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Jim Clinton Memorial Slideshow

Transcript: Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, BC Growing Family Move to Kingston & Teenagers Back: Cynthia (Bill's Wife), John, Flora Ellen, Jean, Jim Jr. Front: Dewitt (Grandfather), Theresa (Grandmother) Back Row: Gareth (visiting), Don, Jean, Jim, Front Row: Michelle (visiting), Lynn, Stephanie, Megan in Ottawa Donnie, Born July 31, 1956 Jim's Tennis Group March 1999 Mount Rainier, Washington State, 1992 Kathy, Bob, Jim, Don Steve in Kingston, ON Don & Lynn's Wedding August 16, 1980 Jean & Jim Wedding, 1955 Love of Sport Norway Bay, Quebec Going-away party for friend, 1953 (Jim hiding in back, Jean in front) Michelle's Wedding, Aug. 2018 Family Trip to P.E.I. Summer, 1999 Lobster Supper Jean, Jim, Don, Kathy, Steve Bob's Family Grandchildren's Weddings Steve, Born October 19, 1961 In front of Brodie Street house in Kingston, ON Jim, Jean, Don September 1975 Emmeline Audrey Enjoying Time with Friends September 1960, Kathy & Jim Grandchildren Steve and Family: Patrick & Eric And then he met Jean! Bob, Born March 16, 1958 Jim, Nicholas, Megan, Lynn, Don Don's Family Cottage Norway Bay, QC, 2011 University Graduation 1954 Rideaucrest Home, Kingston, ON, Fall 2008 Back Row: Kathy, Eric, Steve, Bob, Kayla, Kris, Sue Second Row: Evan, Sarah, Andrew, Jim, Patrick, Stephanie, Megan, Nicholas, Gareth, Lynn, Don In front: Jean Don's University Graduation May 24, 1980 Bob's Cottage (Dog Lake) Family Dinner, 2013 Back: Don, Bob, Jim Middle: Dorothy, Gladys, Jean Front: Kathy, Steve James "Jim" Adams Clinton 1929 - 2019 Growing Up Started with Badminton Family Celebrations Kathy studying Largo, Florida, 1996 1956, Flora, James, Jim, Jean, Don April 26, 2018 Fergie's Lot February 1960, Don & Jim YMCA Camping Steve's 15th Birthday October 19, 1976 Don's Family Trip out West, 2009 Kathy's Family Don, Kathy, Steve, Bob Kathy, Born June 5, 1960 Danielle, Alexandra, Kayla & Kris Vacation Time to Travel Newcomer's Ball, 1977 June 6, 2018 Flying Airplanes Sue, Bob, Jean, Jim Bob's University Graduation Prince Edward County, Wellington, ON Jim, Jean, Don, Lynn, Clayton (Father of Bride), Lois (Mother of Bride) Kayla, Bob, Steve, Jim, Danielle, Don, Sue Summer 1959, Don, Bob & Jim On top of Whistler Friend's Party, February 1949 Highschool Graduation, 1946 Steve's Family Family: Bill, Jim Sr., Jim Jr., Flora, & Flora Ellen at 4535 Salaberry Blvd, Chateauguay, QC Kathy and Family: Gareth, Michelle, Sarah in Vancouver Starting a Family Hans, Jim, Dave & Marilyn July 1, 1952 Christmas Party, 1948 45th Wedding Anniversary 2000 Siblings: Bill, Flora Ellen, Jim Montreal, QC Moved to Tennis And all sport in between... Adrian Clayton Megan's Wedding, May 2009 Vancouver Suspension Bridge Hornby Island, Vancouver Island, BC Sarah's Wedding, Oct. 2010 October 17, 2015 Alicia Michelle Welcoming a New Generation Remembering Jean Jean's Bench Dedication Rideau Waterway, Elgin, ON, 2012 Sibling Reunion, 2000 Jim, Jean, Bill, Cynthia, Flora Ellen, John Savory Island, 1992 James Adams Clinton Back Row: Don, Jim, Andrew, Lynn Front Row: Stephanie, Jean, Megan Megan's University Graduation, Kingston, ON, May 2007 Main row: John, Carol, Flora Ellen, Rob, Kathy, Eric (hidden), Patrick, Steve, Jim, Bob, Kayla, Lynn, Megan, Nick, Sue In front: Alexandra, Danielle Don, Steve, Jim, Kathy West Vancouver, BC Bob's Lot, Dog Lake Bob, Kathy, Jean, Jim Parliament Buildings with Kathy Ottawa, ON, 2012

Grandma's Memorial Slideshow

Transcript: 1930s Ruth at Thanksgiving dinner 1951 Edythe Smith 1930 1990 1963 Walter, Andrew, Ruth Rachel and Bruce Fourth of July Weekend Tucson 1996 1980s Ruth and Walter Clough at their wedding reception 1980 Ruth and Walter in Bermuda Ruth's 90th Birthday The Fountains 2013 Ruth and her dad and her maid of honor on the day of her wedding 1963 Walter and Ruth's wedding invitation Ruth and Walter at Bill's first wedding Baby Ruth and her mother 1960s Tucson Botanical Garden 2011 Hand-written notes to an overseas Walter Old Tucson 2002 1950 Ruth and her friend Elizabeth 2017 Ruth, Andrew and Rachel before Rachel's christening 1993 Ruth, Walter and Bruce 2010s 1990s 1960 Hawaii 1972 1963 Hawaii 1972 Everett Warrin Dinner at Vivace August 2013 Ruth's brother George Tucson Botanical Garden 2011 Hawaii 1972 Walter Clough in front of the naval barrack in New Guinea 1944 1923 1970 Hand-written note to an overseas Walter The family at Old Faithful 2003 Hawaii 1972 Baby Ruth and her mother Edna Warrin 1963 Dinner at Cascade Grill in Yellowstone National Park 2003 Hawaii 1972 Denver Botanical Garden 2009 Ruth and her cousin Virginia Barbados 1966 2010 Ruth's 90th Birthday Party Grandma Ruth and Jessica Dec. 1989 1940s Lunch at Old Faithful Hotel in Yellowstone 2003 2003 1950s Thanksgiving in California 2010 1963 Family Photo at Sea World in San Diego 1994 Walter and Ruth before the war 1940 Ruth and Walter at Bill's first wedding 1923 Grandma Ruth and baby Jessica Sept. 1988 1983 1970s Ruth and her cousins Ruth and Walter dancing at their 50th Anniversary May 4th, 1996 Walter Clough joins the navy during WWII 2000 Ruth, Paul and Dori in Boston 1982 Ruth at Christmas dinner Hawaii 1972 Hawaii 1972 Lunch in Yellowstone National Park 2003 2000s Thanksgiving in Las Vegas 1999 Dori, Paul and Ruth at Paul's Graduation from Harvard 1983 Thanksgiving in Las Vegas 2001 - Diane, Rachel and Ruth Sea World 1994 Ruth and her friend Jean Ruth and Walter leaving the church after the ceremony In Memoriam Ruth W. Clough 93

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