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Mercedes - Benz.

Transcript: Mercedes - Benz Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks. Mercedes-Benz is a division of its parent company, Daimler AG. The name first appeared in 1926 but traces its origins to Daimler's 1901 Mercedes and to Karl Benz's 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. Our products. Sedans & Coupes: - - - - - SUVs & Crossovers: - - - - - Roadsters & Supercars: - - - R & D - try to hire good designers; - innovative technologies; - considering customer needs - advertising. Production - automobiles - buses - coaches - trucks Marketing - well-known logo; - slogan; - positioning as luxury-class cars; - quality; - creativity. Mercedes' adverts always creative, sometimes pompus with a humour. Now we want to show you one of their adverts. Endorsement Distribution - all over the world through right distribution channels. - over 100 individual vehicle models - in around 200 countries worldwide Sales September 2010 September 2011 - 20,666 - 23,428 Year to date (YTD) sales: 2010 - 165,362 | 2011 (untill Oct) - 182,510 After-sales services - service center; - guarantee; - special service for corporate clients SWOT Analysis high quality luxury design perfect reputation innovative products creative advertisements intensive development in technology effective market coverage strategy Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Our Target: Emission-free and Accident-free driving Enhancing individual comfort To achieve this we need your... Success professionalism ambition Knowlegde Ideas The End. Thank you for attention. Solovyev Konstantin, Matveeva Olga, Ermolaev Sergey, Do Manh Oleg. Introducing the all-new 2012 M-Class. Ahead of its time, by any measure. Perhaps the only car on earth that doesn't aspire to be anything but itself. Created from a long-standing tradition. Of never standing still. Ahead of the ordinary, and beyond compare. Luxury defined. Description defied. Maksim право Wowing template. Click through in 20 steps. So.... Elizaveta Bojarskaja Subtlety is the only thing that's not its strong suit. Its most impressive dimension is the depth of its character. So... SLS AMG (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr SUV body. Sport sedan heart. A soul that's made of mettle. An inspiring reinvention of the coupe. From the inventor of the car.

Mercedes-Benz USA

Transcript: "MBUSA believes diversity encompasses understanding and valuing the differences that all of us exhibit. These differences go beyond ethnicity, race, gender, physical ability, age, sexual orientation and religion, to include national origin, education, differences in work experience, personalities, lifestyles, cultural background, and countless other factors " - Mercedes-Benz USA Recruit, identify, develop, retain, and promote people from all backgrounds, experiences, and cultures Supports national and local diversity organizations Workplace Why work at MBUSA? Benefits offered by Mercedes-Benz USA: Medical, dental, and vision plans Short- and long-term disability and salary continuation Life insurance/AD&D Spouse and child life insurance Auto/home/pet insurance Same sex domestic partner benefits Flexible spending accounts 401(k) with $0.75 per dollar match up to 8% Annual bonus for all associates Wedding/moving day off Birth/adoption day off 15 total holidays and floaters MBUSA strives to create a work environment where employees feel challenged and fulfilled with opportunities to reach their full potential and even move up within the company. Employee reviews show comments such as "great company," "great product," "great training," and "great team environment" which are reported to create an above average workplace. Salaries Workplace Diversity Work-life Balance Benefits Salaries Work-Life Balance Committed to extraordinary engineering, visionary design, and standard-setting innovation Imports, distributes, and markets Mercedes-Benz in the United States Common job positions at MBUSA are in the following areas: Corporate Communications/Public Relations Customer Service Distribution and Logistics Specialized Technical Engineering Human Resources Information Technology General Counsel Marketing Sales Finance Learning and Performance Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) Diversity Benefits Mercedes-Benz USA Average hourly salary at MBUSA is $50,570 annually Average salaried salary at MBUSA is $120,764 annually Job Positions MBUSA offers a flexible work environment with opportunities for telecommuting, a compressed work week, and altered working hours

Mercedes Benz USA

Transcript: Prestige Worldwide Consulting presents... Mercedes Benz USA Overview History Motivational Tactics Leadership Styles Diversity MBUSA "Best Companies to Work For" Important Aspects Culture Conclusion HISTORY Motivational Styles 1. Motivation What Mercedes Benz Does to Motivate People to Join the Company How Mercedes Benz Motivates their Current Employees 2. Motivating People to Join the Company Mercedes Benz has a Very High "Need for Achievement" Competitive Pay and Benefits Tuition Assistance Intership/Co-Operative Education Program CAReer-The Talent Program 3. Motivating Employees Offering Financial Incentives Emerging Leadership and Development Programs Formal and Informal Mentoring and Coaching Voluntary, confidential 360 degree feedback surveys 4. Motivating Hearts, Not Just Hands Mercedes Benz Manufacturing plant in South Africa Vs. Manufacturing plant in Europe Leadership Styles Diversity Important Aspects Important Aspects Cont. Mercedes Benz Culture Conclusion Diversity Leadership Culture Motivation Timeline New Hire Training "ELITE Apprenticeship" programs 16 week program at 1 0f 5 training centers. The Hybrid Plan The effect of a hybrid culture Integrated traditional German MB superior quality and engineering with time-tested Japanese lean production technology through careful selection, intensive training and socialization of American Workers 1883 Benz & Cie Employee Demographics 27% minorities, 30% women, 43% men 1924 WWI negative impact to automobile Industry DMG and Benz & Cie formed a syndicate Diversity More diverse, better the relationship between workforce and customers. Values diversity and its difference, goes beyond race, gender, age, etc. 1897 Emil Jellinek Best Companies to Work for Culture of Openness Outlook Towards Diversity Comprehensive Employee Benefits 1902 Mercedes was the registered brand name of DMG 1800 Gottlieb Daimler Inventor & Creator MBUSA Dealership Training Development Opportunites Indivividual development Plans Formal Succession Planning Forman & Informal Mentoring and Coaching Tuition Assistance 1900 First car called Mercedes Hagen Derouen, Hilda Guzman, Alvin Martin, Ryan Mooney, Jordan Ramirez The End. Benefits Karl Benz On-going Training 5-6 days per year on updates Offers courses to refresh on older products. The Talent Program Accepts a few hundred trainees, world wide every year. Program covers: Engineering, Finance, Sales etc. 6 month program that allows trainees to better understand the company and to build a network in the organization. MBUSA's Extensive Training Programs 1. Technical Training 11. Retail Training & Development 111. HR Training The Merger In 1998 the merger with Chrysler Corporation created Daimler Chrysler Vance, Alabama and Andreas Renchler's new plan The tradition of MB The Meister: The Master Craftman Diversity in the Workplace Diversity Defined Diversity Objectives Sponsored Organizations MBUSA offers a flexible and highly competitive benefits program. Vision Leaders at top have to have clear view of how company is going to operate Vision on how to get others to follow them 1899 Jellinek enters the World of Racing Using the Pseudonym "Mercedes" According to Interview-MBUSA is held together as acting like a big community Look to each other for feedback Not one person controls and makes all decisions, look to each other for help 2010 1923 "on land, on water, and the air" Pre-Release Training Trains employees on new products before new products are released. 1890 Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft 1926 DMG and Benz & Cie merged Daimler-Benz AG Mercedes Benz Scholarships and Awards MBUSA offers scholarship opportunites to their employees and their families. Employees can recieve a $1000 Award: Employees and Graduating family members. Mercedes Benz USA Distribution & Marketing of MB and Maybach products Offers parts and accessories Maintance and Repair services 348 dealerships 3 distribution centers Montvale, NJ. 1,500 emploees Traits Models of Leadership Intelligence Maturity and Breadth Achievement Drive Integrity

Mercedes-Benz Presentation

Transcript: Mercedes Benz Pavendeep kAUR Motivation - Clients of Mercedes-Benz value high quality and want something that functions well and looks well, nothing mediocre. Since they are already financially stable and high-payed, they tend to buy the latest models due to the fact that they want nothing but the best. - Customers of Mercedes Benz want: - High quality interior - Good customer service - Nice looking exterior - Good quality engine Target Audience Mercedes-Benz, a high-class and luxury car brand, attracts high-payed customers to their vehicles who want the best quality car. The archetype that symbolizes Mercedes-Benz is The Victor. Target Audience Brand Overview - The Victor is ambitious and competitive and constantly seeks ways to improve their procedures and products. They play to win and can’t stand people who seem “wishy-washy”. - Customers of Mercedes-Benz are: - High payed - Middle aged - Males - Caucasian - Well educated Brand Overview Target Audience Graph Target Audience Graph SWOT Strengths It has manufacturing facilities across 6 continents and in 26 countries Premium automobile players like AUDI, BMW etc. who are excelling in the developed economies are being trailed by Mercedes in developing nations Mercedes have strong product portfolio ranging from sedan to SUV which is helping them to compete with other players in the market Mercedes is a well established brand & is part of the “German Big 3” luxury automakers Weaknesses Expensive after sales service & maintenance Conflicting goals of the group companies Although Mercedes could expand strongly, however, it is found to have stunted growth because it keeps distribution of its vehicle very much exclusive The lower portion of the middle class cannot afford many models of this brand due to the higher price Weaknesses Opportunities Growth shifting to Asian markets Increase in demand of premium vehicles Strategic Alliances: by using specialized capabilities & partnering with another company they can differentiate their offerings Growing Automobile Industry: Nearly every trip ends with either an economic transaction or some other benefit to the quality of life. Opportunities Threats Intense Competition from other players in the segment Volatility in the fuel prices Sluggish Economy Government policies like reduction in global warming by discouraging the use of personal transportation Threats Market Positioning Net Worth: $70.44 billion Market Share Data Graph of 2019 from January 16 - July 19 Market Share Market Share Marketing Goals Objective - Our goal for Mercedes-Benz Cars is to play the leading role in the worldwide premium segment over the long term. We also aim to enhance the smart brand’s pioneering role in urban, electric mobility. - Mercedes-Benz Vans is striving to achieve further profitable growth with the help of its “Mercedes-Benz Vans goes global” divisional strategy. Daimler Buses wants to strengthen its leading position in the segment for buses above eight metric tons gross vehicle weight Average Spending Average Spending BMW SWOT ANalysis BMW SWOT Analysis STRENGTH: One of the most valuable automotive brands in the world WEAKNESS: Poor automotive brand portfolio with little product differentiation OPPORTUNITIES: Timing and frequency of new model releases THREATS: Increasing competition in the worldwide automotive market Through data, it becomes apparent that Mercedes Benz has a very assertive brand and high-class customers, but they need to broaden their inventory to reach more customers if they want to continue being dominant. They have a bigger group of buyers the ages of 30-50 years of age. Gen z is attracted to more of the overall look and comfort of the vehicle. Because of this, Mercedes Benz has a lack of younger customers and are aiming to get them. To attract the younger target to their brand, “Mercedes Benz is making changes to it’s luxury cars. It’s all in pursuit of attracting younger customers.” They replaces their 65 year-old chief designer with a newer, 39 year-old designer. Mercedes needs to know that just by changing their designer, they cannot gain younger customers. They need to make their vehicles more sporty and appealing to the eye. With a sleeker version of a car, younger audiences will be attracted. Central Findings Central Findings - People prefer more modern looking cars - Sportier vehicles are in trend - Young generation buys more into sports/fast cars - Mercedes Benz has a comfortable and well looking interior which customers really want Marketing Trends Marketing Trends 1. Need to save fuel by making ECO friendly vehicles 2. Particulate filters for petrol engines 3. Improve customer service and reply back to customer emails faster 4. Develop AERO wheels to reduce consumption Recommendations Recommendations

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