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Transcript: The "Big Five" are the supreme soccer countries of the world. Germany, England, Spain, France, and Italy % Soccer more commonly known as football having over 250 million players in over 200 countries is the most popular sport in the world. SuMMARY Soccer is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. The game is played on a rectangular field of grass or green artificial turf, with a goal in the middle of each of the short ends. The object of the game is to score by shooting the ball into the opposing goal. IFA World cup is the most popular tournament in the world! the last time it took place in South Africa it made a total revenue of 1.06 Billion Euros! Making it the all time high for any other FIFA tournament - 96.7 million Top 20 teams revenue in 2009 -20010 Commercial revenue $45.3 million Match day Revenue Manchester United Ac Milan Liverpool Other countries that play soccer go by the same way of paying their players but to an extreme range of $300,000 - $50,000,000! - 132.2 million Being the popular sport that it is Soccer/football has made a huge difference the world. Even if you don't like football, chances are you know somebody that does. No other sport brings countries together like football does. - Comparing the 2009- 2010 to the 2010-2011 chart there is not to much of a difference with the top teams but most years the bottom teams change depending on how there season goes. - 51.2 million Liverpool The Top 20 money league clubs generated combined revenue of 4.4 billion Euros in 2010 - 2011 witch makes up a quater of the total soccer revenue in Europe The only sport in America that can compete with the player income that big time soccer players get is baseball but that still comes short. for example Alex Rodriquez of the New York Yankees makes around $28 million, while players like Cristino Ronaldo and lionel Messi make 40 - 50 million Euros. $ Canadas yearly revenue for soccer is 51 million, while barcelona spains revenue is 88 higher than candadas estimating at 462 million Euros a year. The Broadcasting Revenue North america has 145 clubs in soccer, While England itself has 40,000 having the worlds most clubs per country. Five Teams match day revenue for 2012 Arsenal - F Soccer Industry Around the World 177.7 million! most places in the world have soccer as there primary sport there are few exceptions such as North America and Asia. it is estimated that soccer has more than 4 billion fans worldwide. 71.9 million - 91.8 million - - 85.7 million Broadcasting Revenue is 85 percent of the gross value whether in money, or money's worth received by the Licensee from broadcasts pursuant to this License including, advertising sponsorship, subscriptions, donations, barter and contra deals, and other revenue directly related to the programmers broadcast. Broadcasting Revenue Bayern Munich Player income BY: JOEL PETERS Liverpool FC - Manchester United Soccer is growing in North America at a outstanding rate but it doesn't come close to how much Europe puts into it. Arsenal - 120.3 million Ac Milan all units are in Euros. all units are in Euros. FIFA happens every four years like the olympics,and UEFA is an every year event. Range in player income in Canada can go from $60,000 to $3,000,000 all depends on club and how well they do. - 71.8 million Bayern Munich Player INCOME The Match day revenue is the revenue they get for the games that they play whether it be a home game or an away game. the money comes from tickets being sold to the conseccion stands. this makes up a big part of a teams total revanue. Commercial revenue is the total amount of money earned from sales of the product of a team such as themed soccer balls, jerseys, and all other articals of clothing. FIFA Same five teams for Broadcasting revenue in 2012 Most Research and all graphs come from Deloitte Arsenal - 72.3 million Bayern Munich The End. Ac Milan Tournaments Tournaments Commercial Revenue for those five teams in 2012 - Introduction Each country has its own tournaments between cities; example the well known German Bundesliga has 18 major cities that compete for the Bundesliga title. Then there are tournaments go by countries, like UEFA witch is a European tournament. Then theres the most well known one, the FIFA World Cup. Giving the country that wins the most prestigious title of World Champions. 35.6 million all units are in Euros. Manchester United Match Day Revenue 120.3 million Commercial Revenue It has the highest global revenue at $28 billion per year FIFA itself has an average of 4 billion fans worldwide since it consists of all the countries qualified to be in the tournament. - 107.7 million Top 3 Different kinds of revenues that help build the total for a club -114.5 million

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Transcript: Fútbol en México se organizó por primera vez en el siglo 20 por los grupos de inmigrantes europeos , especialmente los mineros de Cornwall , Inglaterra, y en años posteriores exiliados españoles que huían de la Guerra Civil española Mexico has won many games such as FIFA World Cup CONCACAF Championship / CONCACAF Gold Cup Copa América Summer Olympics NAFC Championship / North American Nations Cup Pan American Games CONCACAF Pre-Olympic Tournament Toulon Tournament* Universiade Central American and Caribbean Games United States Cup Championship Azteca 2000 Tournament Championship Marlboro Cup Championship Milk Cup Elite Championship Lunar New Year Cup The Mexico national football team has attended 15 World Cup Games They have come in 6th place in 1970 and 1986 Mexico's Team hoe Uno de los mejores jugadores es Jared Borgetti por teniendo los mas goles en el equipo Luis Roberto Alves tambien es uno de los mejores jugadores entre los anios de 1985-2003 Head Players The average soccer player makes around 141,000 dollars a year, but The highest amount generated per year by a soccer player is 4 million dollars. Mexico's team current rank is 20 in the FIFA Mexico highest ranking is 3 Mexicos lowest ranking is 30 Mexicos team current rank is 11 in the ELO There highest ELO rank is 5 There Lowest ELO rank is 47 The Current Head Couch is Miguel Herrera Soccer in Mexico hoe Football in Mexico was first organized in the early 20th century by European immigrant groups, notably miners from Cornwall, England, and in later years Spanish exiles fleeing the Spanish Civil War merry christmas The Soccer salary Soccer is called Football in Hispanic Countries Football is pronounced as Fútbol World Cup appearances The Facts Of Soccer Accomplishments hoe History One of Mexico's top player is Jared Borgetti. He has scored the most amount of goals on his team Luis Roberto Alves is also a notable head player in the years of 1985 through 2003

Mexico Soccer

Transcript: Team Roster Jose de Jesus Corona Alfredo Talavera Cirilo Saucedo Guillermo Ochoa Francisco Rodríguez Aldo De Nigris Angel Reyna Martinez Carlos Salcido Gerardo Torrado Hugo Ayala Jorge Torres Pablo Barrera Andrés Guardado -Carlos Peña Rodríguez Diego Reyes Gerardo Flores Hector Herrera Rubio Javier Aquino Carmona Javier Hernández Jesús Jesús Zavala Oribe Peralta Paul Aguilar Rafael Marquez Lugo Raúl Jiménez Severo Meza Dárvin Chávez Edgar Andrade Efrain Velarde Fernando Arce Hiram Ricardo Mier Alanas Héctor Moreno Israel Sabdi Jiménez Nañez Javier Cortés Granados Jesús Antonio Molina Luis Montes Marco Fabian Omar Bravo On 9 August 1927, the official governing body of the sport of football in Mexico was founded. From its inception, the federation has been the main body in charge of the promotion, administration, organization, management, and funding of the Mexican national football team as well as all football competition within Mexico. Club representatives from the federation's first division all vote on the direction, management, and coaching staff of the national football team. Football in Mexico was first organized in the early 20th century by European immigrant groups, notably Cornish miners from Cornwall, England, and in later years Spanish exiles fleeing the Spanish Civil War. Their very first match was played against Guatemala, which the Mexican team won 3–2. The Mexico national football team represents Mexico in association football and is governed by the Mexican Football Federation, the governing body for football in Mexico. Mexico's home stadium is the Estadio Azteca and their head coach is José Manuel de la Torre. The team is currently ranked 16th in the FIFA World Rankings and 13th in the World Football Elo Ratings.

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Transcript: Soccer in Mexico Mexico's Best Players Soccer's Popularity Soccer's Beginnings Many legendary soccer players have emerged from Mexico such as Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez and Claudio "El Emperador"Suarez. What is Soccer? Now, more than 60% of Mexicans consider themselves passionate soccer fans. The demand for soccer is extremely high. Fans can be very passionate and competitive. Soccer History Soccer, or futbol originated from British industrial workers. School teams of students of Marist and Jesuit priests began in 1897. The first club team included English miners founded in 1900 Mexico played at the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930 and failed miserably. The next few decades were considered "The Dark Ages" of Mexican soccer. In 1970, the popularity of soccer in Mexico skyrocketed. They hosted the World Cup tournament, and reached the quarterfinals, the farthest Mexico had ever achieved. Mexico advanced again to the quarterfinals in 1986. Soccer, or futbol is the national sport Mexico. It is a game where you kick a spherical ball into a goal. Soccer is important in Mexican culture because it adds uniqueness and individuality. Even though soccer had a rocky start in Mexico, its popularity has escalated greatly Mexico made it to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, and may someday win the championship. Soccer's Influence Soccer plays a major role in the culture of Mexico. Sadly, fans can lose control. There was a riot in 1985 that took place in Estadio Universitario which left eight people dead, and many injured. A tradition for Mexican soccer fans is to gather at the Angel de Independencia to celebrate their victories and frustration over losses. Conclusion Soccer's Revival

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