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milk is milk

Transcript: glucose concentration without the additional lactase drop regular milk- negative lactaid- positive difficulties all three trials had the same results If lactase was added to each type of milk, then the glucose concentration level will increase for both. The purpose of this lab was to determine the glucose concentration of regular milk and lactose free milk with the added enzyme, lactase. procedure Lactose is milk sugar, which is consists of glucose and galactose. Both glucose and galactose are sugar, although galactose is a little less sweet. The lactase enzyme breaks down lactose to make it easier to digest. Babies produce lactase to help them consume milk products, but as adults, they lose the ability to create the enzyme making them lactose intolerant. procedure research glucose concentration with the additional lactase drop regular milk- positive lactaid- positive procedure 6. add one drop of lactase into the test tube with the lactose free milk 7. roll the test tube between your hands for 2 minutes to warm the milk 8. test the glucose concentration of the milk by using a glucose test strip 9. repeat steps 6-8 using the test tube with the regular milk instead of lactose free a. place a test strip into the glucose solution- it should test positive b. place a new test strip into water- it should test negative milk is milk purpose regular whole milk lactose free milk lactase drops glucose tablets glucose test strips used for urinalysis test tubes graduated cylinder spoons timer bowls or cups water procedure grind a 4g glucose tablet into 200mL of water to dissolve the tablet using the spoon I believe that I had purchased the wrong kind of glucose test strips. The tests would not detect the glucose efficiently; it was hard to determine the color change of the results hypothesis 1. make a 2% glucose solution 3. pour 20mL of lactose free milk into a test tube 4. test the glucose concentration of the milk using a glucose test strip 5. repeat steps 3 and 4 using regular milk instead of lactose free milk 2. test the glucose test strips for defects results materials

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