $809 Monthly Cost of Living Housing Cost The Hop - 2018 Street Car Project Opening 2019 - Rides will be free during the first year thanks to a sponsorship arrangement with Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. BUBLR - Bike Share System - There are currently more than 100 bike stations located throughout Milwaukee and surrounding communities. Amtrak’s Hiawatha Service - The city’s Amtrak station is located at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station, which is located just south of downtown Milwaukee. Lake Express High Speed Ferry - Links the states of Wisconsin and Michigan with terminals in Milwaukee and Muskegon, allowing travelers to avoid the long drive through Chicago.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Transcript: Getting to Know Milwaukee, WI Breanna Bolskar Florida Institute of Technology Introduction Population: 595,351 in 2017 (U.S. Census Bureau) Midwest Region Largest City in Wisconsin Lies along Lake Michigan Milwaukee Facts What Do Wisconsinites Say Ope Bubbler Bag Up North Can you come here real quick once? Friday Night Fish Fry Brew City Home to Pabst, Miller, Blatz, and Schlitz Drinking Culture Center of Beer Production Beer Capital Breweries Home to Milwaukee Brewers Opened April 6, 2001 Sponsor is Miller Brewing Company Klement's/Johnsonville Sausage Races Miller Park Innovative, creative hub, and a mixed neighborhood filled with preserved historical features and artistry Milwaukee Public Market Historic Third Ward City of Festivals Summerfest German Fest Festa Italiana Polish Fest Irish Fest Mexican Fiesta Bastille Days Ethnic Festivals State Fair If you have the chance... VISIT MILWAUKEE, WI Conclusion

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