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Merchandising Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: The fashion industry is a VERY hard industry to work in. It's cut throat and you can't show emotions, especially if you're at the top. I honestly wouldn't market this job to anyone. If you have thick skin, a sense of design, a passion for fashion, and know who is who and what is what in the fashion industry then you're already great for the job. Although it's a tough industry, it's a very fun a rewarding one. You get to go to work everyday and basically play with clothing, depending on your position, people will listen to YOU for fashion advice and information. Not to mention the possibility of attending fashion week and traveling amongst the perks, only makes it more appealing. Presented by: Bianca Johnson I didn't always love fashion. Growing up I wasn't the most in shape kid so I hid behind baggy clothes and because I thought that I would be invisible if I did. Well, that theory didn't work because it just made me look sloppy overall. When I lost weight, shopping was like playing the the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese as a kid, pure happiness. I fell in love with clothing and most of my jobs since I could begin working until now have been in retail. I was iffy about selecting fashion as a Major because I don't believe fashion can be taught, it's something you know or you don't, but I'm glad I did because I know this is the career field for me. I hope to work on a corporate level in the fashion industry. I would love to be a Visual Merchandiser or Creative Director for a well known clothing store. Thank you for viewing and always remember...... any job you choose is going to be difficult If you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life! Students interested in careers in fashion retailing and related fields select the Merchandising emphasis in the Textile and Apparel Studies major. This emphasis includes courses specific to merchandising in the fashion environment, as well as core courses in business. Graduates pursue careers in retail store operations, buying, and fashion marketing. In addition to problem solving and analytical skills, strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment are essential for success in this industry. Textile and Apparel Studies: Merchandising


Transcript: THANK YOU Job description and duties Strong analytical and numerical skills Ability to work under pressure in a dynamic environment Problem Solving and decision making Ability to plan and prioritize Excellent written and communication skills Work in a team and build effective work relation Collezioni Moda We at Collezioni Moda, are the windmill to create fresh fashion and trends for those who aspire Right from developing fabrics to garments we keep in mind, what the consumer would want serving the latest trends, tastes, colors and weaves Hi fashion women's wear- draped the tasteful mind with style and panache Analyze sales information, work out sales target and plan how to increase profit Budget and forecasting Negotiation Talking to different departments Control stock levels Helping with promotions and ad campaign Monday to Friday- 9am to 5.30pm Alternate Saturdays of the month (half day) At times longer work hours and work during holidays and offs Office based Occasionally visiting stores, suppliers, trade fairs and fashion shows Opportunities for overseas travel Dress Code: Formal wear MERCHANDISING Jayanti Abichandani Computer literacy Self confidence Ability to understand what will appeal the customer Business and negotiation skills Achieve tight deadlines Creative Flair Ensures that the product appears in the right store, at the appropriate time and correct quantities Forecast strengths, plan stock levels and monitor performance KEY ROLE : Maximize profits! Maintaining a comprehensive library of appropriate data Maintaining, training and supervising junior staff Analyzing slow sellers and best sellers Maintaining awareness of competitors performance Consumer insight Work Life Retail Merchandiser Requirements Open to all graduates. A degree in the following subjects might increase ones chance : account and finance business management fashion management IT/computer studies marketing maths and statistics economic Work experience through internships Must have computer knowledge Skills and Personal Qualities Party wear gowns, trendy accessories and smart casuals Store location - Juhu, Infinity Mall (Malad & Lokhadwala) Design studio and Head office- Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri(W) Soon coming up with a online blog and online store

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