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janaa ross exibition template

Transcript: Science Academic Fit: Lincoln University 2.89 Average Cost (includes, federal state and institutional aid) Social Perceptiveness: 90 Track & Field Predicted ACT: Academic Review I haven't seen Janaa speak Class Of 2018 On Track Mindset Skill 72 What Does a Pediatrician do? Overview Things I need to do Sophomore Year 15 GPA= Level 2 0 Get a summer job! Complete community service hours Work on people skills pass apb's 2 Responsibility Financial Fit: lincoln universty On Track Look into summer programs at CHOP Am I a Fit?? Skill: appropriate in her peer interactions Freshman Year Literature % begin repaying debt within 3 years 0 Take a trip to the college I want to go to teach modeling Responsibility & Patience 89 Making Progress Absences Glimpse of My Life Lincoln Universty 1) 4 years of undergraduate school Janaa Ross Analysis 9th Grade 2.8 how to be patient working with kids organization social skills Math Outside of the Classroom Career Cluster : Health Science Career Pathway Exploration Questions Possibly get a job with work ready Get a job at a summer camp Post Secondary Institution Deep Dive 10th Grade Summer Am I a Fit? Thank You 91 Career Pathway Exploration graduate high school 2) 84 How am I Going to Get There? 12th Grade Career Exploration Challenger-My Dad , He pushes me to make sure I work harder Cheerleader-My Family, They support everything I do Educator-My Mom , She lets me know more about whatever I want to know more about and give me feed back on it Ideator-Sakinah, She gives me advice on how to do certain things Connector-My Aunt Average ACT: Self Control Making Progress Making Progress Making Progress Career Options Average GPA: surgeon 93 Janaa is very My Network Off Track On Track $14,754 Desicion Making: 40% Public Speaking: Road to My Career My Mentor! mcat test Current GPA: Average Salary:$175,000 Janaa is responsible 7 4 years of medical school Skill: Skills 26 Current High School Records 3) Lincoln University Tardies Behavior Review Demerit Cards 10th Grade Communication Grit Grit , Responsibility pediatrician Preparedness Evaluation: Am I on Track? Responsibility 2.8 Skill: Teacher Feedback Preparedness Evaluation: Continuing to Explore 11th Grade My Academic Profile Making Progress patience , creativity 3-7 years of internship Conclusion Internship 11th Grade Summer Self Control Set up shadow days with a person that works at a hospital 3 and makes good academic & personal decisions Career Pathway:Therapeutic Services Analysis Personal Fit: Lincoln university 10 My Career Pathway To Success Interned at the hospital 13 How am I Going to Get There? Skills I need to work on N/A : Ms.Costello Commit to doing all my work in class Go to bed earlier Seek help when needed

Ross Gunderson Budget Project Powerpoint

Transcript: Ross Gunderson Period 5 Budgeting Project 2019 After high school, i will attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, and i will complete a 4 year bachelors degree in Computer science. Job-Robotics Software Engineer Job 1. The starting salary for a Robotics Software Engineer is $89,761 2.After a few years, the average salary for a Robotics Software Engineer is $103,035 per year or $8,586.25 per month Tax: Federal Tax-$13,047 FICA Tax-$6,867 Take-Home Pay-69,847 in the first year of me working The Company i plan to work for is METECS in Houston, TX. Benifits: 1.Flexible Hours 2.Casual Dress 3.The Chance to make history because METECS, are a small high-performance team providing advanced engineering, software and analysis solutions for manned space and terrestrial applications I plan on banking with Chase Back because they do not charge me fees to hold money as long as a balance of $50 stays in my accounts at all times Banking Banking Chase bank also has Four different options for checking accounts, including a student account which i could use while i get my degree at Tech. Chase has a large number of ATM and local bank branches availible for me to choose from. The Chase online banking system is a conveinient way to acess account information and is a good way way to be notifyed about any payment going through increasing security I plan on housing in the Broadstone New Territory Apartments due to its relatively low cost of rent at $895- $920 a month for a one bed, one bath apartment. Housing Housing 1.678 Sq. Ft. 2.Located in a low crime area of New Territory with a provided pool and fitness center with other amenities 3.Another reason i chose this apartment complex is due to the fact that my parents live in New Territory not to far away so i could still be close with family Used 2014 Ford Mustang GT Price:$22,575 or $365 a month Mileage:47,795 Miles MPG: 15 MPG City 26 MPG Highway Tax: 4.4% APR with a $3,000 Down Payment Transportation and Insurance Transport and Insurance The cost of insurance from Progressive would cost me $240 a month and i chose progressive because i can bundle my home and renters insurance for a lower cost overall T-Mobile which includes unlimted Talk, Text, and LTE Data Monthly Payments would be $75 and T-Mobile would allow me to upgrade my phone every year to stay up to date on current technological advances Should Money be an issue one thing i can cut from my budget would be the upgrade program because it could be seen as uneccessary Cell Phone Service Celluar Device Internet:$35 a month Gas:$70 a month Electrical:$90 a month Trash:$14.99 a month Water:$25 a month Other:$200 a month Total:$434.99 a month Utility costs Utilities I will do grocery and clothes shopping on a week to week basis with food contributing more to my total than clothing Since my job has a casual attire, the clothing needs will be minimal therefore i would not need to own fancy designer items such as Gucci or Louie Vuitton In an effort to eat healthier my diet will be mainly focused on Vegetables and meats packed with proteins which are relativly low cost Total Food/Clothing Cost for the month:$300 Food and Clothing Food and Clothing Most of my entertainment needs will come from monthly subscribtions such as Netflix and Nintendo Online as i do not watch much TV. $12.99 per month on Netflix Expenses $9.99 per month of Nintendo online $15.62 per month on basic cable and a $200 set aside for going out, which all adds to about $238.60 Entertainment Entertainment Assuming i drive 15,000 miles a year my estimated fuel costs for the whole year will be $2,305 or $192 a month Regular oil changes, brake pads, and other small Maintenence costs for the vehicle would average me about $600 per year or $50 a month expecting that there are no large maintenence costs my total gas/car maintenence costs would be: $242 a month Gas/Car Maintenence Costs Gas/Car costs I will set aside 10% of my monthly check to invest in the stock market and put into a savings account for a emergency fund due to a tragedy or expensive situations that need to be dealt with ASAP. About 5% of the money will go to the stock market whilst the other 5% will go to my savings account. I will make no monthly donations in the first few months to get settled in and have a reliable source of income Savings/Donations Savings/Donations In the first month of living i would have spent $6,672.62 due to a 3k down payment on my car and would have a montly take home pay of about $1,913.63 in the first month. My take home pay would increase after the first month to about $4,913.63 per month which would allow me to invest deeper into other aspects of my life. Final Take Home Pay Double click to edit

Customized Ross Michigan Health & Safety English

Transcript: Health & Safety in Buenos Aires! ...and my job is... CALL US! Do not wear flashy or expensive jewelry. Big cameras and expensive electronic equipment draw unwanted attention, too. You should have received your card by e-mail at the before arriving. Please, Print it, laminate it and carry it with you at all times. ¡Gracias! There won´t be any personal space in public transportation during rush hours. Be mindful of your belongings. Always carry your belongings in front of you. Don´t use your cell phone in public transportation Safeguard bags and purses while walking, on the subway/bus, and when eating in restaurants or cafes. NEVER LEAVE YOUR BELONGINGS UNATTENDED. Take your backpack on your front. ...if you need to see a doctor ...if you are victim of a crime ...if you need advise on housing issues ...if you need to see a counselor ...if you need a prescription ...if you have an emergency of any kind Healthcare: International Insurance UBER is not legal in Argentina, and taxis usually vandalize UBER cars... with students inside. Safety: Means of transportation Our local privider is the Buenos Aires German Hospital, known as Hospital Alemán. It is located at 1640, Pueyrredón Ave, at approximately 16 blocks from the IES Buenos Aires Center. IES Abroad requires that all students carry a mobile phone for the entirety of their enrollment the program. We see this as a safety measure and a convenience for parents and students to stay in touch with one another. You must get a cell phone and let us know your number within 5 days of your arrival. There will be a phone drill, which is MANDATORY to reply to. (or e-mail me if it´s not urgent) For the most part, it is safe to take a bus or the subway in Buenos Aires. However, you should be aware that subways and buses are common scenarios for pick-pocketings, specially during rush hour. Ask the hotel lobby to call a taxi for you! you... General safety tips: IES students are cover by Cultural Insurence Services International (CISI), a lider provider of international student health insurance. Florencia Magnasco When crossing a street, look BOTH ways. Cars won´t stop because you want to cross a street. also be careful with bikepaths! We suggest you to: Carry your bag or purse over your chest, instead of carrying it in your back (pay attention to how locals carry their bags!). Don´t carry your cell phone and your wallet in an easy access pocket in your purse/backpack. Do not carry large amounts of money and/or credit cards with you unless it is absolutely necessary. Safety: About Social Media Always call a radio taxi instead of taking one in the street. (See your guidebook for useful Radio Taxi phone numbers).DO NOT TAKE UNMARKED CABS! During your time abroad, you will be in unfamiliar setting, and alcohol can lead you to make poor and unsafe decisions. All of the aforementioned safety tips are easier to comply if you are sober.If you choose to drink, please follow sensible drinking habits, such as: Not drinking on an empty stomach. Not drink if you are feeling tired or ill. Not mixing alcohol with certain medications (it can cause nausea/vomiting, headaches,drowsiness,fainting or lose of coordination) Alternating alcohol drinks with non-alcohol drinks i.e water or juice Limiting yourself to 2-3 drink a night at most. Having a friend with you in case you are in difficulties. Remember that public drunkness can get you in trouble with the Police. “Who Are You?“ is available 24hs a day, 7 days a week Safety: Your Cell Phone When possible, try not to look like a tourist, and keep a low profile. Our emergency cell phone: Healthcare: locating a provider RADIO TAXI IMPORTANT! If your cell phone is lost or stolen and you get a new number, or if you change your e-mail address, it is your responsibility to inform the staff immediately of these changes! No complaints will be accepted if we are unable to contact you because you failed to inform us of changes in your cell phone number or e-mail address. Safety: About Alcohol HELP 4. Protect your identity and those of others. Personal information shared by you on social media sites can be used by identity thieves and scam artist. Do not share personal information that can be used against your classmate(s), roommate(s), or IES Abroad staff and faculty members. Do not public specific travel itineraries or program fact sheets on public forums, such as Triplt While going out... don´t leave your coats and purses on the chair. Keep them with you or check them at the coat check! Subways close at 10:30 PM. Buses work day and night, but after midnight they do not run as often as during the day. Therefore, at night, WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU to call a radio taxi. 011 15 5149 0142 Don´t forget you credit card inside the ATM Machine Use ATM´s during daytime hours Check fees from your bank to withdraw money in Argentina! Move around in groups when possible. Always stay in the well lit, populated areas and avoid parks after dark. IES Abroad

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