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Transcript: Meeting With a Recruiter? Go Prepared! Have a Plan. Know what kind of job you would like to see yourself in and have goals in mind. Figure out what you want to accomplish by joining the army. Do your research!! Meeting with a recruiter without any prior knowledge makes it harder to have any type of plan and most recruiters will ask what your plan is. Don't believe everything you're told. The United States isn't at war. Have you watched the news lately?! You won't be deployed. 90% of recruits get deployed so, you probably will. If you don't like it, you can quit. Joining isn't like a job a Target, you're under contract and can only get out when the contract is over or in extreme circumstances. Its easy! No. Its mentally and physically trying. You will have days that you hate it. Remember! Money 2010 had 159 suicides. 2009 had 162 suicides. In 2011, there were 164 suicides by active-duty soldiers. Education Some recruiters earn a commission for each new recruit, find out if the branch you want does. The stress is great. And almost 32,000 military personnel have been wounded in action. If they earn commission use your common sense to decide if its true or not. Military life isn't for everyone but many do thrive in it. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? Everything in life has risk to it. Make sure to decide if the risks outweigh the benifits. Know why you are joining. Joining blindly is more likely to make you unhappy during your service. You should know the answer to most of the questions you ask the recruiter. Most recruiters aren't going to lie to you but be aware that sometimes they do. Deployments can be from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the branch and job you choose. War is dangerous. The Investigators from News 7 in Denver, Co sent students undercover to talk to recruiters. This is their video. Since 2010 there have been about 4,500 military deaths in the Iraq/Afghanistan War. Joining the military can give you the funds for school or the training you will need for a specialized job. The military is the only job service that will take you without any experience. They will train you and pay you for it and you will always have a job. Understand that there are risks. Social classes play a large part in our society. Education and training can help bump you up and put you in the class you strive for. Honor Common Lies to watch out for Deployments are long. Having a goal gives you something to work towards. Have a plan. Do your research. Don't believe everything. Know the risks. Be prepared before talking to a recruiter, it will make the recruitment much smoother and your service more enjoyable.

ITGS Military PowerPoint

Transcript: Battlefield Technology Augmented reality: The use of computer displays that add virtual information to a person's sensory perceptions, supplementing rather than replacing (as in virtual reality) the world the user sees. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Unmanned aircraft (UA) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV): Are remotely piloted or self-piloted aircraft that can carry cameras, sensors, communications equipment, or other payloads. Battlefield network: Are large scale network gathering information from soldiers, vehicles, and maps to provide an overall view of the battlefield. Precession guided weapons, Smart bombs: Use a variety of techniques including lasers, infrared cameras, and radar to guide to a missile or bomb to its target with greater accuracy Cyber-warfare: Software that attacks against countries' computer systems controlling defense and other strategic operations Malware software: Designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the user's informed consent Denial of Service: An attack that attempts to consume network resources so that the network or its devices cannot respond to legitimate requests. Cyber terrorism: Politically motivated attacks on information systems Military Use of IT Gray, Stuart. Information Technology in a Global Society for the IB. N.p.: n.p., 2011-2012. Print. "Technology and Modern Warfare | Globalization101." Technology and Modern Warfare | Globalization101. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Oct. 2012. <>. "Technology and Modern Warfare | Globalization101." Technology and Modern Warfare | Globalization101. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Oct. 2012. <>. Smart Weapons Simulators Military Robots Cyber-Warfare/ Cyber-Terrorism Terms Defined Terms Defined (Cont.) Simulators: A device that duplicates the functions of a real system to allow controlled experiments to be performed Virtual Environment: A synthetic world that may be experienced haptically by operation of an electromechanical device that delivers forces to the hand of the user Virtual reality: A hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer Virtual reality headset: The Primary output device used by a virtual reality system. Tactile feedback Output: in the form of movement or vibrations Mixed reality Systems: as their name suggests, use a combination of physical training environments and technology. Future Warrior systems, or "Wired soldiers"Use information technology to increase an army's tactical advantage over the enemy by improving communication between individual soldiers, units, and commanders. BigDog: These robots are being developed to transport heavy loads Bomb disposal robots- Remote controlled by soldiers, reduce the dangers soldiers face SWORD robot: High-speed robot equipped with weapons Simulators Battlefield Technology Smart Weapons Robots Cyber-Terrorism and Cyber-Warfare Simulators are mostly used for exposing soldiers to the battle field before they are deployed. Examples of simulators include, but are not limited to: Flying Aircraft Piloting A Ship Virtual Reality Environments (Similar to a computer game) Mixed Reality (Combining both virtual reality aspects as well as physical objects) A huge advantage of simulators is the ability to both test soldiers ability on preforming tasks with expensive equipment or in dangerous areas, as well as the ability to review the recorded mission. The soldiers are able to check their performance and work on their skills. In special cases simulators are used to treat PTSD. Scenes are recreated that allow for the soldiers to immerse themselves in the environment. Bibliography The biggest use of IT in battlefield technology is the future warrior systems. These systems are a revolutionary form of tactical aid. They provide: Soldiers Health Stats Allies' Positions Possible Attack Routes Objectives and Paths to Objectives All this information would appear on a soldiers HUD Currently this is not up to par for what the military requires and is still in prototype stages. An alternative to regular warfare Common targets of cyber attacks Infrastructure Viruses, Trojan horses, DOS, or other malware all part of attacks Once a system is infected, it cold be under foreign surveillance for extended periods of time Smart Weapons in this text mostly revolve around the UAV or predator drone. The UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is used to monitor the battle field from a birds eye view without putting any lives in harms way. The Predator drone is "loaded for bear" or equipped to deal with any violent situations. Predator missiles are very common in taking out buildings or specified targets. UAVs are very expensive, most cost $10 million + UAVs are also used to patrol the US-Mexico border The less talked about smart weapon are the precision guided missiles. Used by lazing a target and then calling in an airstrike to that GPS location.


Transcript: Blue Phase Army Navy Air force M1 ABRAMS APACHE BRADLEY During this presentaion I learned that I am 100% sure that I want to prosue the military as a full time career. I am still not sure what branch I am joining but I am looking at all the branches carefully to pick the one that I will be most happiest at. If I had to do one more I-sreach I would do this exact I-sreach again but make it a little smaller. Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) Intercepter Body Armor (IBA) Deltoid and Auxiliary Protectors (DAP) M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) M-9 Pistol Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK) Graduation Red Phase (weeks 1-3) White Phase (weeks 4-5) Blue Phase (weeks 6-9) Graduation (week 10) End Apache Red Phase (Weeks 1-3) My Reflection Army Combat Uniform By: Arielle Stevens May 9, 2012 Thank you Soliders uniforms Work Cited Con.... National Guard Air-Force Bradley Bradley Commander (BC) M242 Bushmaster 25mm Automatic Gun BGM-71 TOW II Anti-tank Missile Launcher M257 Smoke Grenade Launcher System Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) Extra Drive Sprocket Ring FUN FACTS 5-9 person crew Weight: unloaded-50,000lbs; loaded-67,000lbs speed: 38mph The Bradley Fighthing vehicle was named after GEN Omar Bradley, who helped drive the Nazi back to Berlin during WWII. Military Basic Training Beret Mandarin Collar Pad inserts Storage Pockets Improved Hot-Weather and Temperature-Weather Boots 6th Calvery commanded the "boffola soliders" Spainsh-american war "Black Jack" Beginning Middle End Red Phase Born in 1860 Military Academy Ulysses s Grant Service Cap Regimental Distinctive Insignia (RDI) Branch Insignia Low-Quarter Oxford Shoes Hair cuts+ Uniforms fitting+ Shoots+ Papper Work Maps+compass Marching Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) defense marksmanship Fundamentals of Physical Readiness Personal financial Management Law of land warfare Military law Blue Phase (Weeks 6-9) Women's air forcewas a United States Air force program which served to bring women into limited roles in the air force. (WAF) was formed in 1948, when President Turner signed the women's armed Services Integration Act, allowing women to serve directly in the military. A small group of females transport pilots that was formed in 1948 with Nancy H. Love as commander. (WAF) was then disbanded in December, 1944. President Theadore Roosevelt promoted Pershing to genaral. Fire World War II Army Service Uniform Power Plant Hydra Rocket Launcher Hellfire Missiles Pilot's Night Vision M-230 30mm Automatic Cannon FUN FACTS 2 person crew Weight 17,650lbs (Length:57ft 8in, Width:17ft 2in, Height:14ft 1in. Speed: 143 knots In 1978 congress approved that women could be assigned to fill sea duties. In 1979 the first women obtained her surface officer (SWO) Qualification. The women officer school (WOS) in, Newport, Rhode island was formed in 1973. The United Sates navel Academy along with the other military Academies first accepted women in 1976 and commissioned it's first female Graduates in 1980. Women also began to attend Aviation officer candidate school (AOCS) in 1976. Women In The Military White Phase (weeks 4-5) Battle Rattle (Dessert+tropical) Army Service Uniform Army Combat Uniform Advanced Rifle marksmanship (using aiming tools such as lasers). Additional weapons training; Machine gun, and Grenade launcher. Continued study of the Army values. Long distance road marching with combat load Army Military Middle Graduation (week 10) The last week of (BCT) is all about the soldiers family and yourself. The soldiers are then given a day with their families to catch up on and then they come back to the camp and they Graduate then they are sent to the next phase Advanced individual/training (AIT). U.S. Special Forces L8A1 Smoke Grenade Launcher System 7.62 M240 Machine Gun Extra Road Wheel Transparent Armor Gun Shield (TAGS) Muzzle Reference Sensor FUN FACTS 4 person crew Weight 63 tons (Length:387in, Width:144in, Height:93.5in) Speed: 42 mph The M1 Abrams was named after GEN Creighton W. Abrams, former Army Chief of staff. GEN Abrams led the 37nth Armored Battalion and was an innovator of modern armored tactics. Work Cited White Phase Biography on John Joesph Pershing Marksmanship (At different distances and positions Hand to Hand training Rappelling the warrior tower study of Army values, ethics and traditions. night training and more fitness training Overview Military Vehicles Prior to the 1994 D.O.D assignment rule, 67 percent of the positions in the Army were open to women. Today, 70 percent of the positions in the Army are open to women, and women serve in 93 percent of all Army occupations Active and Reserve, as of June 2009. An increasing proportion of senior-level Active duty and D.O.D positions are being filled by women. The percentage of females officers in the active Army in grades 0-4 (Rank of major) and above increased from 11.5 percent in the year 1995 to 13,3 percent in the year 2009. Enlisted Active-Duty women in grades E-7 (rank of Sargent first class) through


Transcript: The Army has 158 installations worldwide; more than 132,000 miles of infrastructure for electric, gas, sewer and water; and over one billion square feet of office space. This is the army sign. This army man is looking for something odd. • We have 1.1 million Soldiers in our ranks and more than 400,000 civilians and contracted employees. If we were a city, we would represent the fourth largest city in the United States. Soldiers getting out of a plane • During World War II, supporting one Soldier on the battlefield took one gallon of fuel per day. Today, we use over 22 gallons per day, per Soldier. Military Project By:Ana Jimenez Army The army plane These soldiers are having a battle. • The Army owns more than 15 million acres of land across the United States, or about 24,000 square miles which, if the Army was a state, we'd be the 42nd largest. This soldier likes hunting. • To accomplish their global mission the Army requires assured access to energy to meet operational needs and to power installations. The Army must work collectively to change their culture, making energy a consideration in everything that we do and every Soldier a power manager. • The Federal Government fist set aside time to raise energy awareness in 1981 with American Energy Week, which was observed from 1981 through 1985. • October Energy Awareness Month provides an excellent opportunity for the Army to focus and strengthen efforts to improve the Army's energy security. These soldiers are hiding so they know when to start the battle. These soldiers are shooting. An army man shooting • For a 72-hour mission, today's infantry platoon, consisting of 30 Soldiers, carries 400 pounds of batteries to power their equipment.


Transcript: Devil Dog The Germans after the battle at Belleau Wood in World War I called the Marines "Teufelhunden", which translates as Devil Dog, because of the fierce fighting that the Marines demonstrated,AAAACjBzpDE~,_nqIRSl6u89Pj1_LMs-8DW0jrNUdTugU&bctid=1902329138001 Once a Marine, Always a Marine Rome had special legions of "Milites Classiarri" or "soldiers of the fleet". Roman Marines served through out the remainder of the empire's life, not only at sea but also on land. Mascot: English Bulldog The inspiration that led to the adoption of the English bulldog as the official Marine Corps mascot came from World War I-era German soldiers English Bulldogs. "Teufel-hunden." "Devil Dogs." They symbolize the ethos of the Warrior Culture of the U.S. Marines. Marines enjoy a reputation of prowess in battle, that was earned "in every clime and place" throughout the world in our nation's history Every Marine Is A Rifleman Kevin Johnson Military Project To serve in the Marine Corps is to serve in an organization that demands and delivers excellence beyond all others Do or Die Once a Marine, ANCIENT MARINES: The first documented use of marines as a class of soldier in a standing army belongs to the Greeks and Romans. Seal: The Marine Corps Seal, designed by the Marine Corps Uniform Board in accordance with instructions of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, then General Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr., was adopted by Presidential Executive Order 10538 of 22 June 1954. Motto: Semper Fidelis; Latin for Always Faithful Until 1871 it was "First to Fight", a motto that still applies. Through the years, Marines have shortened it to Semper Fi, and "Semper Fi, Mac" is the universal Marine Greeting. The few, the proud, the marines. The Marine Corps adopted Semper Fidelis as its official motto in 1883 Template by Missing Link Images from Semper Fi


Transcript: Military The work environments and conditions for military occupations depend on occupational specialty, unit, branch of service, etc. For instance, most active duty personnel live and work on or near military bases throughout the United States and the world. These bases offer comfortable housing, stores, and recreational centers. Service members move regularly for training or job assignments with most lasting around 2 to 4 years. some are even deployed internationally. Job Outlook To join the military, you must meet age, educational, aptitude, physical, and character requirements. These requirements vary by branch of service and between officer and enlisted members. Those considering enlisted should learn as much as they can about military life before making a decision. Applicants who are considering the military should talk to a friend or a family member who has experience in the military to explain the pros and cons of a career in the military. Salary Range The U.S. Military provides training and work experience in a variety of military careers. Members in the Armed Forces work in almost all occupations that are available to citizens in addition to occupations that are specific to the military Conclusion How to become a Member of the Armed Forces Work Environment The salary range for the military depends on your rank and time in service. Members of the Armed Forces receive additional pay for foreign duty, hazardous duty, submarine duty, flight duty, and for being medical officers. retirement pay is generally available after 20 years of service. Your pay also depends on if you are an officer or enlisted. Officers generally make more money than enlisted personnel. For instance, a four star General would make about $15,000 a month. This would add up to about $180,000 a year. Opportunities should be excellent for qualified individuals in all branches of the Armed Forces. Many military personnel retire with a pension after 20 years of service, when they are still young enough to start a new career. About 165,000 personnel must be recruited each year to replace those who complete their commitment or retire. Educational requirements will continue to rise as military jobs become more technical and complex. High school graduates and applicants with a college background will be sought to fill the enlisted personnel. While nearly all officers will likely need a bachelor's degree and, in some cases, a graduate degree as well. The United States spends a significant amount of its overall budget on national defense. The number of active duty personal is expected to remain roughly constant through 2020. Recent conflicts may lead to decrease in the number of active duty personnel. This should be balanced by the need to fill entry-level positions as members of the Armed Forces move up through the ranks, leave the service, or retire. The current goal is to maintain a force sufficient to fight and win two major regional conflicts at the same time.

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