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Millennial Presentation Template

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Millennial Ideation Presentation

Transcript: Takeaways/ Observations Every affiliate faces similar challenges - connecting programs/admin staff, direct care staffing, benefits/pay, internal communication challenges We are doing well in challenge areas for other affiliates - transparency, communication from leadership (D2 calls, lunch & learn, A Day in the Life, wellness & self-care) National office is focused on implementing and setting an example for the next steps and pilot programs - goal is to introduce the programs to senior leadership in September via video conference Background and timeline Next Steps/Programs Improve 1-1 relationships Create Community Connect employees to CEO/leadership Refresh approaches Listen & communicate more effectively Leverage employee talents Foster success attitude Lessen frustrations due to drama/negativity Key Strategies Key Insights Millennial Critical Characteristics Vibrant Workplace Attributes Key Drivers of Engagement Key Frustrations 1. Common Interactive Intranet 2. Interactive Leadership Forums 3. Onboarding Touchpoint Program 4. Supported Mentoring Program 5. Team Bonding Teams 6. Think Tank Teams Millennial Ideation Team Volunteers of America national office hired Mitchell & McCue, a business consulting firm, to assist with extensive research for Volunteers of America. They specialize in process management and relationship optimization and led the Millennial Ideation team. November 2015 - VOA participated in National Workplace assessment Created quadrant maps on workplace culture - frustrations, characteristics of Millennials, all employees February - April 2016 - Team completed homework based on survey results prior to conference in April April 2016 - met in Dallas with representatives from National office and each affiliate. Held interactive brainstorming sessions and created concrete ideas for creating a more vibrant workplace April - June 2016 - The team completed additional homework to determine the most appealing and feasible strategies and programs to pilot July 2016 - The national office compiled our results and came up with a summary report and action plan:

Millennial HBS Presentation

Transcript: Millennials March 8th, 2019 How are Millennials shifting the benefits landscape and are you ready? Speakers Speakers Nancy Hess Principal, NJ Hess Associates Marlana Ricci Account Manager, Benecon The Panel The Panel Megan Dayhoff Human Resource Director, City of Williamsport Lauren Miltenberger, Ph.D. Asst. Professor & Nonprofit Coordinator, Dept. of Public Administration, Villanova University David G. Pribulka Township Manager, Ferguson Township Define: Millennial Define Millennial 1981-1996 Millennial Anyone born between the years 1981-1996 (ages 23-38). USA Today 35% of the current workforce. By 2030, Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce. The elephant in the room Common complaints about Millennials We are attached to our phones. We job hop. We don't have respect for the older generations. We are entitled. We expect instant gratification. Health Care How Millennials Approach Healthcare Appointments APPOINTMENTS Most Millennials don't have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) . They don't want to wait for an appointment, which has led to an increase in the use of urgent care centers. Time Off Work Millenials don't want to use their limited time-off work sitting in the doctor's office. No Time Off Work Convenience Convenience Telemedicine, also known as a Virtual Visit, is a great alternative for non-emergency medical issues. Rather use an app to schedule/attend an appointment than go in-person. 24/7 access to care. Discussion The Panel Megan Dayhoff Human Resource Director, City of Williamsport Lauren Miltenberger, Ph.D Asst. Professor & Nonprofit Coordinator Dept. of Public Administration, Villanova University David G. Pribulka Township Manager, Ferguson Township

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