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Megaphone Powerpoint Template

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Introducing: Project Megaphone`

Transcript: Audience exposed to Microsoft advertising in various settings Suggest going around competitors Traveling Boomers Campaign introduction ROI: 4.5 million Showcase features and benefits of Lumia 950 Microsoft Lumia 5 questions asked - emails generated Targeting traveling baby boomers Market share growth 0.34% Baby boomers - business and leisure traveling 20,000-35,000 views per phone per day Content, videos, photos Aligning benefits with lifestyles Travel contest: 5 chances, cruise for two value: $5,000 Placing advertisement directly in news feed through demographic and leisure segmenting. Smartphone market in Australia is 79% of population Projected industry growth is 4% Market leaders: Apple and Samsung Microsoft: 4% market share October - December 3 tactics: 1. Digital interactive billboard in various airports across the country 2. Facebook content advertising 3. Email campaign Creating more awareness Project Megaphone Larger than life Lumia 900 series phone 3 major campaigns: billboard, Facebook, email Industry analysis Introduction to product Target Market Campaign Weaknesses limiting Lumia: Plastic case Limited app store Email campaign Continuum, Cortana, informational video, photos, travel competition Nokia acquisition Introducing the product 5 busiest airports: Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne Project Megaphone Contents Limiting to millenials, beneficial to baby boomers Email addresses from interactive billboard The Smartphone industry Brooke Brown, Lucy Fowler, Austin Rowe, Peter Thibault 10 % discount on any Microsoft Lumia Total cost: $500,000 Substantial Not limited by app store Late adopters of social media Do use Facebook Higher level of disposable income Benefit from continuum - travelers Peak in travel: business and leisure "Go further, see more, stay productive." Interactive billboard Target market Partnership - baby boomer travel bloggers Conclusion 1 billion downloads Windows 10 OS Raise Microsoft's market share by .34% Untapped baby boomer market Benefits sought more than limitations 3 tactics Interactive billboard in airports Facebook content marketing Direct email campaign Introducing: Project Megaphone` "Go further, see more, stay productive." Facebook content advertising Windows 10 OS ecosystem 15 varieties of Lumia from 435 to 950XL Lumia 900 series focus for campaign Features Lumia offers: Wireless charging 20 MP camera Cortana voice control Device continuum Encryption Retina scanner Dunder Mifflin Marketing Co. Project Megaphone Leisure travelers

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