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Transcript: More Events Vice President: Chijioke Ejimuda hmmm... MEGA, the Minority Engineering Graduate Association was created in 2004 by our first president, Anika Joseph What's its purpose? Thanks! What's MEGA? Graduate Student Government Mixer TODAY @ 5 pm The Lab on Figueroa General Body Meetings Dates will be given in the weekly newsletter! Social Events Arizona Tailgate 10/10/2013 Upcoming Company Events Google Info Session - September 17 - SGM 123 @ 530 pm MEGA-Google Info Session - Date: TBD MEGA-Deloitte Info Session - Date: TBD MEGA-Accenture Info Session - Date: TBD Social Committee Assist David, the social chair, in planning events Community Service Committee Assist MEGA in interfacing with Community Service Organizations/opportunities Attend our events!!! Become Part of the Team! Social Chair: David Rodriguez MEGA serves to: UNITE minority graduate engineering students PROVIDE them with an environment to ENHANCE their Academic involvement Professional involvement Social involvement MEGA is open to ALL students, but we want to offer a special place for minorities to get together Treasurer: Victor Ewubor What's MEGA Purpose? Meet the Team! How many minorities are in your engineering classes? What's in store for MEGA? Community Service SPARK Program Mentor a local high school/middle school student 10 week program, 2 hours per week They bring the student to you! No prior training necessary! DEADLINE Sept 13, 2013 (Friday) contact Apply at How can you get involved? MEGA General Body Meeting 9/11/13 President: Nii Mante Communications Chair Handles the Newsletter and communication with membership Professional Chair Communicates with companies Organizes company visits/on campus meetings Community Service Chair Handles interfacing with community service organizations


Transcript: Mesh App & Service Architecture Technology Autonomous IOT Devices Learning working patterns The Digital Mesh AI Voice & Image Recognition IOT Camera Technology Flexible OLED E-Textile Flexible PCB Shape Alloy Sync Life Ambient User Experience Technology Technology Opportunities Technology The New IT Reality 5G Office 365 WiGig Biometric system Spiritual Cortana Analytics Suite 5G AR/VR AI Engage All The Senses Haptic Feedback Simulator Devices The wearables Nvidia Eye-Tracking Social Network Equipment Repair & Management High Cost (Rent / Membership / Ticket) New Business Rapid charging laptop or the wearables Low energy consumption of the IOT devices Central hub for energy control Information of Everything New Vision Of Material Blend Physical & Digital Brand Experiences Advanced System Architecture Cloud-Enable Your Workforce Efficient Emotion Shelter Personal Life Opportunities Opportunities Make Hardware Soft Mimic true feeling for VR Enhancing 3D sound effect Decreasing GPU loading Smartphone with PC performance (GPU) Semi transparent tablet with RealSense Camera to decrease loading of display Smart billboard Smart advertising mirror Technology Opportunities VOOC ZigBee The Wearables IOT Robot / Unmanned service Material Equilibrium IOT Architecture & Platforms Devices Mesh Probes Physical Home assistant The elderly home care Emotional company Energy edge Technology Opportunities Advanced Machine Learning Bio material Chemical Compound Machines learn to sense & react Smart Machines The Vision of Future Computer In Moderation Trend Map Mega Trend (10y+) Macro Trend (5~10y) Micro Trend (3~5y) Fade (Season) Focus Your Marketing With Community Initiative Opportunities Smartphone HoloLens Projector Transparent Display RealSense Camera Graphic Performance GPS Sensors Sufficient Power 3D Printing Materials Adaptive Security Architecture Technology Folks Design Opportunities Cable free working environment Easier & Safer cloud computing Bendable & Rollable design language Lighter & Thinner laptop Auto-Rolling Structure RealSense Camera Sensors AI IOT GPS Opportunities Opportunities Autonomous Agents & Things Technology Chemputer brings a new vision on manufacturing


Transcript: Actuators MegaSquirt Haltech AEM EMS LINK Types of ECUs Megasquirt Reasons for Choosing Standalone 2- Hot Wire Air Flow (MAF) Sensing Devices More expensive than piggyback ECU. Exhaust Gas Oxygen allow to remove stock ecu . more features . Builds more power incorporation with fuel economy. standalone and piggyback Power Supply Construction and Testing (steps 1-23) Solenoids Third part First selection Electric motors Megasquirt features Allows greater flexibility. Increased reliability of the vehicle for the modifications installed. Improved efficiency and fuel economy. Various map settings. Finer tuning of the fuel, air and ignition. Different types of standalone: - Injectors Can be used without removing the stock ECU. The factory ECU still reads and uses all factory engine sensors (such as O2) and performs as the factory intended. Cheaper than standalone ECU. The EFI system components as shown above is controlled by the ecu to mange the engine working procedure "engine management". Single board, with plugin CPU card. 16x16 tables. rpm resolution 1 rpm. Spark advance resolution 0.1 deg. All MS2, plus more I/O, SDcard logging, USB. Method of Engine Management 1-hall effect sensor MegaSquirt-II Features we selected standalone ecu over piggyback ecu's High range of modes . Internet resources are available. Relays how it works Exhaust Gas Oxygen. Thermistors. Potentiometer . MAP Sensor Air Mass Sensors Electromagnetic Sensors Detonation sensor Switches Electromagnetic Sensors 1- Vane air flow Advantages of piggyback: megasquirt one (fuel control only). megasquirt two. megasquirt three. megasquirt pnp. Fifth part Megasquirt and other standalone ecu's 2 spare I/O lines for custom controls. Independent dual-tables for VE and AFR target. Detonation sensor Takes signals from sensors and modifies them to trick the ECU into reading a different value. Reasons for Choosing MegaSquirt Notes on boards. Engine Management & Control Input Section Construction and Testing. (steps 42-55). responsible for triggering input like VR sensor or Hall sensor and optical sensor. Log data on laptop for later analysis. Tuning software is free for download Includes proper female DB37 connector 2- variable reluctance Sensor Two different maps. All sensor readings (not necessarily in volt) shown on different gauges on TUNERSTUDIO. DATALOG it is used to save all the changes on MegaSquirt while the engine is running to show the relation between inputs and outputs. MegaSquirt-II Features second selection V3 First part speed density formula. EP * EGR * VE * MAP/AT = Air density in cylinder where: EP = engine parameters,EGR = EGR flow VE = volumetric efficiency,MAP = manifold absolute pressure AT = air temperature Advantages of standalone Switches Selections Components Different types of piggybacks: 2-Standalone ECU: Onboard MAP sensor. Use any injector - High or Low impedance. Compatible with narrowband sensors and wideband . There are two types of ECUs: Piggy back ECU. Standalone ECU. We selected megasquirt over the other standalone ecu's Computers. PCM Location. Engine Calibration. 5-V Reference . the V3.0 is recommended as it has an inbuilt magnetic input (VR) circuit and better support for low-z injectors The V2.2 is the simplest and cheapest option Disadvantages of piggyback: Megasquirt types Megasquirt two Injectors . Solenoids. Relays . Electric motors Common Components in electronic fuel & ignition "EFI" systems . Ahmed Alaa Eldin Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed Ahmed Refaat Mahfouz Muhammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Kareem Nefert Assem Al Akkad MegaSquirt-II Features Common Features Second selection 1-Piggy back ECU or AIR/FUEL Controller Megasquirt one It is done through a programmable electronic fuel injection controller intended for liquid fueled spark-ignition engine, naturally aspirated or boosted. first selection Clock Circuit Construction and Testing (steps 27-41) the main component is Y1 which is 32.768KHz crystal. 24 MHz HCS12 processor. Fuel control to 1 µsec Ignition control. On-board stepper motor driver for IAC stepper control. Separate from the car’s stock ECU. Allows to build new air/fuel map and ignition map, starting from scratch. The Megasquirt 1 and 2 may use a V2.2 or V3.0. The Megasquirt 3 use a V3.0. Serial Communications Construction and Testing (steps 24-26) containing DB9 for connecting to laptop. DB37 for engine inputs & outputs. Electronic fuel control via MC9S12C64 processor, and the code is written in the C programming language. use Java-based TunerStudioMS software for firmware reprogramming, engine monitoring, and tuning. the three LED's on the MegaSquirt case allow to monitor injection pulses, warm-up enrichment, and acceleration enrichment at any time. Built-in rev limiter, either 'fuel cut' or 'spark retard‘. tables are 16×16 in size. WBO2 AFR target table (in AFR units). V2.2 board Megasquirt three MegaSquirt-II Features Map sensors Single board, with plug in CPU 12x12 tables. rpm resolution 100 rpm.

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